I gotta go to sleep soon ya’ll. I’m on the early ferry to MV. Bus. Bike. Pack.

Straight to edgartown. I can’t stand oak bluffs, in the summer.

I really miss Ms. W



No kids!


Now they on this.



When you a kid like:

I’m the REAL salt and pepa!


(The niggaz outside my crib on DJ duty again. Lol)

The thing about a cat is? They don’t like leashes. They like characters. If your cat feral on the streets? And a lover in the sheets lol! (meaning, you just put the little nigga in the position you choose. To curl up and go to sleep. Praying. You’ll wake up and he’ll be a black man? You’re winning!

If you lonely. And want the best love. And you really a good woman — cuz if you not? You’ll get scratched the fuck up and never see that cat again lol — get a feral cat from the streets.

Do the WORK!

And love him/her. REALLY! Loyal companion for 17 years! Lol! A street cat. That’s a long life. For a cat.)

My Mello. I miss him. And I will start crying.

So fuck black only twitter. Bunch of HIV positive and spreading that shit. Hoes.

That is all.

(He had “kitty AIDS”. I was devastated when I got him tested. Contagious. I got him neutered. Cuz they just don’t stop fuckin raw. Cats. They fuck everything. Like bonobos.

And he lived the best life of any cat — in

The ENTIRE city of Boston.)

And a very long life for a cat who hits the streets.

6, is the average lifespan, of a housecat. Who is allowed to leave the house.

Never cheated on me.


Really. He was — super — protective of me. My housemate couldn’t even touch him.

He tried it.


White people cray-zay!


I’m walking through the park a street over from my crib, and this white lady’s walking her dog, with her baby. The dog somehow gets off the leash. So she — leaves — her baby to go get the dog. 😳 Luckily there’s only niggaz in the park. Cuz you never know anymore with black only women, or who’s black only, they might slit that baby’s throat when her mom’s back is turned. On the DL.

She’s mixed black.

So, I’m nervous. Cuz the baby just in a stroller. By her damn self 😒, while the mother’s on the other side of the park — talking to a man with a dog, probably about a doggy play date. 🙄🙃. And I’m all talking to her baby like:

“Look lil girl. You don’t know me. I don’t know you. But you safe with me. Your mommy’s across the park getting your dog. She’ll be back soon.”

And she’s all giggling and smiling at me. Lol the usual ish

And if you know anything about babies and language acquisition. She understood:

Mommy. Park. Get. Dog. Safe. Me.

At 3 months old. Lmmfao!

Turns out her mom is Ya’el. Another Jew. 🙄 Lmmfao! Wit a black man. She is a psychologist in the Boston public schools. We exchanged info. And I told her to watch this. It’s REALLY good.

You can see the whole thing for free on YouTube. I think.

Studying intersectionality.

Mad empathy.

Tiffany Haddish is a #1. (I love her. Specifically because she was a child raised in foster care and group homes. And was smart enough not to be preyed upon. She’s — blue.

And fuckin — hilarious!)

Crack house? Purchased for 129. Worth 1/2 a mill? Damn! I guess I shouldn’t have had that 10 g cash down payment. Stupid ass slave labor! 2 jobs! And school! Plus 1/2 the mortgage for the last 20 years. I don’t even own this bitch! I’m too nice. Like, “it’s your only asset white man. Thank you for helping me when I got sick. From the abuse of black men and black women.” 😌 (it’s a joke sis. I know you got your own loot as well. Lmmfao!)

Ben Shapiro is a #1 😌

Cuz when I say I come from a family of intersectionality and diversity.

I say what I mean.

Lil Bilal. And 2 of his homies. He’s an NOI baby.

(He’s also a swimmer. And he’s blue. Being raised to respect women and our full equality. He only 8. And cooks. cleans. Everything! He’s SUPER intelligent. And very, um, sensitive. He has a lot of feelings.)

He was only 6 in this pic. That’s why he has no teeth. Lol!



I have so much respect for Ivanka Trump. Thank you sis. So much.

She is doing everything she can. To support people who want to work, and don’t have the opportunity to make a decent living.

And the rights of good women. Globally.


SZA is most equipped for this. Because, she has never eaten 🐷.


Eat, to live. Empress. Eat, to live.

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