talib kweli — bipolar (super creative. and needs to stop fuckin everybody, because of it. lol!)

is mad at me. because i tell the truth. and he now knows that he will never get any pussy from me? cuz I?

  1. do not find him attractive like that
  2. he is a married man
  3. i am not a hoe moment chic
  4. i have a crush on someone else. who, may or may not be a free man. and i don’t fuck with: married men, men in relationships with other women or men, or any hoe moment patriarchal and oppressive niggaz. lmao

i appreciate all of his support, trying to juggle his hoe moment obligation to jessica care moore (who, i’m pretty sure has fucked some of his homie’s as well. because she cannot control herself). i do not appreciate, at all, how he attacks Black women who do not agree with him — on twitter — and uses his patriarchal power to slam them when they say things like: “you are a second wave negro” lmao!

i will always love his music.

because talib kweli is one of the best lyricists in hip hop. no question about this — at all.

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