the most valuable thing in life is not money

money, is a tool.

it can be used to do good, or to commit evil. and we are living in a world where money dictates the value of a

human life.

who is, and who is not going to be allowed to


if we could ALL stop for a second, and reflect on the things that mean the most to ALL

of us. what would they REALLY be? when it gets really tough as an individual? we all seek out love, and

family. this requires lots of honesty that is hard for many. for me? the most valuable thing in life is the ability to love

everybody. it’s a gift. that some people would like to kill me for. i’m sure.

colorblind, while seeing color and knowing it means nothing. especially after this last lesson. and it is the hardest task. to reject hate. when you want to retaliate. and the most admirable of all human traits.

humans are disappointing. we are committed to focusing on our differences instead of those things that make us

the same.

and unfortunately, it’s like climbing a mountain to bridge the gap of the racial divide, especially at this time. people want your head on a stake.

a racial divide,

that isn’t real.

there is no difference between black and white people but what someone ascribes to it, based on their own ignorance. and selfishness. and need for power and control.

and it’s WRONG.

take two children,

aged two,

one black, one white,

put them in a place where there is no adult interference, or influence, and observe them. see what they do.

it’s not what you think they will.

they have no concept of race.

at all.

color, yes. humans are blessed to see in vibrant colors. but not what those colors mean. because young children have not yet

learned about hate.

that it is a cause for separation, instead of unity.

if they don’t get along? it’s because of personality differences. individualism. maybe one doesn’t like chocolate and the other is allergic to nuts. maybe one is soft spoken, and the other loud and gregarious. nothing those children


is based on how they look. only what they think and feel inside. and your lucky, because you feel a lot. this is where it gets hard.

because if you pick up on emotions more easily than someone else? it can really be damaging when others don’t realize how much something


boundaries become blurred. you may react in ways that others find distasteful, because you can feel their

pain and you don’t want to feel their hate.

you don’t want to be crucified, for your father’s mistakes.

when you are an empath,

you live in terror. and the reaction of the insensitive who really don’t care at all, could be devastating. because inside,

you are concerned with peace, and kindness, and love. like a child with autism who can’t deal with too much outside stimulus. and so you react.

sometimes carelessly. to fight back against what others refuse to see. selfish and greedy. how it hurts to be treated like you are


because no one on this earth is. everyone truly does have a special gift. and offering they can make, to make this earth a better


how you react to others attacks, becomes the question. and it requires the


strength to ignore your own needs, just for a moment, to focus on the interests of the people attacking you. question yourself. why do they feel this way? what are they trying to say?

filter through all the passive aggressive “messages”. attacks in the wrong direction for what MEN did,

fake feminist.

to get to the root of the message. all they’re saying is:

we want to live. in peace, and equality, and justice. with access to the same resources.

we are human.

and if you,

not them,

have the power to change the course of human history?

you have a very



big responsibility.

what do you want


legacy to be? that you hurt thousands, and indirectly destroyed humanity? that you did not answer the call to help when you knew EXACTLY what was happening?

or do you want to say,

i am the man who did the

RIGHT THING. i am the man who said,

i want a better world for everybody. and i have that capacity, to let go of what i know i don’t even really want. and to

invest in what i can do

to help.

women, are in crises, donald trump. for many reasons. we do the most, with the least. and we sacrifice everything for the future of our


THAT could be your legacy. i’m not interested in the presidency. i’m interested in all those women, damaged, people who never get


it’s your decision. and it’s a tough one. because it requires you to do what no human seeking the presidency has ever


to give it up,

for a greater cause. one that will change the course of this planet’s history


for the BETTER. and if you do that? you will be a hero, not a devil. like some other folks i know. and you will gain the respect of people you never thought you

could. and you will change the way people look at


for good.

plus you won’t lose a dime on the investment. lol

imagine what a gift you have been given.

because you’re a very lucky man, you just don’t realize it yet. you have a beautiful wife, children who love you, all the money anyone could ever need.

and you also have the power

to get the love that you so seek. you could invest your money into something that actually

HELPS humanity,

instead of using and abusing

and exploiting

everybody. then running,

like a coward.

ugh! lol

i say, never hillary too.

i’m more interested in the jew lol, who wants to do the MOST good, for the MOST people. instead of only good for the few, with their me and mines all the damn time. while people everywhere

the world over,


further. YOU could change

human history.

that’s a LOT of power and a lot of thinking.

and it’s ALL on you.

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