i am going to get my hug, from that african american! if it’s the last thing I do! he lives so far away though! it’s the total opposite end of the entire country! lmao! (i’m in the north, he’s in the south. i’m in the east, he’s in the west. what fuckin next?! *aaaargh!*

how bout meet 1/2 way! in *chicago!* i’ve never been there. i’ve heard great things about Chicago! and some of my favorite Black people? are from Chicago! lmao!) let me know when your little tour schedule stuff slows down. i have summers “off”, sort of. i’ll let you know when i’m free. teachers do things, for their careers, over the summer. we have shit we have to do besides class planning, and teaching.

i will never, ever, make another libra my man. no offense. we are totally not compatible. ya’ll like material shit 2 much. and i’m all hippie earth garden ho chic.

i never dated an aries. i need to expand…i discriminate. when it comes to the zodiac. i’m all like: capricorn! virgo! cancers! libras are going to hell!! lmao! it’s not right!! i will do my best to be open minded and think outside the box! but, idk. aries’ are more compatible with hoe moment libras!! and i know aaaall about them?

but i am a solid taurus.

i do not like a whole bunch of bullshit small talk about nothing important, poppin bottles in the club, lying, cheating, stealing, and runnin around having hoe moments!!i like being with my man, by my damn self! i don’t need a damn entourage! nor do i want that! so, at least it’s good to know that you’re “brotherless” and i won’t have to “call tyrone”! lmmfao!

(i like girl aries’! like alysha and fj! :-O! lmao! i like girls all over the zodiac! lol!)

(talib kweli back to praying again? cuz someone said they admire him? lol! i am truly glad talib stands up for his beliefs as well. in the words in his rap songs?! in his actions? not so much!! lmao! talib has, again, slowed down my productivity — when it comes to class planning for the week — which means i have to wake up early? and get busy on the day of no rest. sunday. i’m going to start charging his ass! and will pay for my second date with a man who causes me no strife at all! out of talib’s hoe moment money — that he owes me! lmao!)

(nope! he’s wrong on xenophobia 2!! *thinking face emoji* lmmfao!)

talib kweli is delusional! i am in my crib! with my spaceheater! making collard greens, white rice, and butter beans! on my slave labor job money! i ain’t made shit! but my own money! off my own merits! what the fuck is wrong with you?! fj! what is wrong with him?! lmao! do you have your book of mental health diagnosis’ near? he got everything in that book!! lol!

talib, “geek down”.



you right yg! it is a struggle! a sometimes paranoid struggle! against the talib non scholars and his crew of faithful hoe moment followers!! and, donald fuckin trump!! who might as well link up with them!! lmao!

I'll take: barron, ivanka, melania, and maybe, donald jr.! for 4,000,000! lmmfao!

back to this! this calms me down! must be the baseline, in the beat, and voice! lmao! *shrug*

i’ll tell you what i won’t be doing! getting in that car! lmao! i don’t like people staring at me! you better get a regular ass rental homie! 35 bucks! the economy car at dollar, or somethin! i like that! this ain’t workin!! lmao! (people better leave me the fuck alone! i don’t like a lot of ya’ll!! i think like, a whole shitload of you? are super filthy!! and i am very selective when it comes to the types of people i would like to be around. and that’s my right. i know what i like. GOOD PEOPLE!)

talib kweli bout to see some sunlight alright! i am down with the struggle!

i am not down for hip hop hoes!! trying to super capitalize on the pain and struggle of marginalized black and brown people! and then declaring themselves some “social justice” warriors!! cuz they ran to ferguson to spit poetry and raps on a stage!! and sell some books and records!! while people are in the streets getting teargassed and arrested! i don’t give a flying fuck!! about your hoe moment photo op!!

i know what it is to be in the streets! with the people! not on a fuckin stage, selling some poetry!! and stolen idea fake plastic slave labor produced earrings!!

that is not my vision! so don’t use my words for your hoe moment living!!

what the fuck is so hard about that?!

i am firmly declaring that talib kweli is the most well read — stupid fuckin idiot! — on planet earth!!


no one, and i mean no one, is placing bans on muslim refugees coming into the United States of America! at all! that is unfair! and unjust! you want to figure out who’s who?

you better start looking to good teachers!

you upset, donald trump. because you know there are some isil ass hoe moment niggas, abusing women, like you have.


no more hoe moment isil niggas with multiple wives who use you for your hoe moment money!! and then, dump you!!

that works, perfectly, for BLACK WOMEN! lmmfao!

there are lots of teachers! deray! for one!

*pick up your pens!*

*pick up your guns, ladies!* lmao!

i like yg. maybe my dad will be happier to know, that the actual name of my crush is hardly “afrikan” or “muslim”!! lmao!

it is:

Keenon (with two “e’s” lol!) Daequan lmao! Ray! Jackson!


that’s Black! AMERICAN! lmmfao!

my dad LOVES african americans! if i have to hear one more word about “african americans…” blah. blah. blah!! all my life!! that dude be like:

“speak English!”


i’ve had to explain to him? calmly!

that’s what people are trying to do! not assimilate!! acculturate! lmao! (ya’ll gonna have to excuse my dad! he is 73 years old! lmao!) :

omg! now my white auntie is dancing as well! hahahahahahaha!

actually, dream hampton can go get a slave labor job!! her sociopathic ass be tryna hoe moment trick me!! fuck dream hampton!!

I have, and will always — support HER! dream hampton don’t deserve shit!! she ain’t WORKED! for it! I, truly, don’t give a fuck about dream hampton and her hoe moment, lying, cheating, stealing “i hate hip hop” dumb ass!!

and i don’t give a fuck about jessica “care” moore, either!! hoe moment chic!! dumb nasty stanky pussy bitch!! err’body been in that trash!! you can “dream catch” all you want!! you 2 hoes are done in hip hop!! literally!! get ya’ll asses some therapy! and some slave labor jobs!! lmao!

“dream” makes one false move? she gonna see sunlight, through bulletholes in her hoe moment body!!

i love “conscious” hip hop! talib’s entire hoe moment crew!! and anybody affiliated with them!! will *pay their [hoe moment!] dues!* or die, trying!!


you the only one, talib — non scholar!! who will be suspended!! lmao!

you ain’t no leftie! lmao!

you makin your check out to: REAL BLACK WOMEN! MARK MY FUCKIN WORDS!

ya’ll my biaaaatch! lmao! um, my name, hoes!!, is — erica! with an “a” —

friends for life! you don’t know us! hoe!!

i’m a girl! a righteous hip hop head! lol!

(dream hampton will go hold his hand! like the hoe moment chic she is!! along with her crew of unrighteous hoe moment hip hop chics!!)

and I will, get my emperor! that I deserve! off real shit!! *grassroots grind! I support? myself! off my own fuckin slave labor money! i ain’t no hoe!!*

black muslims will not be ignored! their khadijah supported “religion” mr. “muhammed” *side mutha fuckin eye!* — off HER SLAVE LABOR! — ignored! i don’t do that nation of any religion!! bullshit!! i know who paid for Maxamed, and his hoe moment ass!!

the prophet! (and she don’t even believe in religion! lmao!)

she must be? chinese! lmao!

you can be mad all you want! i’m making stir fried collard green (black!) bok choi (chinese!) in my wok! (chinese! lol) with sesame oil and…non of your fuckin business! along with my white rice, and tomato and aguacate! on the side with…none of your fuckin business!

it’s the “singular” throw down! right to your — face!! lmao!

sorry fj! are you trying to kill me?! i don’t think you are. *shocked* *real black women! who don’t want me dead!* *it’s a 2017 miracle!* i did not grow up with any black women who wanted me dead! ever!)

all REAL SYRIAN REFUGEE FAMILIES who want to enter the united states of america?! ARE WELCOME! ALONG WITH ALL YOU OTHER REFUGEES! i love you! (THOSE 2!! HOE MOMENT CHICS!!, who haven’t even apologized for their abuse of marginalized people? Americans? DEPORTED!! lmao!)

JAMILAH! NOOOOOOO! lmmfao! what are you doing?! lmao! you do not reward bad behavior!! you let her know, i don’t think so! you will not be playing any games on my phone for a week! and you stick to it! really!

i am a total bitch! up until Christmas! lmao! these are the rules! you are going to line up! you are going to raise your hand, and i will call on you if you have something to say! and yes! i will give you hugs and love! but if you destroy this classroom?! you will clean it all up!! during your “art” time!! i don’t care that you have “specials”!! you have a job to do! that you created for yourself!! then, you WILL be finishing the homework that you did not do!! ain’t no “art” time for you!! lmao!

point. blank. period. (and, that’s during my free time for planning and development. multiple slave labor jobs within jobs! really! unpaid! lmao!)

at least oscar loves me! he’s already missed his “special”, like, 5 times!! in his NAACP t shirt! lmao! talkin bout “i love blacks!” cuz ms. w, the white chic? is working on his English translations! lmao! and he has no clue, that is offensive! but, she does! lmmfao!

clean up your own mess Oscar! “tu no estas aki/aquí, in mi habitación, haciendo cosas que tu/tú no estas haciendo en tú/tu casa! yo hablo con tu/tú madre! yo sé que lo es!” really!

re-al-i-dad! lmmfao!

i’m going to remind talib kweli’s #1 “h2 hoe”!! —jessica care less!! — thanks “tom” lmao! that my somali ex will live the rest of his life, supporting his one and only white wife! and all four of his kids! he ain’t goin nowhere near your hoe moment filthy ass!!

all luvbug! (which is not what ya’ll think it means!! it means? small, eco efficient cars! the volkswagen bug! fuck ford!! my housemate buys all ford products because they are excellent, durable, and he does real slave labor and needs them!

both he and i wants those trucks to run on dirty water!!, or air!



nobody is infected with shit!! but, love! for everyone! really!)

it absolutely is a choice to battle you!! it started when i realized how hard you roll for hoe moment chics who don’t care about anybody but themselves!! call bipolar people trash!! steal our words!! use them for their hoe moment pocket benefit!! while damaging men in hip hop!! and, when I realized, you!!, capitalized on mine 2!! for your hoe moment benefit!!

so yes, i fuckin have something to say — and i’m going to fuckin say it!

i am not your “beautiful b side”!!

I'm “brazy” — 4hunnid! lmmfao! (*blush* *i am so dead! my father? is going to kill me!* hahahahahahaha!)

and yes. talib kweli is a boy!! a bad ass (like, need a spanking!! — that he does not believe in, cuz he don’t want one!! lmao! and probably never had one either!! lol!) boy!!

(i thought youtube videos weren’t “facts!” ! lmao!)

here’s a video of malcolm, after evolving you know, like a man does?! lol!, that talks to black people, ALL PEOPLE, in fact. like you!! “second wave negro!!” — honest Black woman! lmmfao!

(i personally, don’t think you need religion to be a good human being! I've evolved! by studying regular ass people who did the same thing! like malcolm! not like hoes!! resist! lmao!)

(*sigh* this nigga needs to pay me! really! lol! talib, i’m suggesting you don’t go nuts for two days straight on people who are your fans who have a difference of opinion — when it comes to how you address people who ain’t ever done jack shit to you!! got it?! good! *this is the kid you suspend, talib — the non scholar!! real talk! i do not advocate suspensions! i’ve given 3 in my entire career! for real shit! but, sometimes? you gotta go home, get your ass whooped!! lmao! get some therapy! and you won’t be doing that again! *if he puts up one more thinking face emoji, or please pray for me hands? i’m going to start rolling! i got shit to do! i can’t be fuckin with you!*)

(“explain” lmao! i don’t think your latest twitter battler means you’re a “faggot” like gay. not a very good choice of language, since it’s prejorative. but it isn’t unearned!! all on your own merits!! lmao! he means that you are an ugly person!! simple! and he’s probably had enough of you!!)


it’s not stopping! lmao! tough!

(it’s isil. not isis *side eye* have a good day, righteous people! try to, anyway. i have to do some shit for my undocumented, “refugee” students! including, planning to discuss what that word means — in english and in spanish. cognates. “refugiado/a.” “each one teach one” lmao!)

ban on refugees?

i don’t fuckin think so! you have no idea what refugees go through to get here! the types of shit they have to put up with! refugees, are human beings! the most marginalized! many of them? children!

where, exactly, are they supposed to go? since we’re helping to support the annihilation of their countries? refugees don’t want to leave home! they’re refugees cuz they have no place else to go!

hahahahahahaha! (i have never seen as much hatred, as i have on twitter!! it’s nasty!! hoe moment trash shit!! that needs to get a slave labor job, like everyone else! instead of fuckin with people’s lives! and lying, cheating, and stealing!! i won’t be quitting till a) intense therapy b) restorative justice c) an actual apology, i don’t give a fuck about the anatomy of one, d) taking care of your own fuckin community! and the people in it! who you’ve never had to live like! e) and finding your own fuckin man! that’s what the fuck I do! if he lies and cheats? that’s on him!! hoes!!)

(yg is not my man! i don’t know that dude! but i like him, i think he’s cool. he’s my “imaginary friend”. lmao!)

talib, maybe diabolical dj is having a rough time. you’re from a middle class, never struggled with more than art, private school dude. a house, not the projects, no roaches rats or space heaters lol, with plenty of food to eat. when you dropped of college, i’m pretty sure your middle class, doing well for themselves parents, kicked in the loot. and you weren’t struggling to get some food and shit. you’re a dick!! a massive penis!! lmao! just admit it!! hahahahahahaha!

talib kweli really thinks he’s in a battle against racists. and i’m telling him flat the fuck out!! yes! there are racists, I'm sure, that come at you on twitter!!

but 1/2 the people you are disrespectful to are not racists! or homophobes! or patriarchal oppressors! they are your fans! lmao!

i need to dropkick this nigga in his head!! lmao! he’s a complete “ironhead”! it’s shocking! complete!! and not the good kind, either!!

and he’s super prejorative.

you “geek down”!! people are actually engaging with you? and you come at them for days on end, like the bully you are, to try and destroy their lives. let someone do that, and try and actually destroy your life — in real life, stealing your words and creating hell off of them. when you didn’t write that shit — at all! and you weren’t writing to their hoe moment asses!! then, go buck wild!

you need therapy! maybe FJ (another person you attack, who is hardly a racist! lmao!) may be able to make some recommendations. in nyc — or wherever your *black star* sperm will be appearing next!! lmao!

racist? who the fuck is racist?! lol!

YOU’RE THE RACIST!! the human racist!! lmao! sitting up there using your hip hop twitter power to discredit everybody, including your fans!, who disagree/s with your dumb ass!! lmao!

i’m a brown woman who loves black men! not dogs them!! “Context!”

and you act just like a boy!!

I'm ready for the talib kweli 24 hour a day, with breaks, onslaught!! the teflon empress! lmao! can somebody please go on vacation with talib kweli, like

dj eque

and take away his damn phone!! lmao!

“racist!” “coon!” “fuck you!”


you have a question, talib. you don’t say, whatever you just erased, ‘tell me why you don’t think it’s okay for me to call out racists. now!’

who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?

it’s because, idiot, your FANS tell you how they’re feeling, about your twitter bullshit — you know, the ones who PAY to see you perform?

and you tell them they’re not real fans!

you have some fuckin nerve!! you’re an asshole!! what is this shit?! the *black star* dictatorship? lmmfao!

talib kweli acts just like a boy!! on twitter!!


not a grown ass man!

(spoiled fuckin rotten!!)