jealous. possessive. stubborn as fuck. we never ever give up. (these things, i gotta work on them. which is why i’m glad my boyfriend’s a capricorn cuz they don’t care too much about jealousy or possessiveness. you are MINE — that is the battle cry of an earth sign lol. taurus’, capricorns and virgos? they are pretty jealous and possessive themselves. they do not do ANYTHING that looks like having multiple wives and husbands. we don’t SHARE our partners. let some man look at me, my boyfriend will grab my hand quickly and place himself in between me and homie. I LOVE IT. it does not bother me, in the least. it is super sweet!!! i get warned by libras all the time that this is dangerous. but because libra men and women have a hard time being faithful? i pay no attention to their advice on relationships. they are more interested in the clothes they’re wearing and the car they’re driving? than they are in being down to earth and transparent. they will take your money in a heartbeat, and then try and convince you that they paid you back every dime. *side eye* lol)

super loyal. a one night stand? (we’d rather go to pluto, which we have no desire to do because earth signs are not very interested in finding other places to live. we’d rather save the only planet we can currently inhabit lol), and, family always comes first. not a lot of “friends”, but once you’re in? it’s for life. we will hold you down through thick and thin if we love you.

we are the money makers of the zodiac. excellent at business. and we are very generous with money. lol

on our own merits. we don’t like dishonesty, stealing, lying, cheating. we work. hard. hard .hard.

if you lie to , cheat on , or steal from a taurus? you just signed your death certificate. we don’t forget shit. we will come for your head. tell your business to the world (virgos and capricorns too. *lemonade* all day lmao!) and we will never trust you again. or, you have a 1% chance to fix your mess. you will WORSHIP us. because we are NOT cheaters. in any sense of the word.

you cannot buy loyalty from a taurus, a virgo, or a capricorn.

you could have a billion dollars in your hand? and if you got that money with no integrity? we’ll will throw it in a big bonfire and do an indigenous american war dance around it.

pray for water, cuz your whole house will get burned to the ground.

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