Telling the Truth

Black and White.

In a Brown body beaten, into rising. Like the sun.

Setting on what you will not say. One of a kind and not afraid of

who I am.

That woman. The one you fear. The gentle soul, mothering the toss away children. The ones that have no homes to return to.

What is a mother? All women are.

You can’t see me. Because I am hunted. Men, who want me dead for telling the people

what they do.

And still loving you, men. For how you too grew up

fatherless. No man to teach you how to treat women. No man to teach women how they are to be treated. All those kids and all her pain. The suicide queen, who sacrificed everything. A movement of

Love for the ones you won’t see. Dragged into this by a man,

Broken. By a man.

Your sister’s crying, at their husbands’ betrayals. Your cousins sharpening their knives preparing, your aunt’s ready to go to war.

Books created to honor,


No one is coming to save us. It’s why I teach children to write their own poems so they can

save themselves. Take the L. It’s a minor setback to lose your job

for honest words.

Humanity on the edge of a precipice.

Started in Africa. Take out the f for




that is my name spelled phonetically.

Original woman. Who kick no people out the


I know who my mother is. I honor her gift to me.

Lifesaving genetics. I am free.

White woman, broken and dead. Black man, living off the next.

Black women, I see you all.

The collective. I hear your pain. I know your rage.

They want me to submit. But I won’t because the truth is…

You will not make money and keep it. Another capitalist,


If we don’t all work together? We can all, call it quits. Watch the world explode into bits of atomic radiation, infectious diseases,


Because you cannot kill me.

I will not choose a side. I am

Black and White.

A brown girl with a gun to her head, a cop who wanted me dead. A father who would silence me. Ex lovers, threatening my stability. A whole internet world of angry.

The truth is out. I am not afraid of who

I am. I am not ashamed I won’t hurt women, or men. I am not ashamed of a mental illness, abused by those who can’t create a life,

Without it.

I have nothing to hide.

So for the people,

ALL people,

I will ride.

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