You bout to be super helpful to a black on both sides woman. Who you have conveniently forgotten for many years. Ms. “Black”.

And my ex? Is not ramarley graham. 😡 just like you, are not me. And never will be.

That nigga at home doing the same thing he’s always done. Tried to survive your bullshit. You know who needs to be worried?


ain’t gonna work dream hampton. Lol not gonna be able to say I’m the the 1 who committed any injustice against my ex. Pass the buck like yo prison culture ass. Or anybody else. Using ramarley graham. The fuckin nerve of your ass!! Like you’ve ever given a fuck about black men beyond your image!! 😡

“mom’s rising” — bullshit. Where yo baby daddy at?! My ex don’t do fatherless kids. I would know. I used to smile, listening to him talking to his, for hours at a time. Hoe.

Your ass shoulda been risen 20 years ago.

You are not going to be able to be his one and only girlfriend. If that. You gotta go through both his mom and his girlfriend — first. All you will ever be? Is a moon. Around the earth. Around his sun.

You abandoned him. I did not. And you will play your position like the sociopathic stalking hoe moment hip hop chic that you are.

You do any more damage to him? Yo ass is ours. 😊

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