Beyoncé? Enough. 😳

You and jay z have made a billion dollars by creating off the lives of me and ahi. Because he is schizophrenic, and I am bipolar, you thought that our lives do not matter. And that it was okay to use the pain we’ve undergome to build yourselves. Black? What’s that?

With zero return. There’s more to life than money. And no one over here wants jay z. I think you’ve confused me with Dream Hampton/Mad Black Thot/Prison Culture/Common White Girl. You have made a billion dollars by creating off of my life. And Jay Z has done the same with Ahi. I can’t speak for his character. Ahi’s.

He was never respectful of me in the way that a man who loves you should be. But as a woman, and myself, I can speak for mine. If you ever want to kick it with me? You gotta create off your own life. I get that you were trying to keep your man from being a hoe. And I respect that you did what you had to do. But now that that nigga has come to his senses about how you treat women who are loyal and faithful to you. You don’t need to use my life anymore to be who you actually are.

Not me.

You are Beyoncé.

I’m Erica. Not you. Not Dream. Not Jessica.


And I am not interested in fighting no man for that many years to get him to respect me. Nor am I interested in a man with a harem of women that he’s infected. Or a man who watched it happen and decided making money off an epidemic was more important than human lives, globally.

Ya’ll owe a lot of money to humanity.

YG doesn’t. Because as soon as he found out what was up with him? He started using condoms. He is a really good human being who listens when good women speak. The first time.

You can stop acting as though I’m the devil now. I have never harmed anyone with HIV. I can’t. I’m HIV negative. And my man will always treat me, like I am #1 and only. Or he gets his ass kicked for disrespecting such a good woman.

I’ve had enough shit from hoe ass niggaz to last the rest of my life. I’m uninterested in patriarchal men.

Glad I helped you learn that lesson.

I’m putting an end to HIV in hip hop. This is the last generation of kids who will be intentionally infected by Dream Hampton and her crew.

The pain of what these women have done? Virtually, unbearable. They are sociopaths. Please keep you and your children — and your man — away from them. And congratulations! 😘

— 1💜

(Mind your business Deray. The only king’s landing is his brother’s keeper. Ahi Mwenge Baraka. You are only Deray of the sun. And I am one. The first one. The first woman to stand up in this mess and say claim that I am who my father told me I was. A woman who would not be oppressed by any man. With my mother’s guidance. Two happily married parents. Who have overcome insurmountable odds. To love each other in a world that would try and tear them apart. Over something as dumb as the color of ines skin. Get used to it, there’s a lot of mixing happening.)

(University of Pittsburgh. MFA. I went to UMass. Not Pitt. UMass. Not “mass pollution” 😒 a massive solution.)

I don’t know why bilal. Maybe it’s because you’re not a very kind human being to people who never did shit to you?

And bitch is spelled, bitch. Not betch. For the record.

Sorry to destroy your HIV infecting crew. Find a monogamous partner and stick with him. Maybe not cheating on your man will work in your benefit. It’s not foolproof. I know this as a loyal faithful woman. Lots of people cheat. But you don’t have to lower yourself to that level.

It’s safer anyway, to be loyal and faithful.

Suicide isn’t an option. And being a heaux? Probably isn’t a good idea either.

Extra luv to you and that special man! I hope someday you find him! 😘

(And it looks like you have a man anyway? Lol! Ya’ll gay dudes play too much. 😒 lol! 😘😘 to both of you. At least I know you’re not sociopaths. Your humour? EXCELLENT!)


That is correct! You are gollum!!

I’m this lil guy. Just cuz I’ve always loved the hobbit. And bilbo baggins! B’s! And Trudy copies, everything!! A liar, a cheater, and a thief. That’s how sociopaths live. By creating victims and stealing from them. She was stalking me before I even knew it was happening.

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