The accomodations for ELL’s are not accomodations. You can read aloud test questions in English. You can give verbal clues to redirect students and keep them on task. You can give them it in paper instead of online (requested for both math and science). They are allowed to use scrap paper. You can give extended time.

None of which change the fact that my students are level 1 ELL’s. I’m focused on site and keywords to help them figure out what they are being asked to do. Ms. W and I are teaming through it. Me on the Spanish end, both on the English end. Practice run with 4 questions today both in Spanish and English to do a cross comparison between comprehension and skill set, for Math.

They are so funny! Lol!

“Is English!” 😳

Yup. And you gonna be good. We have your back. Which I had to explain, cuz it’s idiomatic and they started patting each other on the back, for the rest of the day.

“I got your back.”


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