the beastie boys

next round of people that are coming for me, 2x4 is ready! lol! nothing worse to be right about now than a brown jew. or muslim. *side eye*. or mixed. that’s probably the worst. thank you donald trujillo! AMERICA IS EXCELLENT! i got you on one side, farrakhan on the other, and david duke doesn’t care about black people, or white people — long as they’re separate. I’M the threat. lmao! *UGH!* they even got an underground, special pass card, black only, mixed society that i’m not joining — where they don’t tell the truth they say things like

“i’m black! my mother isn’t white! white isn’t a color!” or “i don’t want to tell my story, because i’m a coward and it’s very complicated” or “black women, i just want to let you know that black men, your brothers, are going to love and respect you for the queen of the earth that you are. empress of my universe. mother of my king (rarely is it queen lol), light of all that shines on humanity, and — the love of my life — blah blah blah” lmao!

i do get around, apparently. but not with my body. my brain is just fine. thanks.

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