Enjoy this. For me, it wasn’t a movie. I don’t want to hear nothin from a mixed black chic, with light skinned, straight haired, privileges. Tell me shit. About blackness. Or about police brutality that she has — never — dealt with. Ever. Except on fuckin twitter.

The truth — for me — is. It was an Irish American cop. Who intervened. I don’t think it had a thing to do with him being white. I think it was just his — character. That’s it.

There is not one black man, from the streets. Not one rapper, at all. Who has ever dealt with the police. Which they have. A whole hell of a lot.

With not one single photo, to prove it!

For dumb ass shit!!

Retweeting anything, about Philandro Castille. Because, they are Philandro Castille. And they have respect. For his mother. Who is grieving the murder of her son.

How fuckin disrespectful can you be, Shaun “white boy” King, to retweet that shit. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over, again?

You need yo ass whooped!

Same ass whoopin you got by the white dude, fed up with your shit, in high school.

Philandro Castille was murdered. And I will not watch that video. Because unlike some of you who have had the protection of cameras and high celebrity visiblity. I? Have none of those protections. No photo ops of me being arrested by the police. For doing — nothing. No photo op of me with a 9 to my head.

For telling the truth. Sick. Off the truth!

And I’m sure Ms. Castille is not thinking to herself, my son is black! She’s thinking, they murdered by first born child. And my only son.

I want these murders to end! All of them! Fuck the police!

And I’m, on — her team. Not yours.

You, who are generating a shitload of publicity, and money. Retweeting the — murder — of her child!

*the muthafuckin raaaaaaage!*

Disrespectful ass pieces of black trash!!

Colin Kaepernick, Trudi Ann, is not black only. He’s mixed black.

These are his parents. The people who adopted him and raised him.

Without any of you black people. And, before twitter. lmmfao!

Colin Kaepernick’s biological mother? Is a white woman. His father is black.

I know that’s very hard for you — to accept. Like, how is it possible that these white people raised him to be like this?

But, they did. Facts! He would not be himself without his white mom and white dad.

Get over it, bitch!!

(And Shaun King really did block body cameras in the state of massachusetts and the city of boston. Intentionally. Also, facts! That’s just what it is. He is not the spokesperson for Black journalists. And he is also, mixed black. White mom, Black Dad. With more light skinned and male patriarchal privilege, than myself.)

the only thing that can save jefferson sessions now?

is to take on monsanto. i will support him all the way, if he takes on monsanto.

nobody, under hillary clinton, would have even tried it.

but jeff sessions, is jeremy simms. in *roll of thunder hear my cry*

“Jeremy Simms — A white boy who is often beaten for walking to school with and associating with the Logan children.” If you haven’t read it, written by the black, Mildred Taylor. You should cop that. It’s 7th grade required reading in The Boston Public Schools.

this, is pointless Mr. Sessions.

(thank you deray! of the sun! team work!)

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