Access to clean water might help. Gotta start somwhere. Learn to swim.

It is too cold to go to ptown, to do what I want to. I wasn’t planning on bringing a tent for wind and rain. A couple tarps, a thermal blanket... 😒


Bike. Beach. Fried Clams! And back on the ferry to ride my bike the 4 miles/3 kilometers, home.


(How you go from 67 to 86 degrees. In 2 days? 🤔 lol!)

The best pickles on the planet are kosher 1/2 dills from a Jewish deli.

The thing about being a conservative is this. These people calling themselves conservatives (hello congress 😒) should learn it.

It does not mean bailing Wall Street out for their crimes against the American people. And it doesn’t mean “gimme something”. It means, if you want something and you work for it. We don’t care if you buy up Bompton, Long Beach, Watts. Your communities. And encourage small businesses. And help families and children. Clean up that shit! Lol! And help the environment.

If it helps your community and keeps you out of a whole bunch of red tape in Washington. How can we help you?

That’s what your government’s supposed to do. Help you.


Some of you black people act so much like the white people you claim to despise? It’s ridiculous. You have appropriated — their entire lifestyles. Lol

I learned more from Krs 1 as a kid, than in my African American studies class in high school. It was just, not boring. And pretty transnational. Like a *black star line*. I felt very engaged with the dialog krs was having at the same time, must have been the beats and the lyrics. Considering that 1/3 of the kids in that class were white.

It allowed me to talk about rap. And hip hop culture. It made a lot of sense to talk about hip hop in a black American history class.

That class was very hip hop. All kinds of kids were in that bitch.

(How much you wanna make a bet Paul Ryan accepting a personal phone call from Beyoncé. I haven’t tried that yet. But I know he heard of me. He reads my blog. 😒)

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