the time the detroit joe frazier showed up at my house. because my parents were political activists. and trying to get mel king elected in boston, as part of the rainbow coalition. everyone was clamoring for a photo op. and i was in my bedroom with the door closed. only libras and scorpios in my crib growing up. they like lots of attention. and being the center of it. i liked peace, and quiet, and books. introverted. i’m a taurus. we like virgos and capricorns, a lot. they’re pretty loyal. and will admit when they’ve made a huge mistake. or abused someone for their own self interests, and pockets. when a taurus, virgo, or capricorn gets married? it’s usually. for life. we don’t like multiple divorces. and while we enjoy sex (sometimes, a lot lol), we prefer having one loyal partner, over a whole bunch of punnani or pene. we don’t want to see our partners hurt. by cheating on them. and then lying about it. we can be very jealous. we share money and resources. but we do not like sharing our partners. oh, no. no. no. you will not be lying to, and cheating on us. that just ain’t happening.

don’t ya’ll listen to beyoncé? lmao!

my boyfriend now? was cheated on by his ex, continuously. which makes absolutely no sense to me? because he’s fine as fuck. and so loyal. while he was working his slave labor job? she was busy: leaving her kids with his/her mom. getting dressed up in shit she could not afford. going to the club. and fucking dudes for money. not cuz she was homeless or struggling. but because: love, wasn’t enough.

(you can teach libras and scorpios how to be loyal and faithful. my mom is a scorpio. she does not cheat on my dad. my brother’s a scorpio. his wife means the world to him. my other brother’s a libra. he does not cheat on his dominican immigrant wife — just got married in fact.

my dad’s a libra. he likes nice material shit. he is no longer a liar, or a cheater, and he makes his own money. he does not live off my mother’s.

my cousin’s a libra too. on the cusp of scorpio lol! she does not cheat on her man. she works her ass off. highly educated. counseling young women who are: homeless, have been subjected to domestic violence, and are single mothers. her gemini man? should try doing 1/2 the labor she does. instead of that nation of islam, it’s a woman’s job to keep a house.

her son? who’s a fire sign lol lil bilal? is learning how to do everything a woman can. and be a real man. it’s so encouraging.)

there is nothing wrong with being polyamorous and having multiple safe sex partners. you can fuck, whatever single polyamorous men or women you want to. just don’t get married to a monogamous person, especially a woman, who you think should be the one to do all the work. while you find additional “wives” or “husbands” cuz you cannot control your sexual appetite and abuse of women. cuz you don’t appreciate a woman who likes home the best. will cook and clean her ass off for you, if she loves you. and has excellent punnani or pene, that has not been all over the place.

you will lose your life, playing with a taurus, virgo, or capricorn. if you don’t get your shit together. and start fucking with single men and women, who like hoe moments. (so funny, how all these polyamorous dudes will go absolutely psycho if they think their monogamous wives — are cheating on them. lmao!)

he got his ass knocked out, joe frazier did. by: muhammed ali. a heavyweight. not a lightweight.

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