You and Jessica Moore, Dream Hampton, better start scrolling through Expedia.com or something. For 2nd and 3rd class flights, to Newark.

What, you afraid of BLACK PEOPLE? Yeah. Typical “white” whores. Fuck a black man. Give him hiv intentionally, and then cry — rape!!


I don’t have those problems. *shrug*

Donald Trump may be the “biggest bitch ass nigga in the history of bitch ass niggas”, and Dream Hampton is the most cowardly, fearful, lying, cheating, stealing, sociopathic, hiv spreading, hip hop whore — the globe has ever seen.

She bout as black as a sheet of paper. Really.

Donald Trump blacker than her. Like a totally misdirected: patriarchal misogynist, black male, African president.

Newark? Or decapitation? ALL your decision.

Donald Trump, ISIS is not the enemy. Racism is. People’s inability to see character, and not the color of a person’s skin. They want Jessica Moore, and Dream Hampton. If they do not make restorative justice, by going to Newark. They will be — beheaded. And I feel, absolutely nothing about it.

I don’t care.

If we do not stop harming innocent human beings. They will continue to harm innocent human beings.

You cannot win. You are talking about an ideology. Not human beings. To change an ideology. You have to change, your actions.

Listen, when good women speak. Listen to your daughter.


Actually, Donald Trump is your president. Impeachment doesn’t keep someone from being the president, Jessica hoe moment Moore.

He’s sort of your president. Your real president is the first woman to ever hold that office — a ghost president — like I’ve been your ghostwriter since the first poem you’ve ever written. It’s why you’re having such a problem with your new “collection”, you don’t have me — to copy.

Yes, black women do rock. But you, are not black. You are a follower of Yacub. A neanderthal whore.

Black women don’t sit back while HIV and AIDS are purposefully spread, and do! — absolutely nothing. But watch it happen. Black women don’t want their children harmed, for generations and generations to come.

Black women want justice! Black women want peace! Black women want harmony! And the — end — of HIV and AIDS.

Ivanka is the ghost president. She’s a very good human being. Better than 99% of people I’ve ever not encountered. Thank the universe she is Donald Trump’s daughter. (And don’t say she isn’t. Cuz you’ll get him pissed off. Lol)

Yo ass bout to wind up dead — Jessica hoe moment Moore. And I won’t care at all. ISIS ain’t men you want to try and fuck with. There is no amount of pussy, that can tempt them. No amount of 1/2 naked beautiful women. No amount of makeup. No song. No rap. No poem. No film. Nothing. Nothing. At all.

A man who cannot be tempted by a whore!! Amazing! A fuckin miracle! Men who know how to keep their dicks in their pants! Self — discipline!

And, there are others.

I don’t want Donald Trump impeached. I want him to do what no president and their cabinet has ever done. Stop harming innocent human beings.

ISIS are “terrorists” because this country does not know how to stop harming other human beings. And the hypocrisy. Considering we can’t even clean up our own trash whores!!

Their number ☝🏾️ aim in life? Is to — behead — Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore. I am very patient. Waiting for them to fly to Newark. They don’t have 2 much time left.

They will both get the death penalty. Outside any court of law. Because their crimes against humanity, rival Black slavery. HIV and AIDS, is that big.

HIV and AIDS, affects everybody! Globally! It knows no color. No color at all.

ISIS, loves hip hop. We are winning.


Help! Not harm!!

Show this president and his administration who built this country — for free — and why we will not be moved from our positions on — full — e-quality!

Not sorry Dream. You aren’t blaming Jessica Moore. Like sociopaths do. Turn on each other to try and escape responsibility for their inhumanity and inability to tell the truth. You — are insanity. You and Jessica Moore. Basic ass — non talented, non creative, non original, non artistic, hip hop whores. Everything you’ve ever done has been by capitalizing on marginalized humans, lying on, cheating on, and stealing from us. While stalking.

It’s the 2 of you.

D.R.A.M. Minus the “e”.

What a righteous man! To name himself — truthfully — about me.

Restorative justice.

Ya know the place.

(They found where you are, btw. The friend you’re staying with? She’s also in danger.)

ISIS has it incorrect/correct. lol!

“ISIS chose its black-and-white flag carefully to symbolize its link to the Prophet Muhammad.”

I think they might mean, a woman.

So they will listen.

Stop murdering innocent humans. We’re getting it correct, in the West.

Cuz I, don’t play that other nonsense. None of ya’ll want to meet me face to face, without any weapons. You’ll get a good ol fashioned BLACK ass whoopin! By yo mama!

FACTS! lmmfao!


(talib, it’s peace and harmony, homie. *side eye*)

i am so sad. i cannot believe this shit. and i’m not abandoning none of you. forget it. i know what it feeeeeeels like. to be abandoned.

i understand why you hate men now. i need you to understand that they are not the cause of hiv in hip hop. or, its spreading. I’m pretty sure HIV is a manufactured virus. Nazi’s. Because only one percent of the human population has natural immunity. Ashkenazis.

And what a stupid thing to manufacture. Didn’t they think that white people would contract HIV and AIDS as well? I mean, people may do all that “black only” shit. But really, everybody fuckin everybody. People are oversexed. Just relax, and read a story.

That’s changing, no immunity, on the continent of Africa. Of course. There are growing populations building immunity there as well. :)

Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore are the cause of this shit. All through hip hop. It’s the closest I’ve ever wanted to come, to — killing — other humans. They abused a very mentally ill man. Manipulating him into making him think that he was doing the correct thing. Because they do not care, about humanity. They only care about a name, some fame, and some money.

“Hip Hop has nothing to offer me. I don’t feel like it’s a place where I can grow” — Dream Hampton.

She meant, it’s not a place where she can spread any more shit. Because everyone’s — hip! She ain’t hoppin on no more dicks! Techno heads! (She really thought she was going to start that “revolution” in Techno. Talkin bout it’s Detroit, and revolutionary blackness. It is. This is true. But she, isn’t!!)

Watch that bitch!! Russian folk musicians in — Siberia! Don’t touch her!! (I kind of want to go to Siberia, btw. It looks pretty. Putin probably try to throw me in some Siberian prison. Just like he did those Pussy Riot chics. Who need to be released! Immediately! That man is bipolar as fuck! No wonder North Korea like, uh uh. Ya’ll ain’t comin here! lol Unless you Dennis Rodman, and his bipolar brazy ass! That kid Kim Jon Fun? Stays drinking Jack Daniel’s. He should be releasing all those people locked up in North Korea as well. It’s atrocious how they treat their own people! He’s bipolar, as well. smh.

America should be releasing every innocent person fighting for freedom and equality, that did nothing. Locked in some American prison. Afraid to come back to the country they were born and raised in.

For what again?)

My biggest task in life is to — forgive those 2 women. And i cannot do that, without — restorative justice. Face 2 face. They owe me — nothing. I don’t ever want anything to do with those women. They don’t have the types of characters that I like — in human beings. I am nothing like them. And I’m not even insulted that ya’ll made the mistake — in hip hop, all those songs. Because, that ain’t me — thinking that I’m the person who was doing this shit. Sociopaths are very good at lying and manipulating people into believing what they want you to.

And this only makes sense. That I was charged with this mission. I grew up with people who had HIV, in the 80’s. I’ve raised money for kids orphaned by AIDS on the continent of Africa. And I’ve loved a man with HIV, without even knowing.

I love another one, as well. It’s his — character. He’s a very good human being.

Dream Hampton wanted to make me seem like I’m the devil. With Jessica Moore’s assistance. They’ve been stalking me. For 24 years.

And it’s not correct.

I’m actually, a regular ass human being. With flaws. Just like ya’ll are. I just am bipolar. So i have a lot of emotions. Including empathy, compassion, and the ability to feel things. Very deeply.

Plus excellent third eye vision. I can read the “signs”, very well. They are not in my head.

And this is not the end.

It’s the beginning. Of a different type of planet. And humanity. Cuz I don’t know about you, and I won’t live to see it. But I’d like for the kids to be able to have the opportunity to travel and go find some water. Or whatever they want to do! I don’t want to go to outer space lol Thanks, but no thank you! lmmfao!

And only after, we save this planet. Because if we don’t?

Humanity is done. That’s the reality.

Everyone has to work together, to make that happen. As one.

why does jeff sessions look like a kind, giving, man to me? i bet you he actually donate money to the sierra club and to people who are hungry. *side eye*

the idea that he wants to lock people up, who look like me — reigniting another war — in america. makes no sense. he’s going after the people who are victims of super capitalism!! not the super capitalists !!— destroying the entire fuckin planet!!

i don’t think jeff sessions is a racist. i really don’t. i think he did the wrong thing. cuz he came from a racist family. and they probably were gonna disown him if he kept liking black people.

that seems about correct —

just like donald trump did!! *side eye* (him and barack obama got the same ears. in a different color. they stick out the side of his head. [im sorry, there are no perfect men] lmmfao!)

“sex positive” i got from FJ, btw. that’s me as well! lmao! i ain’t no “immaculate conception” whore!! “i made her by myself” — dream hampton (impossible! lmfao!)

i love sex! it’s awesome! i just don’t have any — cuz i need the correct human being 4 me! i don’t want no lying, cheating, stealing, pigeon brained, hoe moment man!! ew!! trash!!

(thank you suheir, for trying. and joining the ranks of the revolutionaries. i know it is not easy being palestinian and being stripped of everything. those people in israel, in power, don’t even treat they own people correctly. there are actual jewish holocaust survivors, in israel, who are poor and hungry. old people! that are not being taken care of correctly. *the raaaaaaage* personally, i think they the nazi’s. the people in power. ashke-nazi. everybody likes to conveniently forget, that hitler? was 1/2 jewish. i’m not talking about those jews. i’m talking about the masses of jewish people who are like — enough! we don’t like what’s going on! none of us hate palestinians! those are the minority!! not the majority! the majority of jews in israel doin the same shit everybody else is. workin their slave labor jobs! lmao!

now i can go back to reading and listening to your poetry, all the time! like i used to! without feeling horrible!!)

it’s virtually impossible for a lot of people to grasp this concept.

racism — is alive and healthy!! I mean, it’s — everywhere!!

race — doesn’t even fuckin exist!


there is only one race! homo sapien sapien (and a couple neanderthal bitches!! lmmfao!)

and don’t call me anti muslim, anti Palestinian, anti disenfranchised and marginalized human beings! i love muslims! those the only motherfuckaz who — en masse — seem to be doing the correct things by — everybody!

they don’t do that color shit!

they don’t even believe race exists!

they believe in justice!


now talib really gon’ be mad at me, cuz i ain’t got no beef wit remedy wu! that nigga ain’t no damn white supremacist!! (talib thinks anybody who does not like his attitude, is a white supremacist. he called me — a nazi. lmmfao! which is an impossibility! you think the nazi party is all like, oh let’s let that black chic join us. *side eye* just cuz i said i had a few conversations, online, with the aryan nation dudes. i wanted to understand why they are worshipping the goddess kali. who’s brown! indian! they were very — polite — to me. surprisingly. they didn’t call me a “ho”, “bitch”, “coon”. nothing.)

remedy wu is a slave labor job, jew! he don’t have no beef with anybody. except, talib kweli. and i seriously doubt, he’s a nazi. or a white supremacist, cuz actual jewish people who remember their history? um, already know — that’s a contradiction. lmmfao! (apparently, the RZA produced this track. if that’s a lie? i’d like him to say it. not talib.)

idk if this nigga got a girlfriend. but if you lookin…lol!

i know he’s not HIV positive. and i know he’s very talented. “ill”. bipolar.

(there are a lot of really righteous, slave labor job, artists on soundcloud. who are super talented. and all inclusive. hip hop. the real shit! they create off their own lives. and i have a lot of respect — for them!)

i choose love — over everything. it’s not new. some of ya’ll choose money over everything. that’s who you are. that’s not who I am, or who i’ve ever been.

and if i don’t care what happens to somebody? you know, it’s gotta be some really bad shit that they’ve done. cuz I basically, have no problems with anyone. for any reason. no one has every accused me of discriminating against anybody.

until, black only twitter!!

Dream Hampton!!

ya’ll create problems. for other people. cuz you 2 worried, about yourselves — only. and that’s your problem.

care about other people, besides headlining your damn self!! no one gives a fuck. least of all, me. there are more serious things in the world than your singular — face — all over the fuckin place. keep me out that trash!!

it’s not who I am!

these men are out here catching hiv? cuz they got duped!! by 2 fuckin sociopathic whores!! pretending to — love them!!

*the raaaaaaage!*

they are not hoe moment men!! they are men who got lied to, cheated on, and stolen from!!

and i’m. not. havin. it!

anyway i’m ignoring that chic. she don’t like nobody who’s not a — prostitute and “artist”, like she is. i’ll just buy her shit that I like, so she can get out of that business. she too good for that shit. and she don’t even know it!

unlike jessica moore and dream hampton. all those 2 hoes do is steal other people’s shit. talib and jeezy busy ghostwriting one hoes poetry lol. and the other stealing films. and still promoting them!! (i would be so furious if i were that poet, yo!)

i’m an original creator, i add my ideas to other people’s shit, a mix!, to help them do better business, as artists! for free! i don’t want yo money!!

i want your — love! and to make money — together! lmao!

listen, ya’ll really got some sob stories that ain’t sob stories. i get it. your abuela told you mother to tell you, you don’t need to go to school. get married.

ya’ll remind me of the nigga who blames his mother for not being able to get a job because he dropped out of school when he was 14 or something. cuz his mother said, i don’t care what you do. long as you bring money into this house. (horrible parents!! see: jessica care moore. who’s son, is a business. not a kid. dumb bitch!! *side eye*)

that works, when you 18. not when you’re fuckin 38! you grown now! what excuse you got now?

the only people i want to hear talkin that ish? are people from RD, from the campo (some of whom have no opportunity and still find a way to create it.) and don’t start that, “i don’t have opportunity in america”. cuz we know that’s a lie. nobody waits 11 years to get a damn visa cuz it’s such a horrible place to live. and there’s no opportunity to do shit.

it is ya’ll — choice! — to be prostitutes. no one got a gun to your damn head. so — can it. *side eye*

(i must have met the only dominican women and men in the campo — who believe in educating their children! you be throwing all kinds of dirt on dominicans. and you a dominican! i’m sure the shit you saying is true, about the abuse of women and girls. welcome to the fuckin — world! it’s not just the Dominican Republic. it’s a — global! — epidemic.)

let me make this totally clear…i am not “talking” about people who have HIV not being sexual beings. of course yo ass is gonna have sex! you’re human!

i’m talking about hoes!! spreading hiv — intentionally!!

“if you never had a hoe moment, you should try it. haha!!” — jessica “care” moore.

got it? good!

carefree black hoe (basically, is a woman who does not care how she uses her body. that’s a huge problem. cuz if she’s care free with her body? don’t think she’s thinking about yours. it’s one thing to be a sexual being, with discretion — for or not for payment — and not spreadin shit. it’s another to be a care free black hoe, we don’t need no ditzy ass “white” girls. lmao!)

anyway, don’t start that woe is me. bitch is in america. not RD. and acts like she can’t go to school. i offered to help hook her up with BLACK dominican chics who did just that. but she wanna lay on her back. and make “art” so. *shrug* don’t complain about shit. (and don’t you even try to call her privileged. it’s called — slave labor! black!)

trigger warning for your entire page is, you better not be spreading no HIV shit, or, you go on the list! we don’t have time for that nastiness!!

common fuckin sense men, put these hoes out of business. anybody calling themselves a “carefree black hoe” ? is probably not someone you want to fuck. i’m just sayin.

and i don’t appreciate ya’ll mixing up sex positive women, with hoes who give the pussy to just, anybody who pays for it.

Raquel_savage, the idea of an “honest living” is if you a sex worker and HIV positive? you better make damn sure you disclose that information. or, you ain’t honest. and should become a worker bee. you act like there’s nothing honorable about doing other kinds of work, that does not include spreading your legs.

i’m a teacher. i think i’m pretty honorable. since i’m sure the majority of us work harder, and more, than you do. laying on your back.

oh, we know how to do that as well. have sex. believe it! you ain’t the only one who knows how to get busy in the bedroom. we just choose to do other things for a living, besides spreading our legs. which is an easy fuckin job. like, really? ya’ll act like there’s something special about having a pussy.

no. there’s something special about having a pussy that has — discretion. tom, dick, harry, jamal, deyshaun, and — talib — ain’t all been in it. lol! (these hoes on crack — with that. lmao!)

mariah carey ain’t no damn butterfly. she a hoe!! wit some fake titties and a shitload of plastic surgery. she hops from man to man, like that shit makes any sense. a billionaire dumped her ass. and the bitch had the nerve to keep the ring.

dedicated to mariah carey, jessica moore, dream hampton, all whores — really!!:

YG ain’t no killer. well, maybe if anyone damages me. he will be.

stop supporting her suheir, or you go back on the ISIS list. that bitch needs a job. no one’s paying for her stolen poetry off the lives of marginalized black and brown women. hip hop — done with that bitch. get it? good!

her name is jessica care moore

because she does. not. care.

i — do! (and i have a job. i’ve been working since i was 14 years old. like the MAJORITY of poets i know. i need a fuckin vacation! for real!)

(but not naked on the back of jetskii. that shit’s trashy!! *side eye* lol)

i’ll tell you what motherfuckers don’t do — fuck human beings over. not even mothers. only 2.

and i don’t blame anybody for my depression and anxiety — but 2 people — on the entire planet. one of whom, suheir, you support. because instead of saying, here, we’ll help! not harm!!

they thought having hoe moments, and fucking over hip hop, was one big joke.

and, it’s not.

but since your love of hip hop (if you even do, suheir, because if you did? you would never support no hoe who has fucked over people in the culture for the last 20+ years), started with *the roots*. your roots, are elsewhere. not america. which is all hip hop. all diversity. all inclusion. you palestinians and israelis, fighting over some dumb shit. could learn something. from — US. (we just don’t want no sociopaths in our culture. destroying it. and the human beings who — create it. original creators! we don’t need no copies. we’re samplers. not genocide makers.)

you ain’t black. don’t try to coopt black people’s voices, ever again. with that trash!! *born palestinian, born black* no. *born palestinian, with white girl privileges*. that should be the title of that book.

don’t start that “i’m black like you” shit. you ain’t never walked in these shoes, bitch.

“in yo dreams”

no. in yo!! dreams. you think you slick. cuz you a war monger, who spits some other shit. you better start working on how to love all humanity — equally — that’s what black people actually do. and we were enslaved for 400 fuckin years. not since 1948.

words — mean nothing!! — in comparison to how you — live! and supporting that jessica sociopathic hoe moment moore shit?

that bitch is crazy!!

not brazy!

get it correct!

that whore is out having a fuckin picnic. not thinking about any of the people she has caused suffering to. don’t you think there’s something wrong with that?

that she doesn’t even feel — depressed? no anxiety, when you tell her she’s on the beheaded list?

that she doesn’t get her own son’s in danger, cuz of her shit. that ISIS knew, before I did!

(no one touches that kid!)

she don’t do shit to help anyone, unless, she is capitalizing off of US. what happened to her “fam” in Newark — huh?

ya’ll and your copy cat twitter lists. (this ish is 14 years old! lmao!)

30 thing bout me…which i don’t find particularly interesting in comparison to some more exciting humans i know.

1. i like food. my favorite is indian (mulligatawny, saag paneer, aloo matar, dosi, naan and poori bread.)

2. i like teaching and learning.

3. t.v. irritates me. just the idea of watching it starts to make me feel less intelligent.

4. i’m addicted to the internet.

5. i got a love jones for boyz, and a mind for girlz.

6. i listen to music and dance around my house (sometimes naked, sometimes not.)

7. i love hip hop.

8. i’m all about healthy food, natural beauty, a clean environment, education for kids, and freedom, in other words, i’m a black panther.

9. i am left handed and left dominated. i lead with my left foot and have more trouble using the right side of my body (though i’m workin on it).

10. i love reggae. roots.

11. i miss my locks. and how i felt comfortable enough to let them do whatever.

12. i can watch: independent movies, independent foreign movies, independent documentaries, and independent foreign documentaries only, without feeling i wasted my time and/or money.

13. i need to get in four arm stand. fraid i won’t reach my goal in the allotted time period.

14. i used to read books cuz my father told me that’s what i had to do.

15. my father was right. i grew passionate.

16. i no longer read as much as i should.

17. my mother taught me all about my period, and what could happen as a result of it, as well as other female secrets that i will not share here. i truly appreciate her knowledge.

18. i miss pot roast.

19. i like being a vegetarian, it gives me discipline and helps me not contaminate my body in these lands. besides, eating flesh kinda grosses me out though i used to be a b.l.t./salami fanatic.

20. if i was starving i would eat whatever.

21. i like plants, trees especially. there’s nothing like the smell of the earth after the perfect storm.

22. my shopping fetishes are earrings and books (even though i don’t read as much as i should lol)

22. children are the best humanity has ever offered.

23. it’s very difficult for me to trust. burned one too many times.

24. i’ve almost drowned twice, and now have a healthy fear of the ocean which i need to re-ride, if i’ll ever be a surfer.

25. i love black and brown people. we are my biggest obsession.

26. i sometimes feel awkward cuz i think i’m not normal lol

27. i need (and am attempting) to quit smoking. totally.

28. i think god, if god exists, is not exclusively a HE.

29. i think this country is goin to shit, cuz a country founded on stolen land will not stand, -krs1 (and the people have been gettin robbed all along.)

30. i’m awake.

actually, incorrect, stop being famous. plenty of police, can’t stand wall street. and super capitalism. your twitter handle is me. so don’t tell me what to do. i’m a free mixed black woman. i do what the fuck i want to. got it? good. cuz you linked, to mos def. who linked, to talib kweli.

and we already know, that nigga don’t listen — when a — good! — woman “speaks”!

if he had been listening to his teacher ! like these otha niggaz— and not his hoe!! — we would be somewhere, else. not in this shit pile of filth!! for the “wealth”. super capitalist pigeon brained whores!!

i am ENRAGED! at ya twitter hoe!! bullshit!! “dm me!!”

no! anyone who calls themselves a hoe, looks like a hoe, can’t have an honest conversation about men? or switches up their style? after the fact?

no dm!!

leave them — all alone. those are not!!

black women rockin!

jes — sick — a moore, and moore, and moore, and moore, and moore

is not black.

she’s a follower, of yacub.


you can see her — face — next to his. in the smithsonian museum of african american history, in Washington, DC.

ladies! we don’t spread our legs? for — shit!! we do — love! — you know that,


over money. you can’t pay us — to be hoes!! it’s a really long twitter hoe!! list. and everybody you linked with.

don’t get that confused. with sex positive, healthy sex, women!

nah. never get it twisted.

got it?


we getting boys — with horrible mothers!! or no mothers, at all! healthy!

stay out my way, hoes!!

a righteous machete will work! just fine! chill homies! i got you! I know, you enranged by these hoes!! and they kids!!

we do righteous — women! — only! all the hoes? are falling in line. or they go on the list!

actually, no hoe!!

you need a job! I have, 2, plus this — free labor! and, I'm bipolar! could be claiming a — disability check — like you is!!

but, i’m NOT DISABLED!


Trudy‏Verified account @thetrudz 2m2 minutes ago

I need a larger booze budget.


(don’t you — ever! — disrespect me again. with that “cookie junk!!” shit. you will never harm any man — trying to — live! with your junky “snacks”. ya dumb pigeon brained hoe moment hiv infesting — whore!!)

i will beat your — fake!! — -rasta ass? with my…

fists! *try — this!*

i like taurus women. a lot! we are loyal! humble! human beings! but you fuck with us? betray us? you dying. *shrug*

ebpoetry, i’m sorry you have no money. get a job, maybe? instead of concentrating on making art? when you’re really — sick? you can work delivery. I mean, cash money! lol (rent-a-car. you need me to help you? with a platinum card? lol!)

(it’s very rare to find a — taurus — spreading her legs for shit. we’re pretty conservative — and extremely, loyal! — like, holly hobby homemaker!

“what do you want to eat, love?”

“can i run you a bath with bubbles, love?”

“you want a — hot — rock massage, love?”

we are like, all slave labor! on our own — merits! we are not quick and easy!! schemin and scammin!!

we are all — long haul! heavy load!)

the girl, and the bull? are one! ya missed it! lmmfao. i will crush a scorpion. under my hoove. same goes for, any sign. in the zodiac.

if you have faced “worse things than being forgotten”, aja. *side eye*

i want to see the tweet, that reads you are hiv positive. like all these other heads. if not? your ass will shut the fuck up!! or, go on — the ISIS — list!

i don’t give a fuck! about who your mother — was!!

i give a fuck about righteous mothers! not no hoe!! moment!! whores!!

got it?


sit down. you talk 2 much.

I write, a poem, a day! offline! i have been, for — years! they go straight in the trash! literally. i have a trash bin/bucket, from Home Depot, that i bought when i went to get some shellac. lmao! money! from my slave labor jobs! facts! lmmfao!

this time, *i want my body back* gonna be her own poetry, off her own life. or, the bitch can be beheaded, along with dream hampton —

by ISIS.

(this is real. i’ve contacted some people I know, in London. Detroit is up next. Regular ass Americans! ya’ll. who are tired of your hoe moment hip hop shit!! lmmfao! the city, they were born and raised in? has a very — fat — muslim population.)

(the ball is in motion. they’re mobilizing. to find Dream Hampton. it’s not a tweet. And they will act, on my orders!)

did ya’ll hoes just assume that black women don’t love their kids, or something? and i ain’t talkin bout the kid who gets 10 year old poetry, written for him (cuz that bitch, jessica moore, has never written one single poem, without — a ghostwriter! facts!) — to shield and protect her dumb ass!!

kids are not the ones who shield you!! ya dumb hoe!!

other way around!

nobody touches that kid. and i mean it!

we’re gonna find his dad. he needs him. and cuz, if she keeps it up?

she’s dead!!

dead sociopathic pigeon!

(don’t blame it on her, Dream Hampton, sociopaths will turn on you — quick. that’s why she’s in — london. watching all this. and tweeting shit, about america.

America — is WINNING!



(every poem ever written by jessica — hoe moment — moore!! — was created off, me. and my struggle.

and my — never published —

poetry! *the raaaaaaage*

i am a DOPE! poet! cave canem — first application! a — rarity!)

cuz, it’s possible to be a black/mixed black feminist! and love a man! that’s the only thing I've learned! from — twitter!

thanks — FJ!

you — rock!

no, uber hoe. the powerball is — 7. the real #1. and you keep your dumb shit up? your head goes back on the — ISIS— list. cuz race, is bigger than the color of your skin.

this bitch in florida is dumb, with her big words that she thinks niggaz from the hood don’t understand. she’s not from the hood. don’t know shit!! about poverty. in her 2 parent, barely struggled — family!! she just don’t want to — get a fuckin job! entitled bougie ass bitch!! lmao!

i am attacking toxic masculinity, and toxic feminism/womanism. concurrently and definitively. “hyper” fuckin!! — everything!

ya’ll better get—

in the words of kendrick lamar! “be humble” (and i’ll add the dumb pigeon brained bitch!! — cuz that nigga, a lot nicer about it, than I am!)

this is true! except i am mixed black! and i will — never — coopt her voice! *the raaaaaaage!*

how brazy is it? that i actually have faith in jefferson sessions. that he will do the correct thing. that he actually, is more intelligent than a lot of you dumb hoes!! and, will take on — MONSANTO!! *THE RAAAAAAAGE!*

Keep your MIXED BLACK AND LYING ABOUT IT! mouth shut, Asha/Ashes. You a skank — lying memoir — whore!!

THAT WHOLE CREW!! A BUNCH OF HOE MOMENT JEZEBELS!! (that bitch still be dressin like a whore. with her pussy all out. and a head wrap *side eye* have 7,777,777,777…ad infinitum. seats!!)

(i love your catsuits — ladies! very — classy! covered! ain’t no fuckin tutus!! in this bitch!)

(what grown ass woman wears a fuckin tutu, garter belt, and hooker heels, on stage?! lmmfao! a trash!! whore!! that’s who. hal dawkins probably fucked her — 2!! nasty ass patriarchal misogynist nigga!! you try and come after me? I'm calling — BEN SHAPIRO! who is funny as shit! that’s my kind of — conservative! lol!)

Sick day! 2 in a row! Cuz, I have been working — harder than everybody! — besides, Ivanka! and FJ!

Righteous work! For fuckin free! 4 years straight! And I’m — exhausted!

Don’t tell me shit! Ever! About slave labor! That bitch in Florida better get her shit — together! Don’t ever disrespect me again. I don’t give a fuck about your “art”. Or your fuckin — food!! “cookie, yum”.

Fake rasta!!

A whole bunch of junk!!

You can’t throw down — healthy! — like I can.


Omg! This is so good! Are you sure there’s no meat in your food?

Yup! NONE!


Donald Trump did this on purpose. For his crimes against — Ivanka. All the men he picked for his cabinet, are men — who need to make restorative justice!

And he knows it.

Monsanto, btw, is not Monteiro. Monteiro comes from the portugese. In Cabo Verde! There were NO PEOPLE ON THOSE ISLANDS PRE SLAVERY. The Cabo Verdian people are — MIXED BLACK — they were created, from slavery (and — love — contrary to popular belief. A lot of those portugese, and French, dudes. Were like, bump this! This is the place we go to get married! lmmfao!).

The island of Fogo (Fire!), is where all the brazy bitches come from, in Cabo Verde.

We are — beautiful — women! Who will slash your face open with a razor, quicker than you can scream — police!! fbi!! nation of islam!! — for fuckin with our men!

It has nothing to do with that other, type of fire!!


Largest Cape Verdian population outside of Cabo Verde — in the world? New England. Rhode Island, New Bedford, Taunton, Cape Cod —the entire south shore!



We all love the — OCEAN! — and we all know how to — SWIM!




and don’t you ever pretend, ya dumb bitch!!, that you were helping me. you did no such thing. you wanted me — dead. and to fuck with my somali ex.

and infect him. ya missed! pigeon brained bitch!!

(look, it rhymes! poetry! lmmfao!)

Those 2 (and that’s all they’ll ever be #2’s, and not near any man i’ve ever loved. they askin to die if they fuck with my life) hoes, did their very best to make me look crazy, and to isolate me from everything i’ve ever loved. Including, human beings.

And some of ya’ll, supported it. And tried to make me look, like the devil.

When, in fact, it’s the opposite.



Tryna fuck with men in my life, tryna fuck with my art (poetry — is me!), tryna fuck with my fam (you nasty whore!! Jessica Moore!! you thought you were gonna sleep with my dad? That nigga would KILL you lmmfao!) — you failed. Miserably. And now you are going to do what you are told. Where is King’s father? He’s a much — better — parent than Jessica Moore (facts!), and where is Dream’s?

Ya’ll need jobs hoes!! No one is funding your “art” off other people’s pain. You write a book of poetry you *wire headed heathen* (so accurate!) it better be about your body! (No one help her. That bitch gonna write her own poems, all by herself). You make a film? It better not be about nobody else who was murdered. It better be your life story!!

You want money? It’s gonna be — clean! — money!

No compromise!

The bottom line is this. America, the nation, needs to get its shit together. And Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore need to make restorative justice, face to face. You two hoes!! ain’t damaging no moore (hashtag! #nomoore lmao!) men in hip hop! They’ve suffered enough! Ya dumb whores!!

No one gives a fuck about a poetry reading or a film. *side eye*

Let me help ya’ll to sociopaths!! out!

This is not “art”. Art is not enough!

Bipolar people smh.

Jeff Sessions? Is Jeremy Simms.

tougher sentences for what? super capitalism? welcome to everybody in america. *side eye* you have to — teach — that super capitalism is not a solution.

and, you supposed to be doing something — great! — for the world!

monsanto!! go after them! *the raaaaaaage*. i don’t even see, how your farmin ass can ignore it? i mean really?

do you realize what is happening to our food?! globally!

lol! omg! *look of complete disgust!*

you need some rap in your life — jefferson sessions!

do you see how all the cattle aren’t the same genetically cloned cattle? and they’re not all standing 6 feet deep in their own feces? yeah. that. (that dude sittin on the tire? is the one who runnin that shit. he bipolar brazy, and probably is the one who listens to the most rap music. he’s cute! nice body! lmao!)


AG Jeff Sessions‏ @USAGSessions 3h3 hours ago

AG Jeff Sessions Retweeted Dylan Byers

Looking on the spouse’s phone is not a crime (there is no expected right to privacy); leaking classified information is a crime.

AG Jeff Sessions added.

that’s true. donald trump should not be leaking information. YG? checkin his girl’s phone, cuz it rang rang in front of his face and the name was ‘don’t answer’, is criminal. in my book. for her!!

“where you goin YG?”

“ ‘don’t answer’, that’s where i’m goin.” lmmfao!

cuz, if the roles were reversed, and that was his phone?

he’d be — dead!!


ummmm…okay. your wife looks like she run shit in that house! lmmfao!

ya’ll been married a really long time! congratulations jefferson sessions! can i come over, for some non gmo, vegetarian food? lmao! (why you wearing red, huh? lol!)

(wow. those look like the type of old white people i would actually have dinner with. wtf?! lmao!)

jessica moore’s son? is not autistic. he’s abused. by her. i know the difference between a kid on the spectrum, and a child who needs to be out of an unhealthy environment, and have a relationship — with his dad.

jessica moore’s son, is abused. not — on the spectum. he’s a very well rounded child. he knows how to do for self, when she can’t be bothered to do a damn thing, but promote him for her needs.

that little boy, does — EVERYTHING!

he needs, his dad ya’ll. he’s a kid. it’s not his responsibilty to “take care of” his “mommy” dearest.

imma tell this to talib, one more time. cuz jessica moore, is on ya dick — again. using, k. valentine.

you don’t get your shit correct? and put that hoe!! in check?

everyone comin after your head. that’s it. there is no compromise. lose your pride. jessica moore. has restorative justice — work! — in, Newark!

This is wild.

Jeff Sessions? Grew up in an extremely racist household.

And did not conform.

😞 it’s okay. Do what you feel is — correct!

As the attorney general of the United States. Having, read it all.

We only doing restorative justice. Sign the order. That both those hoes!! Will make it!

Restorative justice!

You look like a deer, caught in headlights. And even though everybody else doesn’t know it.

You are not a racist.

I know it. You like the white kid, in,

*roll of thunder, hear my cry*


(Have you read it?)

Are you — Jeremy Simms?



oh, if you a punk ass bitch, jefferson sessions. who needs like the police, fbi, cia, kgb, extraterrestrial life force, for you to meet — me — one on one — no guns allowed. you really need to fall back. you will look like a total bitch!! if you go out on — me! lmmfao!

you need to go after — monsanto!!

that’s your passion!

i think the niggaz outside my crib? know what’s happenin. *shock!*

I’M A PROUD PATRIOTIC — WE WILL BE THE LEADERS IN WORLD CLIMATE CHANGE! — AND GIVING BACK! CUZ WE RICH LIKE THAT! (which jefferson sessions knows all about. cuz he from the poor rural south, and those heads? give back more than you rich people!!



now what? *side eye*)



Ivanka is all over that! Donald Trump is getting calmer and calmer. Watching your ass, and Jessica Moore’s ass — get— ROASTED!!

(and ya fucked up. cuz the lololololololololololoL, is — your sociopathic ass!! doing — prison culture — from london — on twitter.

biaaaaaatch! lmmfao!)



wow. a jefferson sessions — tweet! in the present century! lmmfao!

Interesting that @SenSchumer thought that Obama’s DOJ can investigate themselves on Hillary, IRS abuses and Fast & Furious.

i’m the fast and furious in this bitch! (did you watch that movie? me as well! i had to smoke something, to get through it! purple haze! that movie is boring!! lmmfao! my dominican boyfriend wanted to see that dumb ass movie!! with spanish subtitles! and i was like, fine. but you washin ALL the dishes! and moppin the floors! lmmfao!)

(oh yeah, Dream Hampton think she playin me. Jefferson Sessions. She is not. That hoe!! gonna make restorative justice with her Care Less “friend”!! “By any means necessary” ! Ya heard! [thank you, for your help! they sociopaths!! really!])

Jefferson (el salvador’s most popular boy name. Jefferson Saul. Jefferson Miguel. Jefferson Arnelio. Jefferson Yeison…I mean, fuckin really?! lol!), Sessions (translation, you need a session. which is african american vernacular, for smokin some erb! in a non gmo bucolic field of wheat! lol! like you never smoked no marijuana. *side muthafuckin eye*

you. do. not. fool. me! chill the fuck out! you wanna see me one — on — one. you already know i’ll whoop yo ass! lmao!)


never forget to smile! (the only person on the planet that i’m afraid of? is my dad! he’s the best! lmmfao!)

he bought me my first record, on vinyl. and made me a hip hop fan! “erica, you have to hear — this!*

i am #1. (ya’ll know who this mixed black chic is. I LOVE HIP HOP!) — ridin!

*Newsflash* FJ and Ivanka? They like super black “black” lol people.

Hardcore feminists.

That makes me very happy! 😍😍

They should link up for dranks/drinks. Lol

(Ivanka can give FJ all her healthy hippie “liberal” food eating tips! And FJ can be all “conservative” like guuuuuuurl, let me tell you bout… Lmmfao!)



There are many, many more. Full online evaluation system. Mandatory professional development. Unannounced observations. Detailed feedback from supervisors. A system of checks and balances so that officers who feel they are being unjustly targeted (black and brown officers especially) receive due process. And mandatory training in dealing with mental health issues. It’s a start.

Sandra Bland has never gotten justice either. She was suffering from a mental illness. That police officers were not trained to handle. At all. There needs to be an investigation reopened into what happened to Sandra Bland in Prison.


We still ridin!


Devin Guilford, a resident of Michigan, flashed his high beams at an oncoming car that turned out to be a police cruiser. He was pulled over, ordered out. He complied with getting on the ground. Somehow, he was shot 7 times. How? 17 years old.

We still ridin!



Aiyana Jones, from the East Side of Detroit was shot in the head, during a police raid. Which makes no sense. How is a child, shot in the head, during a police raid? Who could not see that she is a child. Who did not know prior to entering this little girl’s home, that there were kids there? And what is the protocol when children’s lives could be threatened. Over dumb shit. 7 years old.


We still ridin!


The Department of Justice just opened an investigation into your murder lil homie!


We ridin!


There’s really no going beyond gender Dream Hampton. There is equal rights for people who decide to be whatever gender they choose — transparently — or at least there should be. I don’t know why they would? I think all people should learn to embrace the bodies they were born in. People seem to have real issues with this.

But I’m a two spirit person. Like:

original woman.

So maybe I’m biased. *shrug*

(Linked with Jessica Moore — so ya’ll can take 2nd or 3rd class flights to Newark?)

Black peoples the funniest people on the planet! I am so happy I am 1/2 you, depending on any given context at any time, and by the second. In someone else’s estimation, anyway. To me? I’m me. Mixed black. And unashamed of it. The only people who do not care, at all, about this? Are black people. Like, Ya’ll niggaz stoopid! Leave that girl alone! Let her do what the fuck she wants! She ain’t hurtin no one! She bout to put that shit on YG! That nigga the one that gonna be hurtin!

That bitch ain’t got no dick since Adam and Eve!


Um, Pac? I’m not moving backwards lil homie! Lol I’m moving forwards. I don’t go back to men who abused me. But I will stand up for them. Because I understand that they know they made huge mistakes. And because we actually had love — real love — they are forgiven. They all know that feeling. They will not abandon me again. They will hold their positions. Because I’m a good teacher. And they “listen”.

Stay up homie!

There are millions of people waiting for Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore. Dream Hampton should feel free to fly back into the United States, without any repercussions. And go to Newark. Jessica Moore’s already in the United States, so that shouldn’t be hard.

Should they not. I will. It must be a direct — personal — request.

I’m loyal like that. I don’t abandon struggling human beings.

I have compassion, empathy, and most importantly —


I know that feeeeeeeling!


I think that people who Care Less, not Care Moore, about withholding information that could prevent damage to all Americans and to human beings — Globally — Should be required to make restorative justice, Paul Ryan. I think people have had enough. And want healing. All over the world. And I think you, are the best option for this to happen. Working bipartisanly. And I like your character. Generally speaking. I think that you are a good human being. And a really good dad!

And I saw what you did, online. And I know that you actually love US.

I know you’re in a very tough position. Stay up!


Thank you!

Have a good time in Boston, Talib. Link! — With them! — I’m all set!


A hugely diverse and beautifully accepting of everybody crew. My homie, catch wreck, knows Chuck D as well. He was my first interview, ever! Very good human beings!

He happens to be mixed black, and totally unashamed of this — fact! Lol


YG, thank you, love! You are…









IvankaTrump, get em girl! 😘

(Okay, I’m taking a break)

Meechonmars was in high school! I had a conversation with my girl about his funny ass! She was like, he’s old! I was like, that boy is in high school! I know a boy in high school from a man who’s 27! Lmao! (He is hilarious! He would have driven me brazy!In the BEst way!)


congratulations to your mama! Don’t be stressin her out! 😒

Abriviated, I’ll try and help you. FJ, 😳, she wishes you hadn’t blocked her. 😢

Um, cold blooded! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Misssbri_ “if yo work wife be cookin for you, make sure that hoe know to send me a plate home too. Tf.”


We are preventing these things, lady! 😘 If yo ass has a “work wife” with me? You can expect to have a non working penis. Lmmfao!

Fresh_logic is stoopid!


These men are so damaged! And funny!

Humble_slim “after sex she just throws your romper over to you and says ‘your uber here’.”


Chi_chi knows “niggas really be goin in the pussy with no foreplay. Just spit and hope”


Never! Lmmfao!

Karnythia, I didn’t know TI was verbally abusing and intimidating Tiny. 😳 Mostly cuz, I don’t watch tv. But if that is what has happened? She has a right to leave. That’s a really good reason to leave a man. It’s not like she’s been lying on, cheating on, or stealing from him. 😞 I want her to give him one more chance. But I understand if she can’t. And why. 😩 He doesn’t want a divorce. He better do everything in his power, to keep her. Smh. She’s an empress!

That’s kind of odd that ya’ll are all jones’. What are ya’ll the pre-Baraka clique?!


B_t_jones is reporting that there’s been [yet] another case of female genital mutilation, this time in Michigan, and he wants to know where all the feminists are for that? HERE! We don’t do that!

Paper_jones is reporting that Kendrick Lamar is triggering feminists with his new joint… “be humble”. That’s really nice of him. If I were him, at this moment? I would be like — “fuck bitches, get money!” — biggie! Lmao!

Justblaze, you mad about that romper shit huh? Personally, I think it’s kinda cute. You bout to break out your one piece aviation suit and shut em all down homie? Lmao!

Shook_Jones that is damn good question! “What are we doing?!!!!” “Scientists find 38 million pieces of trash on pacific island” smdh (your daughter is so cute! That’s me and my dad when I was little! I was always on that niggaz shoulders! Lol!)

Killermike ! Omg! Word homie! Imma quote you directly! That shit is sooooooo funny! “I would say ‘fuk ya mama’ but ya bum ass dad made that mistake and we got your crybaby ass instead of an abortion. U the reason I’m pro choice.”


Tell shana I said whussup!

BradnitzWSB, damn! It’s hot a hell in ATL! I hope my homies are stayin hydrated! Water! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

NefertitiWSB, that’s the best news I’ve heard about a police officer since I looked at twitter! Thanks for the retweet. Damn! Not many people would do that. I might. It’s a kid! Lol! (Donating a kidney to a sick boy she just met.)

Serius_jones, yes, definitely! Feminists get upset with other women who call themselves feminists. But in praxis? Are not feminists at all. Feminists seek equality between all men and women, and justice for marginalized human beings across the planet.

Afolfjones6, lol! I think you are misdirected about feminists. But you right about spending a month in Afghanistan. Unless you were me? You probably would not want to meet up with any ISIS niggaz. I would tell them my story. And they would be like oh shit. She’s an empress! Lol!

erinpappas, thanks for the retweet. this is true! playing by the rules when the rulebook has been shred? a big no! and a 🖕🏻🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏾🖕🏿 you! lol! via, ezlusztig.

sumayamumin i’m really proud of you! especially because i know what your family had to do to be in america. so you could live your life as a free woman [from whatever tribe *rolled eyes* lmao!]. happy graduation quruxely! (excuse the spelling, which doesn’t matter as much in somali as it does in English, because Somali is first — an oral language :) )

i don’t feel like my life is horrific lol i’ve been blessed to have people who love me. lifelong friends and family. folks who miss me when i’m gone. kids who care about me, a lot. and remember me as adults. thank me for being part of their lives. and the lessons i taught. a wide diversity of kids from all walks of life. on the contrary, i think some of ya’ll have lived very horrific lives. anybody who goes around damaging other human beings for some money and some fame? must be very internally tortured. and struggling with their own consciences.

i don’t have that problem. because that’s not me. i certainly have flaws. but they’re nothing like that. the harshest flaws your gonna get from me are some engraged angry words about who you actually are, as a human being. and a good old fashioned black ass whoopin! for fuckin with me, or people I love, cuz you think you can get away with that shit. *newsflash!* you can’t!

restorative justice!

taking a little break, nothing’s changed, restorative justice for Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore. i’ll check the list of abusers a little later. i would love to be able to explain this craziness!! to my father, in entirety. and how my love for other human beings, will not allow me to turn a blind eye to intentional damage caused to those humans. but he won’t understand why anybody would make the choice to try and harm me. my friends and fam know, i’m a really good human being. and i love hip hop. that much.

(and i am mixed black. i did not vote for donald trump. i don’t deny any parts of who i am. i embrace them all — without shame.)

akamami wow! i will read this this afternoon. this is deep! thank you for sharing! https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/06/lolas-story/524490/

jsoabove, i’m so glad you get to sleep. when you are fighting abuse, that gets hard. get some zzzz’s in for me! much love!

iamkyrobinson, you don’t have to be ashamed of anything you write when you are manic. especially if it’s honest, and from your heart! mania is exacerbated by highly abusive situations and people. like a lot of mental exceptionalities. it’s super creativity. and 3rd eye vision as you know. it’s a gift as well. write through it! much love! stay up!

kymalibu, thank you! same to you love!

sarahkendzior, this woman’s work is so informative and necessary! thank you so much for honest unbiased journalism! facts! lol!

qnnkng, animals are so healthy for humans. they should be a tax write off. anyone who has a pet and loves it, treats him/her like part of the fam. it’s very healthy for children to grow up with a pet. you can really tell the difference in their levels of empathy and compassion for other living beings.

elfmamakate, this is true. ivanka is donald trump’s moderating influence. and stability. he’s a got a great daughter. loyal.

prestonmitchum, i’m sorry you feel that all men suck. since you’re a man. :-( if you know that? you can change it. much love!

youngsfester lol daddy crush Wednesday! beautiful baby!

jalendominique, handsome! lol great advice! thank you!

student activism, so true, about dialog in isolation. forced isolation. that’s changing this summer! healing hugs! yeah! thank you!

umairh great advice! stay up!

forrevolution, you are a beautiful photographer! those babies are sooooooo cute! lmao! that, will make you happy! healthy babies! thank you!

artbyvenus, beautiful work! mania’s hard! fight through it! stay up sis!

thenewthinkerr i hear you. we also had malcolm and martin and prince hall and frederick and harriet for a quick minute. the first school to educate black children. a shitload of abolitionists. but when i was growing up, i was forbidden to go to south boston, or charlestown. very very racist, very very dangerous neighborhoods for black and brown people. that’s changing. lol! trod on homie! lol!

jarulag i am rollin! (you must be bipolar! lmao!)

no trans people associated with prison culture (aka Dream Hampton), sorry. *shrug*

Hey, halfatlanta ! nice work! ;)

TennilleNAllen great job mom! tell your son Ms. M said what’s good lil homie! lol

Felonious_Munk. You have such a beautiful family! Thank you for being such a loyal man and excellent dad!

missnomam i see you sis! stay up!

Tiffanyrj agreed! electorcuting gay people? never! lol!

Hey Kellymacc! Right on! lol!

Dr.rubidium! So funny! Lol!

Arianna_Planey this true. Democrats and republicans got issues. My preference? Green Party Libertarian ticket. Lol “fringe” *shrug*

Lilchocodonut, me as well. Lover of all the righteous!

Eaj420 I’m angry as well! Smoke a fatty for me. I’m out of herb. Lol!

Dezclichy good points! alasiri nzuri!

(Ya’ll made me take a sick day for this. Lol “self care” lol)

Good morning suzyhobbsbaker! Ditto on that last tweet! Lol

Thank you imaniroselle! I like your makeup! Lol

My dominican ex is not HIV positive. Lol He just misses me cuz i’m that dope! he has a beautiful healthy family I didn’t know about. And I don’t go out on disenfranchised women — ties have to be cut correctly. I don’t do: liars, cheaters, stealers. He discriminates against no one. But loves pussy. He’s Dominican. Aguacate is a staple. Lol!

Blackamazon lol! My Somali ex is not HIV positive lol. He has beautiful, healthy, mixed black family. 😊

missangeladavis (*side eye* lol)! good morning! when your daughter gets home from school, give her a hug for me! protect yourself sis! your friend infects men, intentionally, that has implications — for your daughter.

Sunfire2109! you rock! lol!

Thank you genzerofdade! lol!

Thank you thoneycombs!

Good morning FJ! Give G a big hug for me when he gets home from school please. Thank you!

You’re welcome Linda Sarsour. Much love!

have a good evening! kids in a few hours! much love hip hop! i will never abandon — ya’ll! (clarity: i don’t support Donald Trump. I didn’t vote for him. I voted for the Green Party. Jill Stein. I support Ivanka Trump. Because the reality is? This is what Dream Hampton — created. Supported by Jessica Moore. For being jealous. Over men, I’ve loved. They don’t know what love is. They have proved this by spreading HIV all through hip hop. It’s an illness. Sociopathy. Restorative Justice. No compromise.)

(It does not matter if Donald Trump is impeached, or not. It remains the same. Restorative Justice. Face 2 Face. In Newark.)

even wall street knows they’ve gone crazy!! making money is one thing! destroying the entire planet and all the living human beings on it? doesn’t make any sense!! what the hell is money gonna do, if we all — dead!!



baby steps.

ivanka trump is a very strong woman! she’s gettin hit, on all sides. ivanka trump, is not a racist. at all. she understands human biodiversity. it’s impossible to get rid of, white people! you have to kill black people! all of US! and then, there are no more people!

all the mitochondrial dna needed to create humanity? is on the continent of africa.

it is the most — diverse — continent, on the planet!

ya’ll are crazy!! and donald trump? is super bipolar! he need to stop making black and brown women wear — red. that shit don’t make no sense!! slavery’s over for these “amazing people” — donald trump.

baby steps ya’ll. help! not harm!!


YG is so funny! that nigga like, damn! this jerkin off shit! i’m over here waitin on — erica. i gotta do — somethin! look at some ass!! *pop it [bitch]!! shake it!!* here, here’s 4hunnid!

i ain’t hittin none of that!! great to look at!! i don’t know how those hoes!! be livin. lmmfao!

*gangsta!* you gotta listen, when a good teacher “speaks”.

i love YG, for going on tour. with Kendrick Lamar *tears*.

he is such a — good! — human being. i just want to hug his mama.

and him!

i want to hug him! for like 7 hours. lmao! with nobody watching. lol!

(it’s okay Kendrick. you’re not alone. you will never be left alone. because you loved a woman, who didn’t love you back.

she’s a sociopath!!

like Jessica Moore!!

Dream Hampton !!)

(don’t pimp no more butterflies. lmao! okay? and smile! everything’s gonna be okay.)

Donald Trump need a restorative justice circle, with ISIS. damaged men. like, him. i have a lot of empathy for Donald Trump. he was an abused boy. who loved hip hop. and was excluded, from the culture. at the same time, he needs to do the right thing, by good women and men. all races. globally. and jeff sessions. is not listening. like he should be. to the president.

paul ryan, can help with that. because paul ryan, is a pragmatic capitalist. like i am. he believes that wall street went crazy!! walmart. monsanto. big banks robbing the average american. who — WORKS! SLAVE LABOR! just fuckin up the environment. and humans, globally. paul ryan knows that no petty ass drug dealers are to blame — for drugs.

and no one wants US, to turn into venezuela or cuba (which has racism, contrary to popular bucolic images. and discriminates — heavily — against cuban women. not privileged American ones. like Dream Hampton!! *tourists*)

ain’t no black or white people struggling, saying *fuck the money*. we work slave labor jobs. for everything — we — have.

we’re all on the same team. ISIS. we all want full equality.

stop killing women.

everyone knows, you’re in pain. me as well.

that’s what happens when you are a loyal, faithful, one man only woman. you keep your body covered. you cannot be bought. your have principles and self respect. and they try to turn you into them.

and they harm you. to make money off of you. for no reason. but money. and throw dirt on your name. and turn you into someone you are not.

you’re better than that. damaged men. i understand. i’ve been damaged, badly, by men. who should have treated me like the EMPRESS i am. from the very beginning.

because i don’t lie, cheat, or steal from men or women. i support them. kids. so that they do not turn into these twitter hoes!!


your father, trudy, is the revolutionary. whatever “beef” you have with men? go talk to your dad. doesn’t he have a garden? kale? lol

when i tell you that “prison culture” is not something you should support, because it is Dream Hampton, making “social justice activist” money, off some dumb ass Americans. US. who are always complaining about the country they live in. and capitalism. while she’s in london, capitalizing, letting you know,

“the US deserves what it’s getting” — Dream Hampton.

don’t worry about any fucked up commas. bougie bitches!! I'm passionately — writing for free !— to help! not harm!! you. it’s not about the money.

not harm!! you! like you — did to me!

how we deal with race? listen to the lyrics. we don’t do race. we do character. like true rastas. you learn that, when you are with true rastas. in a likkle london. age 12. “tourism”. in jamaica.

dedicating songs to my crush! stay strong, love!

Clint, save yourselves. like, all alone. like — fight! (remember all that empathy you had, fellow cc poet? for Dream Hampton. who just told ya’ll, the US deserves what it’s getting?)

fight! like a real revolutionary! lmmfao!

welcome to the club, of fear. ex club. you’ll get over it. in, like, 3 or 4 years. you’ll become, totally fearless. if you live. you won’t feel the need to run, “everywhere”. london? and can survive — all alone. which you cannot. you have to retweet other people’s accolades. from being, hypervisible. which you “hate”, like most things that you have no “range” to understand (she invented that word, ya’ll). you are nowhere near as strong as me. not even close. and your writing is not that special. it’s regular. you don’t “have the range”, not even in cooking all that junky food.

yes. we’re “truding” not “trolling”. lmao! (that was a good one! lmao!) wasn’t me though. someone else deserves credit for making you hypervisible. the way you don’t want to be. until you get happy about it. gotcha uber *** lmao! (i’ve never written to you on anonymous cats, or whatever that is. you don’t even like cats. you just exploit shit. I've learned, from the best!! while “truding”, like — you. because you’re so smart. and no one else in the world, can do — what you do.)

“me: black women.

them: kale?”

i think you meant

me: kale

them: black women?


(kale is an excellent source of chlorophyll.)

sex work tricky, huh? niggaz will steal your naked picture and post it to promote they shit. that’s hyper exploitation. they don’t care. cuz you show no respect for yourself. and a lot of times, no respect for other human beings. retweeting your words? and selectively commenting? that’s just, twitter.

self care trudy: it looks like, just telling your story. exercise, more than your fingers and lifting that alcohol to your lips. sit in the sun. ah…all that vitamin e. (no, i’m not paying you shit. the sun, is free.)

you deserve what you’re getting. that’s what the “artist” says. the artist you support. the other one don’t care either. she’s “everywhere”. and nowhere. can’t you read? no third eye vision? exactly. there’s nothing exceptional about you. no “disability”, but bougie elitist privilege. (i respond to what i want. like you do. i’m just not shady about it. i’ll say your name.)

“the US deserves whatever it’s getting” — Dream Hampton.

yes. that includes all you disenfranchised struggling black and brown people. from the hood. that’s jessica Care moore’s, girl. they go waaaaaay back. lol!

isn’t it lovely. when people are privileged enough to just get up and — leave. off all that “hip hop has nothing to offer me” and “social justice activist” money. lmao!

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