i think dream hampton, and jessica care moore? (number one hoes in hip hop? number 2? number 3? smh) should check themselves into psyche wards. and get serious intensive therapy. like donald trump needs, because donald trump is bipolar. i think they’re sociopathic. and have very little feeling. it explains how they can use and abuse men, and women, and not have any remorse. or the ability to give a real apology.

i say this, with compassion. as i’m bipolar. and have been to a psyche ward before. i checked myself in. because i knew i needed help.

any woman fucking her way through hip hop. intentionally isolating her child from his/her father, abusing marginalized people (and getting her “friend’s” in on the action), stealing people’s ideas for “social activist” art? — is a very sick woman. and needs help. and a break from online — where they continue to stir up shit. in their anger and hatred.

help, that twitter cannot provide.

(talib? relax. you’re gonna be alright. just chill out. i know it’s rough. but do not be encouraged to keep attacking people. it’s counterproductive. and stay away from jessica care moore. she is not healthy for you. she needs help, talib. she’s a very abusive woman. just like her friend, who slammed you on twitter, dream hampton.)

(i’m taking an online break. thank you so much, all of you excellent human beings — on twitter , active and non active users of that platform — who i love, like feminista jones [who has to be the best therapist on twitter lol], trudy [who is an awesome writer], zahira kelly [who is a super talented artist and entrepreneur], suheir hammed [who “will not dance to your war drum” :)], taj anwar [who understands mental differences and does not isolate or abuse people because of them. in fact, quite the opposite], and mahogany browne and avery young and danez smith and saeed jones and morgan parker and jonterri gadson…[who i actually know. and who’s poetry moves my soul] and deray mckesson [who is an excellent teacher and knows what inclusion means], and ivanka trump [thanks sis!] among others…there are lots of you! for all you do, and are doing! i love you all! so much!)

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