“I just need a lil time baby. Check up on my line baby. All the time baby. Oh ohh” — future, ft. YG.

Don’t worry baby. It’s normal behavior that women think for men — in the regular. It’s why ya’ll fear us so much. Cuz men’s brains? Don’t do as good a job of multitasking.

Women’s brains are more developed.

It’s not your fault love. Just be aware.


When First Lady Laura Bush is like, you did not listen!

But you will now!

Paint pictures!


Hand over the money!

Planned Parenthood? If you touch a single thing that has to do with women’s full comprehensive healthcare? And open your mouth about anything without running it by me.

Cuz yo ass DON’T READ! Lmmfao!

Your — life! — will end.

I know I look very friendly.

But, try me. Just, try me.


You niggaz have ZERO clue how to multitask and make the world a better place for ALL humanity! 2 many HOES!!

Men and Women.

Ya’ll a bunch of unevolved bonobos!!

Go back to the fuckin jungle!! And take all your hoes!! Wit you!!

When Ben Shapiro gets that tough woman lesson.

Like, 2 kids??


That’s it?

Well. Imma be blessed. Because my wife —


Runs all this shit!

And I just found out? She supports planned parenthood.



When you were SO SATISFIED wit yo poor ass man. But he wanted pigeons to make some money. And didn’t want to build real shit with you — exclusively.


I know black women who work — so fuckin hard! Abused, abandoned, neglected, who would never cheat on they man!

Hold a nigga down through thick and thin!

Get beaten by some bum, left in an alley, can’t get her job back cuz her peripheral vision is all fucked up. And she drives a bus. Lickin super overtime hours! And is trying — every single fuckin day! To make sure her daughters and one son?

Are super highly educated. Booty shorts and some side hoeing for some nigga?


And those kids? Are really intelligent.


I would know! She was one of my kids! Lmmfao!

It also works like this.

I never even get to see my baby because I’m always working to support my family and some more niggaz families. And this hoe has no education and no job!

I pay for everything! She don’t contribute jack shit to this household but pussy, makeup, clothing, tats, a fat ass, her art on the walls. And cooks the food — I bought.

While, cheating on me!



What kind of “collab”? There are different kinds. There’s collabs like, oh! You my man’s homies? Great! I hope ya’ll got some girlfriends I can chill wit.

And then there’s the “other” collab.


Let all black people never forget this fact.

Fine ass Emmett Till, was feeling, heavy, a very pretty white woman. With outward, grace and class. In heels, and a proper dress, with her hair done correctly. Like a “lady”.

And she was feelin him as well.

That’s why he was brutally tortured and murdered by her husband and his kkk buddies. Because how dare, a “proper” white lady in makeup, heels, hair and nails perfect, ever cheat on her white husband.

With a black man.

She was a hoe!! She was probably cheating on her husband? Constantly. And race? Was the tipping point.

What she should have said, was,

I am a married woman. You might not have known that. But now you do. Never disrespect a —


I’ll whoop yo little black ass myself. I don’t need my husband’s help.


I’m sorry Nipsey. Doing the best I can not to be triggered by these hoes and their supporters. But I love young black and brown men and women.

I’m a teacher! In the hood! Lol!

So it’s very difficult.

They were trying to fuck with every man I’ve ever cared about/loved. Including members of my family. So that I would have to watch as more black and brown men who cannot keep their dicks in their pants. Die. Of AIDS.

When men see a big butt, a pretty made up face, a nice smile?

If they are CIS black men.

They loose their minds.

Stop focusing on superficialities. Ask if the chic has ever had a job. Ask if her children have fathers? Ask how many men/ husbands she’s had. Ask!

Don’t just stick your dick in. Raw!! 😷😷And do research after. Ask your boys if they’ve hit it.

If your boys are fuckin your girl? 😳

Stay away from that whore!!

Luckily. My dad knows how to keep his dick in his pants. Now. My Somali ex listens when the best teachers write to them personally and directly. As well as their wives. And my Dominican ex with his cheating ass. I have now got on lock with his wife , and some seriously enraged Dominican women with machetes, as his shield of protection.

The best women go to bat to protect black men. Thank you for starting the process of protecting us.

It causes devastating heartbreak when they treat us like shit. For some stupid ass uneducated pigeon brained bitches!! Who have nothing to offer, but pussy, soap operas, stolen art, social justice activist money off black and brown death and destruction, and more neglected babies. 😡

FYI: abortion is not birth control. It’s a woman’s right! But if you’ve had 7+?

You need to get your tube tied. Or just, stop fuckin everyone. 😷😷

Get one of these. So you can put it in both holes at once. Just like you like it. Wit ya


If they were beheaded for their crimes against humanity.

Things would be much easier.

Workin on it!

Tell your mixed black jewish girlfriend I said hello!

Drinks? Me! Beyoncé! Solange (I won’t have on heels though. As you learned. Those weren’t very effective tryna whoop jay z’s ass. Nor, was the dress! Nor was, in addition to pussy, some DL dicks) Mor! And YG’s mama?

Exactly “dreamy” hoe!! Skank whore!! All you and Jessica have ever been. All you ever will be.

Stay away from men in hip hop and reggae — completely!

Laverne COX! And she ain’t got no HIV she spreading globally cuz she has a *drumroll*

JOB! And is not out here — hoeing!! or making “social justice activist” money off the murders of black and brown human beings— like you and Jessikkka for the last 25 fuckin years!!

Spreading HIV. Posing as social justice activists. Along with your crew of HIV spreading whores!!

And no, you cannot take your — actions — back. All you can do is keep your legs closed/use female condoms.


Not Janet MOCK!! Who the fuck you think you mockin? Hoe!! (Who’s your HIV positive friend. Just like the one in your stolen documentary.)

YG thinks cops who kill black peoples need to be beheaded!

I think black women and men who intentionally spread HIV to innocent humans need to be beheaded!


Black man! Mixed black woman!

Same team!

#squad !

YG’s mama is so fuuuuuuuny!

She got herself a microphone. For karaoke!


She must like Ivanka as well. Wit that pink. 🙃

There are a lot of chics from the hood who like Ivanka Trump. FYI.

There are a couple of women on twitter who are sooooooo concerned about my love for YG.

They like, that nigga is a walking red flag.

And I would say the EXACT same thing.

If, it wasn’t for

Who already knows? Much more than he thinks she does.

All he needs to do? Is ask his

— mother —

Since she is a WOMAN! A real biological woman! As is evidenced from the birth of 3 children out her own REAL VAGINA! Lol

(Now he’s really gonna be mad. Like, damn! Why you talkin bout my mama like that? 😡 you said she has a real vagina! And some other shit inside of her. No she does not! She’s my MAMA! Biaaaaaaatch!


about early childhood development.

Since she’s EDUCATED in this.


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