Nah. That ain’t me. I’m very comfortable eating alone. On my own money. I don’t even beg anybody to please let me stay with them. Very independent. I don’t like to infringe on other people’s shit. Or ask for much. It makes me uncomfortable. Cuz of all you hoes, niggaz nowadays think if they buy you a slurpy that =’s pussy. 😒

I think you mean anyone, anywhere.

“You don’t really love me. It’s my lifestyle. It’s my lifestyle.” Lmao!


Maybe if you ask her nicely? She’ll buy you a slice of pizza on the train? Cuz we know you ain’t got no job to get a ride.


I do both. But I must admit. This king sized hotel bed is hard as shit!! I wanted, so bad to stay in that lesbian black woman’s beautiful crib. Her bed was comfy as shit! But, she was in such high demand? I couldn’t. 😔

I will definitely stay at her spot again!


Wtf?! Lmao!

Whoopi tired of Deray as well? I don’t blame her. That nigga is annoying as fuck!! If I had to hear his voice for more than ten minutes and I had been one of his students? I would have had to throw a chair at his head. Like, 🙄🙄 get me out of this class! None of those kids liked his ass. I ain’t seen one pic of any kid telling him how much they love him.

That’s? Ms. M.

(Oh shit! The planet of the apes costume designers put those niggaz in blue vests?

That shit is hilarious! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

They tired of him and his bonobo ass.)

*disclaimer! Not all black people act like this! Some of us are actually…belibate! Lol!*

There are no nude photos of me to distribute, Deray of sun.

But I do have a couple penis pics. From a couple niggaz who made them seem much larger than they is.

You wouldn’t happen to be another man who’s insecure about his dick?

Don’t worry about the size. Worry about wrapping it.


(They need red packaging for Deray’s dick. Faking the funk in that blue vest. That nigga betta stop worrying about betraying his heart. And start worrying about betraying someone’s bootyhole. Oh, I forgot. He’s a bottom bitch. Bmore nigga! Switch positions! Lmao!)

Podsave the kids from Deray’s dick!! Kids are people as well you know! What kinda education you tryna give to these young rap niggaz. Better not be no unshielded dick. Ya heard? Good. Listen when your mentor teacher is “speaking”. Cuz the math on how many dicks have been in your booty got that shit on: pi!

That’s 3.14…inches in circumference. Anybody got yoni balls for booty holes?


Goodnight ya’ll. Just gotta put these lil youngins in check real quick.

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