I must be her. She’s got on a one piece. And no booty. Lol!

But she has no Afro puff or kinky curls or locks. Her hair’s colored a deep red. And she’s white. I’m brown.

Chillin wit some bloods and crips! Lol!

We talkin bout YG! The Game! Lil Wayne! Lol! And how Venice Beach was once a black and brown community. They holdin on to their property. *shrug* nice guys. Zero — street harassment. Smokin. But I only had 2 hits.

And, *drumroll*!

They know how to swim!

Now, we talkin bout trans and gay men. Who aren’t transparent about their practices. And the pain they cause to women.

Interesting convo. I think imma hit the sack soon. Surfing — ocean — in the morning!

Why is this dude tryna take me to breakfast. Lmao! I’m like, no thank you. I pay for my own food. That’s my regular m.o. But thank you!

I gotta really feel you — heavy — for a man to pay for me. And I had a little trouble understanding what he was saying. Because black people from LA have a southern drawl. But pronounce words slowly. Like they Mexicans. He’s been to Boston. lol!

Oh, nobody stay at *the Los Angeles Adventurer* in Inglewood. They tryna keep black people from renting hotels in they own neighborhood. His boy was tryna get a room for him and this girl last night, (in my head: you mean you nigga 🙄🙄 lol ! and bonobos!! Probably lives with his mama 😒 Lmmfao!) and I’m all, make sure you tell your boy to use condoms! And he’s like that’s like the tenth time you said that shawty. And I’m like yeah well it’s better than the risk. And he’s like: You know dat! I like yo style. I bet you clean as fuck! 😒 Lol)…the short of it? The hotel? You can’t be from California and rent from them. RACISM!! (The real kind cuz I don’t think it’s legal to tell somebody that they can’t rent a hotel room if they from the same state the hotel is in. 😒)

We talked about fetishes, he had to go to the foot doctor in high school a long time ago 🙄, and that nigga almost got kicked in the face cuz that massage was a little too looooong dawg. I mean, nah dawg. Don’t be tryna get hard off my feet.


Little economics. Real Estate. Cost of food and living expenses.

And me being 44. He could not believe it! Like, lemme see your ID! so I showed him. And he was like, that’s cool. You look really good Shawty. You ain’t got on makeup? 🙄🙄 I like your feet.😒


This dude is a vegetarian. He’s too funny!! He’s going to “handle some business” aka marijuana. I’m going to bed. He gave me the digits. 26.


I’m tired of kids. Lol!

Any men over 40 who aren’t hoes? (It’s a joke. I’m just mad at YG for tryna be funny. 😒 Pretending he’s not in love with me. When he’s really like, she’s the best! What an excellent collab! Lol!)


PS: YG and his lil chubby buddy are mean!


That’s all the black white girls on black only twitter. And across platforms. In red trunks. A bikini top (I’m currently rockin wetsuits. I don’t wear bikinis. I don’t have blond hair. And they better not be makin fun of Ivanka Trump. That chic can swim! And she is hardly poor. Lol And is blue. and sad about the state of humanity.)

This chic look like she bout to drown. Lol

Chasing the money.

Not me. I don’t like that lifestyle.

I like the lovestyle.

(I’m just getting to the lobby. I smoked a blunt that I dropped 5 on. He was kinda mad. Cuz he’s like, I really don’t need yo money. I do pretty well for myself. I take care of my mama. And my lil sister. You should really let me take you to eat. I really like you. You mad cool. And I’m like, nah. I’m good. But thank you. I have your #. Currently eating an apple with peanut butter and sunflower seeds on the side. They were in my ride. Which is the exact opposite of that truck he drives. I let him sit in it. Cuz he was curious. He’s like, this is aiight. [about the smartcar] Lol)

Handsome man. Bout 6'1". 175 . With a nice lineup and fade. Red converse. And his socks up to his knees with what looked to be khaki dickies. And an a — line. Very well built. Great teeth

Okay. Really goodnight.

Racism, Talib Kweli, is intentionally fuckin other human beings when you are HIV positive, without a condom. Correct me if I am incorrect. It’s genocide. Against humanity. HUMAN RACISM!!

The most NAZI!! A “black” man could be. Mini Hitler.

No empathy!

And I am a WOMAN! Not a man! DAMN!


(I have to laugh or I will cry at what ya’ll allowed DREAM HAMPTON!! and JESSICA MOORE!! to do. In the name of “art” and hoeing!! Trash ass niggaz!!)

Those are purple trunks. 😒 And there’s no money in the water! Just waves! 😒


I like the ocean better than pools. Pools have lots of chlorine. Salt water is better for ex — Z — ma! And if you have HIV? Probably not that good for your largest organ.

Ex — Z — ma is very common!

I am not Beyoncé! Or Rihanna! I ain’t got a whole bunch of money for skin bleaching creams (facts!) or booty injections (facts!) or weave (facts!) and I don’t want any of that! I am a flawed human being! And I don’t photoshop my body!

I am not hiding karposi sarcomas or whatever, under some long stockings!! That’s bad Dominicana!!

I have ex — Z — ma! And have, since I started smoking cigarettes! At 21! My body doesn’t like them.

And that’s not why I wear jeans. I wear them cuz they are an all American invention. Levi Strauss, the Jew? Although I’m currently rockin 7's.

I wear jeans cuz I like them! I don’t like my body uncovered! Modesty! And I’m not that big a fan, of dresses!!

No man has HIV — from me!

Damn already!

You still got YG thinking — you whores!! — that I’m going around the country intentionally infecting people with hiv!!

I don’t have!

I’m pretty sure I have immunity cuz I was exposed — intentionally. Which is attempted murder. And I’m not pressing charges only cuz that nigga so schizophrenic? He is not mentally competent!

that’s — YA’LL!! Black only HIV positive twitter hoes!! Who are committing — -murder!!


And my Dominican ex is perfectly healthy! He just wasn’t — honest! About his circumstances. And I don’t mess with other people’s men!

I had to let him know… you keep this up? Hoeing!! You will wind up HIV positive!!

And he thanked me profusely for it. In complete anguish. Cuz he’s stuck with an uneducated telenovela chic who wants six kids. And that nigga like

You don’t even have a job! Get a job bitch!!

Bee ERICA! lol!

I scared that niggaz dick straight! Cuz in addition to initial infection.

Reinfection is a quick death sentence.


YG! Do we have to dress up and eat like this?

Can we go have regular “nasty ass pizza”? At a nice spot that isn’t a corporate chain? Or veggie/fish tacos! 😋

I’m kinda hungry. Literally.

But I know you just need some time. All the HIV infecting hoes are counting on you dissing me. Like the other men I’ve loved, when they had not a lot to piss in.

They think that you just used me. For a name, some fame, and some money.

But I know the truth. You don’t think you’re good enough for me.

I’ll be the judge of that. If you treat me like a lady. And not one of many pigeon brained uncreative harem hoes that want to reinfect you with HIV, till you die. Quickly.


I can deal with anything. Really.

Celibacy. Not hoeing!! It never pays, to be a whore!!

Yes. You did.

You lied about me. I am not the girl who begs for pizza on the train. And a friend. I’m the woman who buys pizza for the girl on the train who has no friends. Gives her a hug.

And doesn’t eat.

I’m skinny.

And I’m not drowning. Chasing my money. I’m loving the man who without me, wouldn’t have any.

I don’t think you’re talking about me. I never did. Until I realized Dream Hampton had lied on me.

I chase love. Not money.

I eat one meal a day. I have to save my money. I’m always giving it away to people who need it more than I do.

I just handed 5 bucks to this dude. He’s hungry.

I don’t buy makeup, get my hair and nails done, and buy fancy clothes. I don’t have a link on my blog to pay me for my original truthful words. Not stolen stock photography, and rip off’s of marginalized black women like myself. Mixed black. Facts jack.

And I have never eaten at a table like this:

And would feel very uncomfortable doing so because I would use the “wrong” fork, spoon, and knife. I’m sure.

I DON’T GIVE A FUCK about this trash!! It is irrelevant to me.


I want healing hugs! And the best platinum on the planet because gold is tacky to me. With the perfect rock! From the beach. Cut in a circle. Earth tones only.


My parents come from poverty. My mother a white working class slave labor family in East Orange, New Jersey.

When she got pregnant with a black man’s child. She was asked to make a decision. Have an abortion (which she has had) or never come back home again.

My mother chose poverty, and my older brother, over her parents. My aunt did the same thing.

My mother’s brother married a rich white woman. A democrat. And a Quaker. He’s a republican. They live in coral gables.

My mom inherited money. Because of my great aunt mary. The nun. She had another extremely eccentric, single aunt. Who never got married. She worked — slave labor. And bought property on the jersey shore. When she died and left no will. My aunt Mary, the nun, who lived in poverty all her life, because only priests are allowed to accumulate wealth in the Catholic Church — insisted that my mother get a cut of that money, because she never got anything from her family. Her parents died without ever speaking to her again.

My mother escaped domestic violence with two black sons, and no help, put herself through school,, got an education, a great job, and an excellent husband. Who does not lie to, cheat on, or steal from — my mother.

A million dollars is not a lot of money. It’s gone into other people’s children. Other people’s families.

My mother and father live off their slave labor. Still. Lower middle class.

They have jobs. Just like my mother’s brother. And his wife. They are both professors. They are rich. My family is not.

And Trudy — the HIV spreading hoe!! — needs a job! Like the rich and the poor.

And her disability check — cut off.


I been wide awake for practically — 4 years straight — Mo! I can’t sleep! It’s so hard to sleep as much as Trudy aka The TrudZ does. Because I FEEEEEEEL a lot!

(Beyoncé! Rihanna! Keep your men away from Trudy!! Dream!! Jessica Moore!! And all their followers!!

Men — keep your dicks out of hoes!! I don’t care how good they look. And you are correct!

Ask to start seeing them with no makeup!

Real unbleached faces! Real bodies! Real hair!

Read a story! Jerk off!

Spread the word!

“Salute the truth in the prophesy!” Kendrick Lamar

Pain! Over what Dream Hampton, Jessica Moore, and their hoe Moment HIV spreading followers have done — all over the planet.



In my name!

And I don’t even have HIV!!

Cited! Trudy Ann!! The sociopathic intentional HIV spreading whore!!

That. Is. ALL!

All my — ALL ORIGINAL — poetry, based on the life I’ve actually — LIVED!

Is in a trash bucket — literally! — In Boston!

Because black only women on twitter chose to support a lying cheating stealing mixed black sociopathic whore!! Who called my poetry — trash!

But tried to apply to Cave Canem, many many times. And did not get in.


I just don’t run my mouth on a stage. I sit on the bench. Drink. Smoke. And ask people about THEIR LIVES AND POETRY!

“They should have carved your name in that bench”


Ciara Miller! From complete and utter poverty! In Chicago!

Slave labor!

She is HIV free! She was my fuckin none of you niggaz!

She carries herself?

Like a lady!


And, he’s gonna do it for *drumroll* free! Lol! Because one thing Ben Shapiro is not having? The freedoms that we are guaranteed, compromised by no dumb ass man!! Ben Shapiro does not have respect for stupid people and they pigeon brained hoes!! Singing some dumb ass song like

*i don’t*

To, oh shit! Erica is correct! I love that teacher!

“You don’t really love me! You just wanna fuck me! [RAPE!! Lol]” — YG!


You don’t call your girlfriend “Ms. Carey”. That is your teacher! Lol! And if you call me Ms. M? Outside of bed? I’m whoopin yo ass! You gonna call me yo one and only wife and — hoe!

That child molesting predator was makin YG call her Ms. Carey. All the time!! SOCIOPATH!! 😡 tryna be me!

A butterfly!

Not no damn red wasp!!


Hoes!! writing some dumb ass poem entitled *the black statue of liberty*

When yo HIV spreading to black men ass is MIXED BLACK, and lies — constantly!! — about this fact! Jessica Hoe Moment Moore!!

A sociopath!!

You’re crazy!!

And a super “white” supremacist!!

The black Statue of Liberty was a black on both sides woman in slavery!! Not no mixed black massa’s dick sucking house nigga!!

Slave labor! Hoe!!

And, that’s it! I’m tired of this workin for free shit!! I am Harriet Tubman! And I am crossing right over this —




That’s the only way runaway slaves were able to escape! Water!

give me the babies! I don’t — care — if you’re their mother! These niggaz are sociopaths!! Get ta runnin! Fast!


See: the difference between “white” black people. And REAL black people.

This is Talib Kweli:

(I told you where all the diverse people are who want you to get your ass beat!! BAN TALIB KWELI FROM VENICE BEACH AND THE ENTIRE STATE OF CALIFORNIA! We goin state to state nigga! Till you listen to the teacher!)


Talib Kweli was running to Ferguson to promote his music, running his mouth on a stage with his whore, Jessica care Moore, on the murdered body of Michael Brown. Talib. The nice, educated, upper middle class kid from a two parent, educated black family. And a brooklyn brownstone. Who does not really like white peoples that much. But knows a lot of them. Because he had opportunities other black people don’t have.

This is a REAL black person!

YG, from a single mother struggling, in a ghetto and from the streets. Little access to opportunity. College? Ha! My family gotta eat!

Was turning down 60 g’z to perform one song, on a college campus, like:

*Fuck the money!* for real!

And telling Donald Trump the truth.

“I like white folks, but I don’t like YOU!!”

— YG

(YG gon get the best bonobo pussy in the history of humanity! Watch! [or DON’T! No pictures, films, nothing! Lmmfao!] He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen!

I don’t give a fuck that he is only 27! That nigga more mature than 47 year old men!!

And I am going to marry him and sit on his —

face! Lol

Every other day!


(My father bout to whoop my ass! For being so crass! [but I’m 44 and independent! I’m a —

Free speech! Lmao!)

More white dudes tryna rap.

Ironically. This one’s from…

Boston. Lol The south shore to be exact. He wanted me to come hang out on this rooftop and smoke erb and just talk.

“You are stunningly beautiful”

He’s 21.

He was — shocked!

“Can you show me your ID?”

*hands him my license*

“Omg! You’re the same age as my mom!”


(I look horrible at the moment. Like a homeless kid. I fit right in!)

But, nah.

There are so many struggling and homeless children in Venice Beach.

Poets. Mainly.

I’m currently snacking on 🍍 and 🍓

Z.Nami is not HIV positive. She probably can’t be infected either. Her mother is an askenazi Jew. And some hippie chic who’s married to this autistic dude. She wears turquoise all the time. She’s — strange.

She drives Neshamah crazy!!

I had to school Neshamah on hoe moments. And if she feels the need to have sex. Condoms. Always. I’m pretty sure she has not gotten tested for CCR5 negativity.

“You’re so uptight! Show some cleavage!! Wear some makeup!! Get your hair done!! God!”


Uh uh.


Bougie “white” HIV spreading, lying, cheating, stealing, sociopathic, trash hoe!!





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