Go away Dream Hampton. You’re a mad irritating stalking hoe. Find something productive to do with the remainder of your sloppy ass life. Like, make a movie about yourself. Not other people you’ve fucked over. Not stealing other people’s films. Not linking artists and then saying you produced something. (You have produced nothing of value. Your whole life has been using and abusing other people to big up yourself. You have zero clue what love is. You care, about no one. And you abandon actual struggling people to “do” social justice work for struggling people.) You, are a fraud. You are not me. I did not create you. That was your hoe moment father (hence, why you became a hip hop hoe), and your — white — mother. We are nothing alike. I don’t lie on, cheat on, or steal from other human beings. I had never even heard of you before four years ago. And the only reason I paid any attention to you at all? Is because I got hip to the fact that you and your very small crew of hip hop hoes, were stalking me. For many years. Go watch *underground* and reinactments of slavery. I already know what it’s like to work for free, and to be abused. By hoes like you. I’m all set. If I want to hear about Harriet Tubman? I’ll take my ass to a museum. Walk the freedom trail in Boston. Or watch something educational about her produced by a museum. Or read a book! Which are usually much better than the films anyway. Historical accuracy. Which Dream Hampton and her hoes don’t do. They lie and try to pretend to be other people. Because they are sociopaths. And “I don’t fuck with you.” Big Sean, Detroit! et al.

(No offense to the cast of *underground* but that’s too much trauma. And I’m not a big fan of slavery. For the reasons described above. And because, actual black and brown people were tortured, for 400 plus years. By inhumane white people, and their hoes — who forgot they were slaves as well. I’ve never forgotten. My father reminds me, constantly, of how black people have struggled. And, has taken me to different places on the planet, so that I learned, quite early, it’s dyasporic. But, ya’ll should cast Dream Hampton as the light skinned house nigga who tries selling black people who want freedom, out. She doesn’t even have to act. That’s what the fuck she actually does. And, she needs a job. I have 3. She’s a lazy hoe!! Real “talk”. And everyone knows it. Now, get off twitter, Ms. “I’d say more but I don’t tweet” and reinact getting your ass to Newark. Pretend to be me. Like you’re stealing my life. Because I’ve already been. Three times. And I have not been requested. You, the actual Dream Hampton, who fucks black people over. Yeah you, Ms. “I hate hip hop” have been requested to show the fuck up. Get that outta shape ass running, walking, swimming, something. Just like Harriet Tubman. And her brazy visions of actual — freedom. Not the idea of it.)

(This bitch is mad dumb yo. A cheap washed up hip hop hoe!! Lol! Jay Z? Are you kidding me? Don’t go near that skank again. She need a job homie. I’m pretty sure you know what a slave labor job actually is. Which is why, you were like “fuck this shit”, I’m starting my own business on my own creativity and merits. Like, a “black republican”. Or Paul Ryan lol Or, something. Lol)

Speaking of which:

Hip Hop has risen! You cannot kill a global culture! It just recreates itself into something better! For everyone! Much respect to Nas! (My homie likes you, btw. You are her favorite rapper. And if you want to find a loyal loving fine ass woman with a booty, who’s highly educated, creates her own shit on her own merits, gives back to everybody, and is super healthy. You need to find — her! Killer Mike! and stic.man! Both happily married men with beautiful creative wives, who have actual names! Shana and Afya! Lol Hook it up! What is taking you so long? I said, date! Not sign your entire life over. We know how badly Nas been burned. Hoe shit. Enough “hip hop”!! You’re embarrassing me! With that trash ass nonsensense!! Lol!)

There are some horrid people in the world who should probably never get themselves involved with other people, in any intimate relationship, because they aren’t transparent and aren’t interested in actually being supportive of those people who they are intimately involved with. They truly could care less about other human beings beyond themselves. People are games to them i.e. let’s see what I can get out of this person for the sake of my selfish needs.

It’s like, really horrendous. These heads get married and have no respect for their partners, busy sleeping with everyone everywhere. They have children (through physical procreation with another human being) and act as though those children were not created by two people. They have whole harems of men and women that they rotate through. And it’s all the same people.

So it makes sense when you hear folks say that they never want to be in a relationship. All relationships, beyond friendship, are trash.

I don’t believe that. But I get it. Perfectly. It’s super difficult to trust people or take them at face value cuz the face they showing you isn’t they’re real face. The lives they live are not actually the lives they live. People’s lives are all a game to them.

Ya’ll should probably never have or work with any kids. Kids need to know that all people aren’t like this. That there are still people left in the world who are actually supportive and loving human beings. Who, even with differences of opinion (human) don’t actually commit foul acts against other humans. And don’t support those acts either. Don’t stay silent about them, at all.

Who watches foul shit go down, that hurts other people and then spends all day long tweeting other people’s shit instead of critiquing their own?

I wish I had something to critique about myself. Um, I don’t like mopping (and have to do it later on today). I’m bipolar, I get triggered by abusive relationships and abusive human beings and easily agitated by nonsense coming from full grown adults who should know better. I forget shit. Like, where the hell are my glasses and wallet. I…I…yup.

That’s the extent of my crimes against other human beings. I have no random men floating around that I’ve used, abused, and dumped. No fatherless children. Haven’t stolen anyone’s money to make “art”. Haven’t stolen anyone else’s art. No fuckin with other people’s partners. No hoeing. No random people poppin up at my crib ready to try and throw down for foul shit I’ve done to them. Like, I’m really boring in the high on creating drama department.

And if you are drama filled cuz of foul shit you’ve done to other people? Please stay the fuck out of my personal bubble.

I like kind, loving, caring, humble human beings. Who walk the walk they actually talk. I have no desire to be involved in your hip hop hoe moment industry games. Where lies come out your mouth cuz it sounds good in a rap song. Or because you just a sociopathic liar. (Like a shockingly high amount of people. 1 in 25.)

That’s all trash to me. And I don’t support that dumb ass nonsense. I ain’t paying my slave labor money for some arrogant ass nigga (man or woman) steady critiquing everybody else. For their stolen super capitalist art. Where they give back nothing but more fuckin lying ass words on a stage. Who can’t even treat other human beings with the basic decency and respect they deserve. Ya’ll a bunch of herbs. Lol go somewhere with that shit.

I’m a pretty humble person. I don’t go around acting like I don’t have flaws. I do. Mainly, loving some hoe ass niggas too much. Supporting they asses. And then getting treated like absolute shit. So I’m triggered — to write about it. Used to do that shit privately. But you know, people actually thinks that means, this is public property. So now I just call out all abusers. Publically. I don’t give a fuck. You don’t want your name being written. Don’t do foul shit to other people (and I mean super foul shit. Not no petty shit. Like, you were moody and acted like a total bitch to the waitress in the restaurant, for no reason [that’s my homegirl. She got the super tip from me. Excellent service lol].) I mean, the kind of foul shit that changes innocent people’s lives — forever.

Keep your hoe moment ass by yourself. Thank you, on behalf of loving human beings everywhere. Who actually do care about other people besides themselves.

“Bitch sit down. Be humble.”

My thoughts, exactly (does this dude have ESP? Lmao!)

(I’m going back to bed. Cuz I’m rolling to the beach in the morning. To sit by my damn self in complete — silence. And sip tea while smoking high grade. Don’t bother me if you see me. Unless you’re one of my old students or a family member of one of my old students. A long lost person I actually like, and who likes me. That kind of thing

If you some asshole who did some foul shit to me, for no reason whatsoever, don’t say shit to me. I am not interested in your fake ass apology. And I do not forgive you. keep your ass moving before you get buried in the sand. Or drowned.

This includes rap superstars as well. I do not give a flying fuck about your money, the car you’re driving, the clothes you’re wearing, none of it. Don’t say shit to me, ever. Unless you Dre Dre or Snoop, Kanye and Kim, or Beyoncé, or some shit. Then, i’ll smoke with you. Crack some jokes. Give you a pound. And keep it moving. Only person I want a hug from? Is YG. Really. Thank you for respecting my desires for my damn self, in advance. [i will hug Kim. i will hug Beyoncé. But only because they’re women. And that would be difficult with Beyoncé because she is very pregnant. With her non immaculate conception children.] Lol)

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