there are women out here who could get full rides to school. off their intelligence and creativity, alone. i know, cuz i did. my mentor happened to be a white man. he really believed in my talent — as a writer.

housing for them and their children. stipends. excellent public school system. extremely supportive of women. if they wanted? i would contact my connects in a heartbeat. you know why?

because women, empower, women. and the latina women i know? are no joke and helped me, immensely, when i was in school. super supportive women.

they. do. not. play.

fully participating and contributing members of american society. there’s nothing more american than diversity (which is why i’m waiting for ivanka trump to be done with four years of being the president. so we can work together. with a team of diverse women. i like her! lol! is that a sin?! my mom is a white woman. ain’t nothing wrong with white women, who learn and grow! i know another chic like that. she gotta a team. luvbug! they love everyone, equally. and she loves hip hop too. :) imma link her with some dudes in the industry. a super creative chic — on her own merits — is not to be neglected. she’s loyal and faithful to her man? so don’t get any ideas. many men recognize her talents and be tryna get some. she just sticks with her man. and their beautiful fam. her kids are gorgeous! and smart! and that fam believes, heavily, in public education. bougie? no. i was cussed out for wanting to potentially have a kid and send him/her to private school, because i used to think they were so much better than public ones. this is true. in some school districts. not in boston. we have one of the best public school systems in the country. lots of diversity. homie was like, uh uh. i did just fine in public school. true. true. :)