Ask if those eggs come from free range no genetically modified chickens. If not? Buy some non GMO sunflower seeds.

I go here.

And I used to volunteer. For free. Cuz there’s a return for my slave labor money. By — working. No makeup needed. No flyy hair. I’m just, naturally pretty. It’s — genetic.

Like her.

To snack on. They have a lot of protein. And, other things — Blk — like that. I like to crack the seeds with my teeth. And eat the kernel. But I understand how most people are 2 lazy for this.

It’s fun to me. To spit out the trash I don’t need. And, never have. Contrary to popular belief. Looks like trash. Needs me.

YG has never known what it is to be hungry. Ever. His parents worked slave labor jobs. So that he would never go to bed hungry. And made enough money so he never did. While, taking care of other people’s kids. Which is why he did believe (past tense), shopping sprees and hair and makeup and clothing and fake body parts — and hoes 😒 — are most important.

You know who knew what it was like to go to bed hungry?

His mama.

(Who has BBQ and more…cuz she respects the fact that I don’t eat meat.

What an empress! 😍)

The kids in Compton are more disenfranchised than the kids in Detroit. Most of those kids? Are Central Americans.

It was a huge culture shock. I was like, but Compton is just black people?

Not anymore.

Undocumented. And have none of the protections that Black people born in America do.

Their families do the jobs none of you want to. Flipping burgers in McDonald’s. Like Paul Ryan. Except the taco spot. Being exploited for 2 and 3 dollars an hour.

So don’t ever forget, to leave a big tip.

I propose that Amazon do what is best for the undocumented who can’t get slave labor jobs legally. Who are not 2 entitled to work them.

And move their headquarters?

To Compton.

Where there is the most need.

🍕 delivery? Anybody?

Thank you Mayor Brown. For being a black woman.

Who will stand up for those children.

You? Not black women. In general. You. As a specific woman. Based on your character.

Who happens to be black.



LITERALLY! gotta eat!


I’ve always been about unity. Btw. It’s my actual lifestyle. It’s some black women I do not know tryna capitalize off of me. I wasn’t raised around black woman who do that. Or any women for that matter. Totally foreign territory. I was raised with a diversity of women who support each other. Not black only. Not white only. A diversity.

I do not mess with other women’s/men’s partners. I do not lie on other human beings. I do not steal peoples money for makeup and going to the hairdresser. When I think I’m giving money cuz someone is hungry.

And that’s how I know who is hungry and who is not. Because hungry people don’t care about clothing, hair, makeup. None of it. Hungry people care about — food. I know this, cuz for the first 5 years of my life. I did not get enough to eat. I would go to bed with tears in my eyes. Dreaming. Of eating.

I have never denied anybody money for food. And because I was hungry as a kid. And I’ve made this clear to YG. You are not allowed. Ever. To eat off my plate. It makes me — angry.

Race is unimportant. Hungry children are hungry children. You only can empathize with this. If you have ever been hungry. Really. Gotta eat? If you do not know hunger. You cannot empathize. I do not expect you to get it. Nor am I looking for your empathy.

What I do? Buy you your own. Off the money from my slave labor job. Then we can both eat. And be full. I do this. All the time.

It’s my lifestyle.

And I do not accept those — evil — behaviors from any women. Ever. So you’ll have to miss me wit that unity ish.

Since I’ve always been out it bout it. Even when you haven’t. And that’s? 4hunnid.


(I also don’t exclude men from the dialog. Should they choose to engage in it? They are welcome to. Should they not? Fall the fuck off. You are not exploiting good women. Just cuz you want to be hoes. When a woman tells you the — first — time. I am not your hoe. You are not paying me for pussy. I am not dressing to appeal to your desires and needs. I am walking through this world the way I am comfortable being. You don’t like my boots and jeans? That I’ve been rockin since, forever. You listen. Or you gotta go. Find someone who will be your hoe.)

Selina is smart.

She ran away with her girl. Great job dad! Now once she’s back? Try and figure out why she ran away in the first place. Probably sick of being drugged up. Like, my life sucks.

Go home girl. And tell your dad what is wrong. Face to face. If you need support? Hit up your cuz.

And DO NOT go anywhere with any men you do not know. If you see any young hip hop niggaz. Tell them you need help. They will do exactly that.

Yes. He's white. No. He’s not scary. He just looks that way. Lol! Bipolar. He is not a predator. At all. He’s the — opposite — of a predator.

His therapy? Music. Not hoe moments. I just hit him to let him know what’s up. (Oh. He’s poor. He works in a supermarket. And has no money to give to sex workers. Sorry. Or not. He’s into love — for free. Meaning. Oh! A grown woman with her own money, from a job, where I don’t need to worry about whether she’s cheating on me. Who’s about something, besides herself. Who I can be transparent with like she is with me? Unbelievable! And Excellent! Commence to loving! 🙃)

Btw, if any one of my girls, asked me for 250 dollars to get their car out of lock up? I would just give them the 250. You can do that, when you have a job. That pays you pretty well. Cuz you went to get this thing called an education.

My girl told me she was going to be evicted from her crib. Cuz she was behind on that Red Lobster waitress rent money. Cuz you know how these niggaz are. Take a chic to red lobster, spend 200 bucks, but the tip is 5 dollars? Had her running around like she’s a black woman in slavery. Demanding shit. With a stank ass attitude at that.

Here’s a g girl. I know you can’t pay me back. But it’s cool. You mean more to me than money, ever will.

I don’t know what kind of “friends” ya’ll have? But you should get some new ones. Quick. 🙃🙃

These are funny ya’ll. Someone really damaged these men. Maybe she should call them and apologize for what she did. I don’t expect apologies from the men who damaged me. But I’m a woman. So I operate a little differently.

Her real friend? Is Tariq Nasheed. He gave her the 250. No questions asked. Hmmmm. What was that about trash ass men? You should add a “wo” on that. You got some “friends” who are paid out the ass (literally). And have 250 bucks. In cash (definitely). 😒

When you ask for this. Sex without love. Or sex for money. Then you can’t be upset when you get paid for sex without love. Get your money. And then all men are trash. Men are trash because women are teaching them? To treat us like trash.

Man: you don’t love me? You just wanna fuck me? It’s my lifestyle?

Woman: yes. I am sex positive. I am going to lie to you, I am going to cheat on you. And I do steal. From men and women. So give me what I want. That dick. Then take your trash ass out my crib.

Man: 😢 (because men? Actually — do — have feelings. They have just been socialized not to express them because what happens when a man cries over the person he loves? Some evil woman tells him to be a man. Or man up. Or stop acting like a little pussy [aka a woman], or bitch [aka a woman] And that’s exactly what he’s doing. Being a man! So since you don’t acknowledge his emotions. Fine. Songs about how you’re a bitch or a hoe instead. Just make sure you men are clear about who you’re addressing. Not all women operate like that. Look at how confused Big Shaun was. Like, “I don’t fuck with you”…not cuz he hates women. But cuz he — loves — women. Wrong woman Big Shaun. I don’t know you homie! But stay up! Congratulations to you and Jhene Aiko! That’s whussup! Lol!)


Nah. I’m all set with promoting this lifestyle.

I think I’ll take love. Over sexing everybody. And money.

I’m 4hunnid% wit my ish. That’s how you teach men, how to treat women.

(Her poor kid gotta take her to Red Lobster. On his father’s money. 😳 From his slave labor job! His father, who also pays child support and all his own bills. Lmao! Soon as that little nigga gets a chance? He is is OUT that bitch. He only wants to take her to Red lobster. Cuz she got the ride. And he knows he can’t get there unless he’s feeding her. At 11 years old ya’ll. He gotta pay for his mother to eat. That doesn’t make no gotdamn sense. When you are 11? Your parents feed you. That’s why you are the parent! And they are 11! Not the other way around.)


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