these muthafuckas had a master hip hop plan (so much for your mom bullshit. you know how many mothers have been damaged! while you watched injustice and did not a fuckin thing!! nobody gives a fuck about your singular, exclusive, hoe moment children!! teachers care about ALL CHILDREN!)

imma remind you that hip hop is, originally, for and about the most marginalized people in america. the kids who started the culture?

were super inclusive.

hip hop expands. it does not contract. it’s a revolutionary culture, and movement. it does not have a small group of bougie leaders who rape the culture, for their hoe moment money — and profit off of death.

it has a collective of diverse people who come together to do the right thing. not after the fact, either. those hoes!! — need slave labor jobs more than anyone in this country!!

hip hop? is about life.

billions of people, worldwide, are a part of the culture. you don’t get to dictate (hoes!!) who participates, and who doesn’t. from your trump tower in detroit, or flying all over the world with your hoe moment self!!

you don’t get to say who is a part of hip hop, and who isn’t.

and you don’t get to hurt people, or watch people being hurt — and do not a gotdamn thing — because you don’t know what hip hop is, and “hate” it, if it ain’t serving your individual pockets and dick/pussy!!


the righteous and marginalized are rising up! the majority! and we ain’t going backwards! but your hoe moment asses?! need a session in prison!!

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