thieves, liars, and murderers…

um. no. there’s no way that earth signs go for that.

you don’t want to know what i did after the rodney king verdict. it has absolutely nothing to do with writing poetry, or going on a stage and spitting it to promote myself.

and i’m not sure if they could still try and press charges against me lmao!!! so i’m not going to tell you. but i assure you, it’s the type of thing that could have gotten me killed by the police. easily.

i’ve already had a gun put to my head by a cop after i called him a “dumb bitch” to his face, after he laughed at me and called me crazy. with no one but cops around.

you cannot enrage a bull with injustice, because they have NO concerns for their own safety when other people are being damaged. i gotta work on that. i like safety.

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