We are not playing this game. Believe it.

No — one — cares.

Put the trash in a dumpster. FIRE!!

Ain’t nobody feelin it it but some makeup plastered face, fake bodied hoes. Shakin ass and suckin dick for money. Ya’ll a — disgrace!! — to women who do not run the mouth. And work! Hard! For everything we’ve got. Off our BRAINS.

Not bodies and trash lyrics.

No — one — helping you write shit. And if you touch mine? You getting sued silly.

Watch me. For every last penny. My kids gotta eat — hoe!! I do not give a fuck about what yo hoe ass booty shakin in the club no job, no education, fuckin some dubb nigga for money — mama. Wants. “I bought my mama…” Should have told that hoe to get a job.

You — disgust me. Shut ya mouth. Ms. Run ya mouth.

This is a huge reason why. I will vote for Paul Ryan in 2020.

You cannot blame one man for working against the tide of the racist ass Republican Party. That ain’t — his personal — lifestyle.

He’s nature boy. I like him. He will not touch the social safety net. Cuz he benefitted from it. And he will not touch abortion. Cuz his wife? 💀


I have so much respect for you. As a man. Thank you, Ben.

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