this is not about donald trump, beyond him not destroying his family and the planet…i hope he’s sitting at his desk right now putting together his plans for affordable housing.

it’s about her. empathy. i can relate. lol her pops? you should be giving her a break, not dumping all this shit on her, and making her responsible for everything. i got empathy for him too, cuz i know he was abused. and i have empathy for the people he’s abused, abuses.

it’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand. grab her in her pussy, swipe a credit card down her ass? put a whole bunch of 1/2 dressed women in videos, catering to you? what’s the difference? i assure you, the only penis ivanka’s bouncing on? her husbands. lol!

this a mess. and it has everything to do with a lack of honesty, transparency, and self integrity. listen lady, i don’t want your money. i want you to not have to deal with this shit for the next 4 years. he’s tryna keep you up under him as much as possible, which is incorrect. and shows a lot of fear, on his part. you a grown woman now. he doesn’t control a thing you do. remember that. rely on your man. stay happy. when you have a good one? you can do that. pop dukes got a good wife. he should make sure he don’t lose that. cuz i know some chics woulda been hit the road. loyal women are priceless, more valuable than all the money in the world, donald. i told you, they’ll hold you down when you make the decision to end this mess, for the betterment of everyone on the planet. including them.

affordable housing

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