this, is NOT about me.

this is about this country. the united states of america.

(and evil men, there are A LOT of them…who do bad things. including cheat on their loyal ride or die wives, with hoe moment wo/men — but we’re all gonna stop doing that and care more about other people, aren’t we? — would you like me to start naming some? i didn’t think so.)

talib kweli and deray mckesson are too funny! apparently? donald trump is telling people to vote, on november 28th! (please, someone, help us!!! lmmfao!!!)

i need a black and tan, at the behan. lol!

hey lawyer boy? quit while you’re ahead, “gentleman”. i’m pretty sure you don’t want your dirty laundry aired. i’m down for equality. for all people. because i was not the one who was “toxic”, those men just wanted as much money, and pussy, as possible. they happened to be black? but i’m sure white dudes do that too. i’m not sure what you’re on? but i’m not that. i think you’re on revenge…and it ain’t happening. we are all going to start healing as a nation and working together to make a better future — not for you — for the children. all over the world. REAL teachers and students understand that. as do mom’s. which you are not. and you will learn. i’m also not interested in having harriet tubman on the 20 dollar bill. i get motivated, by chasing dead presidents — not runaway slaves — who thought slavery, and rape, were just peachy. i don’t think harriet tubman did what she did, for money. i’m poor. more poor than you are. i eat pasta like it’s the last supper, and save every penny…what’s your salary?! lmao! capiche? :)

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