Last I’m reading. Phone is off. My health and relaxation is paramount, as should be yours. In the skin you’re in. Steaming those pores free of toxins. While drinking water to flush them out.

Ya’ll are so pathetic. Lmmfao. It’s not working.



For real tho? Have a good evening. Relax and cuddle up with someone you love immensely. Who loves you the same way.

It is possible to be a mixed black woman, liberated in your thinking. Who enjoys cooking, running a bath for, massaging, hugging, listening to, and loving up, your man. As a woman.

Who will also whoop the shit out of him, for any nonsense.

While creating art, and supporting ourselves off our own hard work and merits.

Black women have multiple roles. All women do. Depending on which roles we choose? Our happiness, and safety, and rights to be loved as the good women we are. Who don’t damage men, but have been damaged by them. Are paramount to our emancipation.

I think I’ll burn some ginger incense. And light my tea candles from the d store around the bathroom. When they go out? My bath will be done. Yoga. Bed. Knocked.


I just ordered this. While waiting for my bath to run. In 4 colors. It’s my favorite bra ever. And it’s on sale. 50 percent off. So comfortable. And I need new bras and panties.

Sesame oil really works nicely with my skin and eczema. It’s thick and my skin absorbs it thirstily. I think I’m gonna start adding it to my coconut oil, shea butter, and extra virgin olive oil regularly. I smell a little like sesame/peanuts and coconuts. Food. But all good. Lol I gotta figure out the perfect combo of each element. Based on my overall skin type. I’ll hit tropicals for the shea butter.

On the way back from Chinatown. I need to get some wrappers for my cape verdian tuna pasteles.

My girl shaaaah-lean. Lol (charlene) has a meeting at the BPS headquarters w/some other Brockton teachers, about students coming from PR to their district, so she’s dropping it off after she’s done.

Tropicals sells shea butter in bulk blocks and I melt it and add/subtract what I want.

Have a good evening. I’m taking a steaming hot bath with lavender oil and Epsom salts. 1/2 hour of yoga. Bed. Knocked.

I gotta hit the chinese herb spot. I’m walking, then takin the bus to school in the morning. On the way home imma go past my house, then go back in the opposite direction and walk from Dudley . I was just writing to my love that I think I have arthritis in my knees. I take care of my body well enough that I have no mobility issues but they do get painful and I heavily stretch my body in cold weather. flexibility.

Yoga helps. Chair pose. Warrior pose. Downward dog strengthens tendons and hamstrings that support the knee. In the back and you can feel that stretch in the back of your knees as well.

I need some of this in tea. The root anyway.

Higher risk long term projectionist.

Lower risk short term projectionist

Again let me explain a Taurus.

  1. Healthy happy people and planet. No crazy shit. Gotta eat. And have a place to sleep.
  2. Art.


I don’t look like a Jewish old lady tho. I look like a 32 year old brown very pretty lipstick lesbian — construction worker. At the moment. Carhartt and Timbs. Also a left over from my childhood era.

This is so me.

Except. I don’t like a lot of junk. Or spending my money on it. I have better ideas for money as you know. “I can’t stand greedy people.” YG/Me

And Except. I don’t use the word “ghetto”.


Because when I was growing up? In the bean. It had a different connotation etymologically. It meant like, no morals, values, scruples, out here fuckin whoever, disrespecting family and community, and doesn’t give a fuck how s/he represents herself and her peoples.

“Ew. S/he so ghetto.” (Mainly referring to women from the “ghetto” discussing women who behave in a ghetto fashion. In terms how they move, with and without the company they keep. How they carry themselves. With men. With other women. Which is described as the above.)

It’s nice to see that word being used again. Since it was first co’opted and claimed with pride, (similar to the word “nigga”) by the Jews who had to live in ghettos. See: black people who got called “the other “n” word, not by choice, either.

And. The dollar store. I love the dollar store.

Like an old Jewish lady who rides up in a Mercedes and gets excited about the great deals in the dollar store. She got a beautiful case for the flowers in her garden. And is going to give them to a special person (except, I want the entire luxury kit, on the smartcar. With. Superior engine. It is good on gas! A hybrid smart car. Pure luxury and ingenuity. Lol! With a back seat, it needs to have a backseat. And be a little bit bigger. Though it is a lot more roomy than you think. I don’t need it yet though. I have a fully functioning ride. Parked. Because I cancelled my insurance to invest in some shit my girl told me about. Solar energy just for me. Lol!

LT plays the stock market. She’s a broker. In the hood.)

Rainbows. Takeout. The park. Animals. Wildlife (raccoons 😍), the zoo, the graveyards from 1700, all the little hood shops in the cut, the people speaking different languages. Politeness, the lq, kids, BBQ, pools, the festivals, barbershops, rollin to the cape, Hyannis and Onset, summer time chillin. The weekends…I could go on and on.

About my love of the hood.