this is the type of shit SOME black men, write about black and brown women

“Create women that are strong, independent, submissive, intelligent, patient, nurturing, confident, classy, original, God-fearing and knows their self-worth.” — and by the way, the verb is “know” not “knows” lol

let’s see, i am: strong, independent, intelligent, patient, nurturing, classy, SUPER original, and i know my self worth.

submissive? lmmfao!

god-fearing: i don’t believe in god. only good humans (for the billionth time. dummy.)

create? who would that be…? for the greater GOOD.

and yes. EVERYONE should watch ava duvernay’s *13th*. because while black and brown people are incarcerated disproportionately? this country has more people incarcerated, of ALL colors, than any other nation on earth.

and don’t ANY of ya’ll “filmmakers” try and act like SHE isn’t the one who created it. ava duvernay hires a diversity of people to work with her. and she doesn’t try and hide that, either.

check these BOTH out:

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