this is the way it works…it has nothing to do with money. because i haven’t been paid a dime, to spit truth — to power. no protection. and no justice. i’m a freedom fighter. not a capitalist. lol

any women claiming black only (knowing they came out white women’s punnani’s) will make ammends to all people they willfully ignored, oppressed and/or damaged?

or the world finds about about their nasty? with the truth written — this time?


got it? good. i was not the woman to try and oppress. it’s caused the type of damage that could change the planet. no fault of my own. but fault of dream hampton…who used the man i wrote to, PRIVATELY AND SICK, to get to my writing — over some dude who didn’t love her, spread my private personal words to the world? and it got into the wrong hands. so if it means those chics who capitalized on it? gotta go — to save humanity? they better find they ostracized baby daddies. lol

maybe they should learn how to do some “slave labor” to support themselves, instead of living high on the hog and acting like they fighting for everyone’s freedom.

they sacrificed others, other blk people? and an apology is not enough. what you do in the dark will come to the light. that’s how it works. time for them to sacrifice —

themselves. not other people. for the greater good. :)

“an injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere” — mlk (i never knew how true those words would be)

“the chicken’s have come home to roost” — malcolm x.

i don’t slander anybody. i tell the TRUTH. with no hatred. just honest.

try it. lol

dream hampton is the only one i’m naming — for now — because she was the catalyst. the rest of them, supported a very patriarchal and abusive man because he was a black nationalist. i don’t do black nationalism. i do, *the final call* i buy it, because it’s excellent. and i have been for 20+years. lol ya’ll chics cared not that that poet damaged a lot of people. i know how to separate abusive men, from their wives and children. i know a good man who does good deeds on behalf of his community (men who support their communities. know how to smile in the face of grave injustices, and speak up for women? got my full support. like that other dude does. just like i wrote to him, and i know he married that jezebel too. he ain’t paying for her sins — or his fathers. guaranteed. he is his OWN man. and a GOOD man. lol)

you keep supporting that other one, who never came correct? you can go down with him. i would start to separate myself from women who have done some really bad ish for their own personal success and destroyed people’s lives in the process? and find some new friends.

i don’t like that poet. i never did. and his kid? knew it. i’ll never forget the text he sent me:

“he’s dead. finally.” i was like,

who talks that way about their father? i know. cuz i have. and i know why…

i am not an abuser. “i watch out for my babies and i’ll kill for them”. i don’t damage anyone. i’m a freedom writer. and i break cycles of abuse. i start with my own, first.

no dishonesty there either. now please mind your business, asha, because you have NOTHING to do with this. and you don’t want to get dragged into those women’s messes. i assure you? they won’t be rescuing you, should you stumble. you’re a loyal faithful woman. i read your book. the women i’m discussing? are not. they damage men and women. they break up unions (or try to), and they don’t apologize for anything they’ve done. i’m still waiting…


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