this is what i listen to everytime i think of abuse lol! these little pussy private school boys getting as much pussy as possible? get saved for that “conscious” mumbo jumbo. lol time and a place for everything. right now? it’s not your ego’s. lol

all the words though? are addressed at abusive men. in my head. lmao!

“i don’t fuck wit you. you little stupid ass bitch. i ain’t fuckin wit you!” lmao

I’M big sean.

i’m NOT the cheerleader who’s supporting no abusive ass niggaz. lol

get it? lol and those are my ex’s, he’s talking about, who when i really needed them? bounced. hahahahaha!

and don’t try sending me no more dick pics. ew. i like my shit…um, none of your business. but that little winky dink ain’t doin a DAMN thing. the only dick i’m interested in, is my man’s. lol (these rich rappin dudes are sloppy wit it. can’t be bought. never could be.)

personally? i think they good dudes. i’m pretty sure they protect women, not abuse them. :)

sorry donald. i did my best to reason with you. just like i did with my dad. maybe if that dude had come correct? the outcome would be different. then i could have written, he cried a bucket of tears and said…i’m sorry. but that is not the reality. so we gotta go this route. i’m gonna do my best to save your daughter, from you. #teamivanka

THEY ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! YOU CAN’T ESCAPE! THEY CAN’T STAND YOU! THEY LOVE THEY MAMAS!!! LMAO! WHAT’S GOOD EMPEROR MANSA MUSA! LMAO!!! imma hit you this week. thanks homie!!! hug your mama for me lmao!!!

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