This is when I learned to truly be silent. To take into heavy consideration my privilege to speak, as a black, mixed, American, bipolar, woman. Who thinks I am unseen. And to recognize that me defining feminism was problematic for me, personally, coming from an imperialistic society and culture where I feel most marginalized — but am truly not. Not when it comes to the global oppression of women.

I’ve had privileges so many women never have had, and never will. And I do not speak as though my understanding of feminism is universal, though had I stuck only with black american women’s understanding of freedom from oppression? I would most certainly have thought I knew something that I had no clue about. And no right to speak on.

I have learned way more through women in the global south, about myself and my politic?

By listening to them. And their needs. Both on paper and in person. And funding them, as I have that ability.

This is a well written essay. Check it when you have the opportunity.

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