Damn homie. Are you my father? Lmao! I thought your daughter was a boy! Lmmfao! (I think my dad was a little disappointed I was a girl. He did everything he could to make me a real sun! It worked.

Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean…😮😒 Lol!)

That nigga had no clue what was happening. He just kept doin the same shit they taught him in the hospital after my mom just left my ass in that bitch. Wrapping me up like a little indigenous baby. Lol on the bus like, ain’t this some shit!! That bitch!! Lmao!

(I’m wit you, 4hunnid on studying colonialism. Personally, I wanted to be that girl in *island of the blue dolphins* pre the Russians fuckin up her life. Or, one of the ohlone. But, *shrug* gotta work with the America we got? Lol)

This pic is sooooooo funny to me!

Caption: first time single father with a daughter. I don’t know what the hell i’m doin. But she’s still alive. *shrug* So, can’t be that bad at this gig.

Even if I can’t swim? My baby gonna know how. I don’t know how. But she gon learn! 🙃


Just hold onto my legs and start kickin! Do somethin? Swim damnit! I don’t want no punk ass daughter! You gon be like that teacher!

I’m on the phone! Looking at everything she’s writing! (I might need glasses? Let me go get my eyes checked? 😏 lol!)


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