Both these young men told me today, their dream is to get a great education — in America — and to go back to El Salvador. They want to stop the Mara Salvatrucha. They have seen — horror. Lived it. They think the Mara Salvatrucha is like ISIL. And there wasn’t much I could say to that.

The Mara Salvatrucha was founded in Los Angeles. They did not start out as Criminals. They were kids. Poor disenfranchised children. Who created art in response to not having the opportunity to become anything.

Off their own lives. And hard work. That is an opportunity everyone deserves.

I explained this. They understood, perfectly. They’re all organic farmers. Lol! I now know, that blowing tobacco smoke on a scorpion will make it go crazy. And that sap from mango leaves will cure the sting, that can kill you. Mango juice, will ease the pain.

Teaching, is a reciprocal thing.

this summer?

absolutely — yes! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


(can i get a huuuuuuuge healing hug? in the regular ride to go for some “nasty ass pizza”? and meet your mom?)

*dancing in my mind till then!* (i really can’t be though. since i’m actually — at work — with the kids — proctoring the ELA MCAS. they doin slave labor. and winning! cuz i’m a pretty good teacher, and they are really intelligent kids.)

more free promotion. thank you so much for caring about — all of them!

(are you gonna keep doing this? it looks so fun! lmmfao!)

you are a beautiful human being. a righteous man. and i would be honored to laugh with you. and have regular fun! because it’s been so long since i had a good time, and felt love without abuse? i don’t even remember what that is. i don’t know what it is, anymore, to not be used and abandon for some whores.

and i’m so ready to love, again! righteous woman that I am!

(No one gave me the name Jessi James. After the murderous criminal. Appropriate. Good work, Talib. Other people gave me 4 names. E double. E money. E love. Or just E. which stands for Equality. For all human beings.)

All that, and you aren’t going to show up for my ex, are you Dream? 2 busy carpetbagging with the bougie black elite. from Martha’s Vineyard. To your Trump tower in Detroit. To your beach house in LA. Why don’t you just be a woman? Instead of finding people to use and abuse because you are totally — uncreative, with very little talent — unless you’re lying, cheating, and stealing. Why don’t you do something that will make you proud of yourself — for once. Like, shut the fuck up? And take your ass to Newark. Why don’t you do the right thing by suffering human beings. Instead of being the little hip hop hoe you’ve always been. Creating unnecessary drama for people from rappers, to video makers, to social justice activists. It’s not me that people have called out. It’s — you. Yourself. You talk 2 much. Some of us, don’t speak — enough.

So, YG, who’s actually from LA, can organize with his peeps there on behalf of Wendy Carillo. The Chicana who will fight for the rights of undocumented peoples. (And yes! I still like Paul Ryan Lol) Your ass was just in England, talking about how it’s not much better, but at least the Brexit is better than the Dollar. Or some nonsense. You don’t care about this country. Or undocumented children. Or the people who struggle while you fly out like *phew* “at least I don’t have to deal with all the shit I created cuz I’m a jealous hoe.” You care only about yourself. And making it seem like you’re a good woman.

But you’re not, and the world now knows it.

You and Jessica Moore, are terrible human beings. I don’t know why any man — knowing your track record — would want you near his kids. Unless, it’s to monitor you. And make you pay for what you did.

*when chickenhead’s come home to roost* is an excellent — book. But we’re not talking about chicken heads, or pigeon brained bitches.

Nobody’s taking any steps back, asha bandele. We’re watching while you continue to act as though you have no culpability for what you have done. Another woman who benefited from the abusive Amiri Baraka, but never helped his wife, at all. You stalked me, for Dream and Jessica, and I knew who you were. Because I really dug your book. *The Prisoner’s Wife* turns out it was a work of fiction since you were fucking some Greek dude at the time. Who may very well be, your baby’s daddy. While, you do that “black only”.

3 mixed vampire chics. Who lie about your origins.

And we’re talking about — empresses — based off their righteous living. Only.

(Back to work, love. 3 things at a time is rough. Especially when you’ve been doing so for 4 years straight. No vacations. And very little help. Writing freestyles, off top, today, writing truth about what’s been done, and making sure this little girl gets her pencil. A sharp one. )

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