this whole standing rock fiasco (donald trump, you want the people to start loving you? look at what they’re doing in standing rock — to vulnerable human beings. bullying them! can you please put an end to this brutality when you become president! thank you! you gotta make a decision, what’s more important, the investment money, or love from humanity?) & dream hampton — the fascist super capitalist hip hop journalist — who from the looks of her appearance? is in decay! lol: all these hoe moment chics have ever done in hip hop? cause problems between people, and hop from dick to dick! sit yo worn out lookin asses down! lol! LEAVE KANYE’S NAME OUT YOUR MOUTH! dream hampton STILL hasn’t learned her lesson, bout messing with the mentally gifted! (beyoncé, do you hear what kanye is saying?! he LOVES you. you hurt him. can you please call your homie and figure out what is going on?!)

that pipeline could easily have been placed elsewhere!

think about that. Where’s your savior, Obama at? Don’t ya’ll realize yet that no one’s coming back? We have to work together, to make this world a better place.

(donald trump is not a racist ya’ll. he’s a man who realizes he’s made some terrible mistakes. along with most of the other white dudes he’s stacking in administration — minus paul ryan and mitt romney— those men actually ARE good men. you may not agree with their politics, but their characters? you can’t really say much about. …those other men? banner, and sessions and them? all want to prove that they are like them. so, hold them accountable, while giving them a chance. do you have a choice? be honest. for once. smh)


keep your mouth shut dream hampton.

ain’t nobody touching kanye. you start too much shit. you don’t even like hip hop, so why speak on anything that happens in it. and you’ve done enough exploitation of people with mental differences. which, if you are unaware, is a lot of people in hip hop. bipolar, schizophrenic, ptsd, depression, adhd, and i assure you the autistic kids are coming! :) other people know killers too. so get this through your fat head.

  1. jay z is not, and will never be, your man. beyoncé got a bat for that ass. lol!
  2. in south africa yet?

keep your mouth shut when it comes to people with mental differences. you don’t have one, you don’t respect anyone with one, you have no sympathy for people who struggle with them (beyond exploiting us), and you don’t think that our lives matter.

keep your mouth shut.


i don’t know what this beef is? and i don’t care. jay z and beyoncé need to reach out to kanye and kim, and figure out what is going on! he is in an incredible amount of pain! so much, he’s on stage in front of thousands and thousands of people saying “beyoncé, you hurt me!” come on ya’ll. don’t be like dream hampton. abandoning struggling people. that ain’t cool! (and not your style anyway. since you dropped 15 million on haiti. :) [[[hug]]])

fyi: blue’s already marginalized. she’s part of only 10% of the human population. smh. because she’s a leftie, just for clarity. lol

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