To the poet who asked about detoxing from what, and from whom?

I don’t exactly detox. I take breaks from things. For 2 years? The Internet. For 2 years, cigarettes. I can go about, a month tops? Without a drink. I dig making my own black and tans with a silver spoon. Listening to great poets perform. Music. Especially anything hip hop culture related. Swimming. Eating delicious healthy food. Hiking. Reading. And writing out my thoughts.

To the wrong damn person!!!!! Lmao! And it got in the wrong hands. She did it on purpose. Because she knew who I was.. That dude’s forgiven cuz he fell in love with a woman, who’s always loved my ex. She dissed the dude I wrote to after she was pretty much done with him, played him out. My ex pays no attention to her. He loves me. And he’s straight crazy if he thinks he’s dissing his new girl. Ain’t happenin. I like her. lol!

So, my loyalty is towards another woman. Far more marginalized than she is. That’s 1, 2, 3 scorpios! That’s awesome!

And I have a hard time hurting marginalized women, of any color. Cuz I have empathy. And she supported me, 1st. When I didn’t really know what was happening. Manic again. More betrayal. 😱 I had no clue what was going on..


So, talk about flaws. 🙃🙂…🙃🙂….


😡😡😡 Lmao!!!

(I am NOT disrespectful AT ALL, in person. Lol! I’m very polite and well mannered. [I’m not selling myself. I’m telling the truth. Lol!!!] I write out my thoughts about things I’ve been through, and think through them. If I’m mad, or you’re disrespectful to me? Well, I would do what some of you would do. Off camera. I have never in my entire life disrespected any groups of people, based on the color of their skin, national origin, religion, class, difference, language, sexuality, or how they were born…nothing. That’s wack! Lol I’ll pretty much have a conversation with anyone. I get mad and will cuss you out. Especially through the written word. If you’re doing something that is totally illogical and/or evil. Lol!!!

I write poetry, for healing.)

I’m a regular average person. Lol!

I think in Donald Trump’s bipolar mind? He’s protecting me. From “those people”! smdh

I’m letting him know. It’s cool dude. I’m going to be okay. And you’ll figure out what steps you need to take. After this is all over. November 8th. You vote for Hillary too.

You can drop out now. That’s a option as well. It’ll make everyone feel better about you. That’s for certain. Small steps. Progress.

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