too funny lmao!!! danzy…we went to high school together. with a lot of jewish and multilingual immigrant kids.

kaepernick! you’ll get a kick outta this one!!! lmao!

(i really should have listened to my cuzzin when she told me “YOU DON’T GET IT! most people did not grow up like us! to most people in america there are three categories of humans: black/white/mexican [she really said that lmao!]. we are the anomaly!!!” oops. lol *shrugs*)

we are not going anywhere donald trump. and most of us? are pretty accepting of everyone! we don’t give a fuck if you’re white, black, purple lol, whatever!!! so you can get the fuck over it!!! JUST LIKE YOU ARE GETTING THE FUCK OVER BEING AN ABUSER AND BUILDING THAT AFFORDABLE HOUSING! CUZ EVERYONE IN AMERICA IS SUFFERING!!!

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