michael, from vegas. — email me. let’s show the world how all lives matter. lol it’s true. it’s not a slogan. or a hashtag. black lives matter. white lives matter. wth?! am i going nuts? (if i were to walk into a kindergarten classroom and say black lives matter ya’ll! 1/2 those kids would look at me like, huh? she’s crazy. if i said, all your lives matter to me! you are ALL important! they’d probably be cheering. elementary. back to basics. lmao!) fos.fringeofsociety@gmail.com

i would love to collaborate. but you know this. i think you were the one who wasn’t ready, if i remember correctly. so i hung out in the art district, ate some dope ass food, got my car stuck in a ditch which some dope ese’s helped me push out, gambled a little (for the first time in my life) and went to cirque’s “o”, because it’s only at the mgm grand. they have a deep enough pool for the production.

it’s time to be clear. you don’t need to wait and see, i wouldn’t do that to you. i’m not really interested in interviewing you anymore though, unless we can discuss, face to face: your mental difference, your stay in the psyche ward, and how you think your mental difference contributes to your musical genius. i’m saying this, as a person who’s bipolar. i’m really interested in breaking stereotypes through transparency. and no, i don’t think you’re crazy. i think you’re very talented, and creative. i dig your music. and i’m glad i’ve given you and your crew so much inspiration. it’s okay if you don’t want to. i understand. but i’m not a zombie. lol!!! i’m a WOMAN. a physically healthy (sorta, i’m a smoker. it’s rough. lol), getting happy again — WOMAN. lmao!

of course, we can discuss what you want to. the way the interview works is this: we meet, we grab something to eat, my treat (your choice), i record the interview, i transcribe it, i send it to you, anything you don’t want in it? gets cut. you read it? and upon your final approval? i publish it. tape erased, life continues. it’s simple.

peace lil homie. stay up! ❤


(Too much hatred for me ya’ll. Can’t do it. I can look at institutions and want them dismantled. I can look at individuals who do foul ish, and dislike them for it?

But I just don’t have the ability to hate anyone because of the color of his/her skin, or even the unrighteous acts they have committed, who they decide to love. Or because others find them dispensable and not fully human and worthy of dignity and respect.

Just don’t know how to hate. Hate is taught. You learn it, first at home…then out in the world.

And I was never taught that.

I’m not sorry about it, either.

Peace! Stay up!! Together? “We will win”.


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