Top dawg need some REAL ART!

By black men!

Bought! Lol!

“Give it to me! That sweet! That funk! That gushy stuff!” — name that cis male creator!


Humanity is WINNING! Over HIV!!

Only real revolutionaries need apply!

Deal with it!


(And don’t hate cuz she is skinny wit a lil booty! Lol!)

They’re predators feminista jones! They preyed on you. And fooled you. Because you are bipolar. With a lot of feeeeeeelings!

I can’t stand these hoes!!

As soon as feminista jones makes a firm decision to PROTECT HER BLACK SON! from HIV spreading whores!! over some hoes online she don’t even know!! 😡

She’ll be okay. And don’t try abusing him — Marqed— to turn him gay!! He like girls! And being gay is biological! It doesn’t come from abuse!!

Take that trash up w/your dad!! and uncles!!

I’m going surfing!

Fuuuuuuun! Ya hoes are instant depression!! Horrible lifestyles!! Go shove a dick up your ass and put on a gag. With anyone, anywhere who will pay you for trash ass!!

And that’s why you are a hoe!! A broke hoe!! A super capitalist who will do anything for money!! No fuckin morality, self respect, or integrity at all! You suck dick and get fucked up the ass for money, using no protection — at all.

When’s the last time you had a job,

marq — ed ??

Niggaz love me hoe!! I have no problems with black MEN!, offline — online, at all. None! Only hoes!!

Only black only HIV spreading intentionally twitter hoes!!

A very tiny minority of the human population. This may come as a surprise? But there are far more black women and men without HIV, than there are with HIV. And NONE of us WANT to see it spread!!

Dumb asses!!

Some people — gangstas? May be shocking to you!! Not to me! —

CARE MORE ABOUT OTHER HUMAN BEINGS! It does not cost a thing! To CARE about other human beings!

Walk you switchy trash ass to the bus! Go to the clinic! and get free condoms! Ya lil DEVIL!!

(And you can quit it with the ABH dumb shit! Dream Hampton infected AHI! And my Somali ex is HIV FREE! Healthy and happy with his one wife only and BEAUTIFUL MIXED BLACK FAMILY! Deal with — other people’s happiness! Ya miserable depressing bitch!!)



This shit makes me FURIOUS! 😡 who the fuck bought that for 84.2 MILLION DOLLARS!!

You need yo ASS WHOOPED! Lol!

FUCKIN CRAZY ASS WHITE PEOPLE!! THAT’S WHO!! Even Donald Trump knows this is trash!!

That’s why he cuttin all art funding! 😡

“What do you see in this?” (Some “proper place setting” bougie super white supremacist — hoe!!)

“A black 1/2 of a canvas, a beige 1/2 of a canvas. And a black stripe through the beige. There is NOTHING else for me to see or think about! 😡 I can’t stand this “art”. I can’t stand your stupid ass bougie gallery!!sippin merlot and shit. I need a real DRINK! Lol! This place and you people? Suck!!”

If I was in that gallery I would piss on that! Like the mighty pharoahe! And all the people who thought about buying it!! Stupid!! And I can! Cuz all you have to do as a girl, to piss like a boy is…google! Research! Lol! I been known how! I practiced when I was little. I got better aim than a man!

This is

That gallery is his type of spot! Hoe!! That nigga calls himself a hoe!! Any dick he can get for some money? On it!! And, there goes yo HIV up the booty! Lol! HIV positive!! Intentionally infecting, hoe!! Wit no job. His range is his — dirty dick!!

Currently eating my one meal a day! With a Long Island iced tea!


That is a kale, brussel sprout, garlic, and carmelized onion omelette with jack cheese. SUPER EASY to make. And my food tastes way better! My homefries are slammin! (Not telling!)


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