Tough lessons. Listen the first time.

Innocent black people are being murdered.

By the police. It’s almost happened to me. Suffering from bipolar disorder and massive online abuse. Set up.

By Jessica “care” Moore and Shaun King.

Key word?


If you are HIV positive and have been spreading it for ten years? On black only twitter?

You are not an innocent black person.

You have no legs to stand on in this revolution.

You are guilty. And you will live in your guilt, of committing genocide against black and brown people.

“Black” peoples.

You will live, and die, in your intentional hoe moments.

I have caught YG. Before he could begin them. In “revenge”. For turning into a hoe. After being cheated on by a hoe.

Who gave him HIV.

Hoe moments. Nasty gal.

That is all.

Your art. In whatever form?

No longer relevant.

You. Are nothing and no one. Who will ever be anything.

For humanity. Forgotten.

As you should be.

As you do unto others, the same will be done unto you.

An anecdotal story.

When I first started working in the BPS. I was a per diem substitute teacher turned long term substitute teacher. This white dude, Mr. D. Was going on *the biggest loser* to lose weight.


He requested that I take over his special needs classroom.

Mr. D comes from a family, a long line, of Boston Police officers. He was a school police officer before he decided to become a special needs teacher.

There’s a link.

His father, a retired Boston police officer had a bad scene, his second day on the job. He was hit in the face, broken nose and jaw, by this kid — who did a B&E.

With a tire iron.

Every black person who’s heard that story has been like? “If that was me? I would have killed that nigga.”

I didn’t care. I wanted to know what he did? Did he shoot him? Did he kill him?

“No. I never killed anybody in all my 40 years of service.”

He fought him like a man. Handcuffed him. Put him in the cruiser. Found out he was a high school student who was really good at track. Went to court, to testify on his behalf — that he made a mistake. Still, fucked up from the tire iron.

2 years probation.

And a job with this construction crew when he got out of high school. He’s a father with three kids. Owns a crib in the hood. And he and his wife are doing quite well.


I have YG's back.

He hears me. And he will listen.

When the best woman “speaks”.

Privately. You will have no access, black only internets.

No hoes allowed.




Mr. D? LOVES hip hop.

I want no healthcare for the next 4 years. Everyone linked with me? Will be okay. Only a few can be trusted with my homeopathic remedy for HIV.

Since I trust very few people? Only select people who can be trusted not to spread information? Can have it.

I only say this? Cuz the black only hoes have refused to stop. Spreading HIV.

So, they have to die. For humanity.

I love gangstas yo! They are very — strict — when it comes to codes of conduct.

And they respect, ladies.

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