your feet get dusty at the beach. talking about your vision. i listen to lyrics. they’re very important to me. as are men who help empower women and not throw us in the trash. and don’t expect you to spread your legs for jack shit. because, they would never want their own daughters treated like that. some women appreciate this, and never take it granted for. loyal. and faithful. no matter what has been done to them. good women. on their own creativity and merits. and those types of women, don’t betray other women. because they can empathize. 100%. have a great day ya’ll. i missed sushi with my boy. grrr…i wanted to find out how his trip to cambodia and vietnam went. his behind flew out, again, to go see a fight in las vegas (dude is always traveling. lol). he’s the biggest fan of boxing that i know. he’s been my homie? since aged 12. that’s him with the locks. he treats women with the utmost respect. all women. his mom was a teenage mom. straight poverty. she lives in florida. he goes to see her and his grandmama, like, once a month. lmao! hardly a mama’s boy. he does not live off her at all. but he sure does love his mother. me too. she did an excellent job. he loves pictures. and he’s one of the only people i have ever allowed to take one of me. knowingly. excellent photographer.

(I lost about 20 pounds in 2 months. So when I hear that black and brown women are heartbroken by men that they actually know and have loved? …I check to see how skinny they’ve gotten. If they still thick? They ain’t heartbroken. The chic in ATL? She lost a lot of weight. I’m glad to see she back on phat booty status. Lol I was so devastated. I could not eat, sleep, nothing. No focus. No concentration. Just pain. Super manic. “You are a liability, not an asset”. I was shocked. He saw me only as a business proposition. Money. I was madly in love with him. Writing writing writing. Privately. Every day I would call my homie CT3 and tell him how bad it was. That I wasn’t going to make it. How much I wanted to die. My life was worthless and meant nothing. And everyday he said “if it does not help you, heal you, or make you grow? get rid of it.” I am so grateful for my 5 friends. I don’t take their love and support for granted.)