I love watching my kids teach each other. It’s so soothing to know that you're that good at your job. They learn how to do this. And well.

Each one teach one.


Gotta run.

Paul Ryan’s married. Ava the hoe. Happily.

I love seeing good people in love. (Dang! Oprah got some nice boobies! The real thing! 😮)

That’s always the problem. With Dreamy. Anatomy.

And then?


Each one teach one. You cannot be upset if you steal from other people. And then get stolen from.

This is dope! Spread the love. She got extreme with it.

Always remind yourself of your own truth.

That is correct. If you have never spread HIV to anybody. If you were monogamously involved with broke men in love, who were not transparent about their status’, if you wrote privately to one person only about your life. If people used it to build themselves while demonizing you. If you fought back by writing the truth. Publically and openly. At first fearful because why would people want to harm you if you’ve done nothing?

Ohhhh Because they’ve done something. Very bad.

If you were stalked for 25 years. Lied on by people you have always loved and supported. Songs created for money and fame demonizing your person. Tarnishing your image.

You do not do what everyone is doing. Just Because everyone is doing it.

Everyone can be incorrect.

There is no guilt.

And no witch. I think you are discussing devils. Dream Hampton and her HIV spreading followers on black twitter.

Devils in hip hop.

I walk righteously in my own image. As we all should.

Be who you actually are. If you walk with the devils. Walk with the devils.

If you walk with God. Walk with God.


You cannot be in peace without love.

And love is what makes greatness. Not poly pansexual hoe moments. Not plastic surgery. Not makeup. Not flyy hair. Not red carpets. Not awards. Not glamour. Not money.

Not breaking hearts. Not lying, cheating, stealing. Not spreading genocide throughout humanity. Like it is a common acceptable activity.



Not taking what people who harm other human beings, for a name, some fame, some money, or some overrated hoe moments —do to others — personally.

You can only be you. If you know you have harmed no one. Live in that truth.

The actions of other human beings never have anything to do with you. You can only control how you move. If those aren’t your actions? Don’t take the weight of other actions onto you. You have nothing to feel bad about, or ashamed of.

Keep moving. (That’s what I, personally, feel I have accomplished in the past 3 years. Huge for me to come to the understanding that my existence is not, and never has been, the problem. More like, the solution.)

Gotta get my kids. Have a good day. Try to, anyway. Injustice over justice, hoe moments over love, abuse over healing, super capitalism over conservative capitalism, art over humanity, it can all be so depressing.

Do what you can. Stay up!


This is an excellent read btw. To be a human who does the correct thing even when you go against the tide to do so. Is the best form of social justice activism. To be a human being who does the correct thing.




Sad. I feel badly for all the people who voted for Donald Trump. And were more concerned with themselves. And social justice twitter activism. Big money to be made. Because their lives mattered. No one else’s. Selfish.

Better cut out the GMO meat, start practicing homeopathic medicine. And exercising. Those are things you can do for the next three years. Of zero healthcare.

I’ve already been through hell. So I’m well equipped. Thank you Barack Obama. For trying. Competitive healthcare like the state of Massachusetts had? Might have been a better bipartisan option. Oh well. You can’t do everything.

I was in agony over this. A lot of people were. You learn to live with what you have no control over and find happiness in the love you have. And the things you do.

I sent so many emails to President Obama. Please stop them!

Conservatives spoke up. Do not execute him. We have grave concerns.

It still haunts me.


Yes. He is. HIV like you. But not from a hoe moment. Difference is? He is now a righteous man who harms no humans. He walks in the image of God. And lives her too.

It is difficult to teach men how to be good men. Patriarchy and ego interfere in their comprehension. Once a man learns he appreciates love so much more. Curls up tight with his partner. Hugs him/her tightly. Loves his children like they are the best gift he could ever offer. Love becomes him. Like I am such a lucky man. Nothing is better than my excellent wife/husband and beautiful fam. Their bond becomes unbreakable. Their souls, intertwined. Being loyal and faithful is huge, especially to act upon. Do.

When a person hops from man to man and woman to woman. There is never trust. The foundation of everything between two people. You learn to love what is stable and who will not betray you. Because s/he is always by your side. It allows men to open their eyes to what they could have gone through.

Continuous extra luv and stability are key to a man who has none.

Obama? Common? Ahi? YG? In a matter of months? Weeks. Actually.

Please somebody love me!!

No loyalty.

Hold your camera, girl! Think about glamour. And money. And beauty. And red carpets. And Hollywood. And fame.

Caress your camera like a lover. All you need is film and poetry.


I’m immune. As it should be. When you put love before everything. As a lifestyle. Just who you are, originally. You never have to worry about the evil that men and women do. The creator protects you.

💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦 💦

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