Um, I’m not going anywhere. I mean…in terms of being online. You know why?

I don’t trust my ex’s. With very good reason, which is why they my ex’s. And need to be monitored — by the people. God that ya’ll are — for life.

So they don’t abuse any more women.

And because I support marginalized women of all colors — first? I just want to make absolutely certain that they don’t abandon anymore women for: money, a name, and some fame. Like they did — to me.

You’ll never know the pain. Writing doesn’t quite, and will never capture the reality. You know, after calling me their one and only’s, and first wife (fucking afrikkkan insulting), and just, generally being shady. And lying hoe moment men.

They owe their lives to marginalized women. So to pay me back for their lies and deceit? They can support them…till death does them part. Like the emperors they tryna be (can’t do that with hoe moment chics. Those two women have each other. And since they’re both bisexual? Maybe they should become a couple! That’s an excellent idea!


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