Always. An empress.

If what you are trying to tell me is that the majority of people in hip hop have HIV? And children are affected?

That you ARE the fringe of society?

Welcome to the “club”. 😒

So what! I don’t care about that! HIV does not scare me. I grew up surrounded by HIV. I’ve loved people intimately who have HIV. I’ve raised money for people living with HIV. I went to school and studied HIV.

I could have had HIV as well. It’s not my fault that I do not. Would you like to try and inject me or something?

You are — punishing — me for this. That’s incorrect.

This is not “new” to me.

I care about it ending! And I’m not the only one who feels this way.

So does Beyoncé! Lol!

I care about ya’ll changing your damn lifestyles! Because you’re out of control!

Don’t you know what — LOVE! — is? How to put — LOVE! — before your sexual urges? LOVE! is the most important force on the planet. You are my role models for LOVE!

You’re acting like less evolved homo sapiens. Are you? Is that why you keep stealing from me. And Ahi.

Cuz you need us to help you be creative?


Go ahead! I don’t care!

I care about a healthy future for Hip Hop! And human beings globally! And a healthy planet! So we don’t all die in misery!

I don’t give a fuck about statues or names beyond the fact that they cause some of you pain.

I don’t even pay attention to white people that tough. Ya’ll are the ones all fixated on white people. And white supremacy.

I’m not. I spent about 1% of my time thinking about white supremacy. Before black twitter. I haven’t spent this much time on “the devil” 😒 since 1991. Getting called an Oreo Cookie bitch cuz I would not denounce my mother. Or just pretend she wasn’t white to make some jobless niggaz feel better. Lol

I was too busy living in DIVERSITY!

It’s how I was raised. I know nothing about black only or white only anything.

(My cousin was so correct! She was like, you don’t get it. We are the exception. To most of America. There are just: blacks, whites, and Mexicans.

Welcome to a different America. I see — character!)


Ya’ll arguing about names and statues. I think those are local issues to be determined by the people who live in those places.

I’m arguing about the end of murdering innocent human beings, putting capitalism in check, a healthy humanity. And an eco efficient planet. Which I’m pretty sure the MAJORITY OF HUMANITY, agrees with. Even if black twitter doesn’t.

Hip Hop has an obligation to humanity. The people who support your lifestyles.


(Who the fuck says I don’t agree with the civil rights act of 1964. I’m BLACK! Mixed black. You have done not one thing for anyone Deray since you put that blue vest on. But tweet. Thanks for the info. Which is not new to me. Contrary to your singular belief. You’re not a real 1. Live with it. Not one donation to anyone in the form of something tangible that they need. To live! You’re full of shit. And you know it. No receipts at all. Like the vast majority of black twitter. It’s not your lifestyle. I’ve been giving back to human beings. Since I got my first job. At 14. Because it is the correct thing to do. I just never bothered to announce it cuz that’s not why I do it. Until you wanted me to “prove it”. I do it because I was raised to. You probably roll up your window when a homeless person asks for money. You have no evidence of doing anything for anybody that doesn’t somehow get you something in return. You’re selfish. Like the majority of black twitter. “You must learn” — krs one)

“I will never betray my heart.”

Or murdered black and brown human beings.

Take off the vest Deray. Prove that black lives matter more than money.

That’s all my delivery money for the last 2 weeks. So since I have — bills — like every other human being. I’ll hustle harder. And pick up more shifts. To help the kids.

All of them.

I’m a real 1.

Tweets are not enough.

Kids can’t eat tweets.

Fucked up. People do shitty things to other human beings.

Just as fucked up as you thinking…hmmmm…Erica wears steel toed timbs. Let me find a way to market an item of clothing that I — never take off — so I can make some social justice activist money off murdered human beings. And paint my face like I’m an indigenous person from the continent of Africa lmao! And meet some celebrities.


I wear Timbs. Deray of Twitter. Not to market them off the deaths of human beings. But to avoid being killed.

I was — raped — and they work well to bash in a muthafuckaz — face!! I’ve done it. So don’t fuck wit me.


She crucified a man I loved deeply. “Dreamy”. And did the same thing to me. And Black Twitter joined in.

All of hip hop has.

All of your money?

Belongs to — me. Because unlike him. Playing this death game. Which I would never have participated in. And which has made me no longer love him in the same way. (His abuse is unparalleled. Second only to hers). Like some people who become abused.

You should know better.

I — don’t — harm other human beings.

I HELP them. For free. If necessary. Out my own pocket.

Because I’m not the super capitalist.

So copy that — action.

Black twitter though? Filled with ya’ll. Who then go on to talk about the “evils” of capitalism.

And “fuck the money”. While running to the places where black people have been MURDERED. To promote yourselves.

That’s — insanity!!

Hip Hop is really — sick.

Mentally and physically.

Black twitter is very sick.

If you wanna keep it 400.

It’s made me sick.

Abused. Massively.

For your money. So here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to give your money back to humans in need. I don’t want “your” money. I’m creative enough to come up with my — own — ideas.

I want my EXTRA LUV.

From YG.

(Clever, hip hop. Lol How you’ve taken down all your music. From YouTube. Like I don’t own it. 😒)

Who’s lying? Dream Hampton/Mad Black Thot/Prison Culture/Common White Girl?

Because I have never fucked anyone in Hip Hop. And I’ve only had sex with 11 people in my entire existence on the planet. And none of them have HIV, from me. I don’t have HIV.

That hoe, has been stalking me for YEARS! Before I even knew she existed. Lying on me.

She has harmed my culture! 😡

Generations of kids. With Jessica “Care” Moore as her sidekick. She has infiltrated every part of my life. With some sociopaths who are in a fight with men, or something, over hoeing and getting caught up.

I don’t handle my affairs with men in that manner. I sit down face to face, and have a conversation. A generative dialog. Like a teacher would facilitate.

She has attempted to “Bee ERICA”.

And she’s not me.

I told you. Erica, me, would have never created “black twitter”. It’s anti my existence as a mixed black woman. I do — DIVERSITY — not black only.

And I’ve never been a hoe.

So who’s lying?

Understanding is a two way street.

So either we are


Or we’re not.

But the culture I love is not crucifying me, or anybody I care about, for the — actions — of people in the culture/not part of the culture, who do not care about other human beings.

And their rights to live healthy happy peaceful lives.

Without interference from devils.

Take responsibility and change your actions.

Stop harming other human beings.

It’s not Hip Hop.

And dismantle — black lives matter.

It’s a scheme to make money off our murders.

And I’m too much of a peaceful rasta, a real one, who avoids even stepping on ants for:

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