Undocumented Children Nightmare

Ever have one of those dreams where it’s so vivid you think it’s really happening?

Last night I had a dream like that. Sometime in the future. School police are standard and linked with city police and criminal charges for: chewing gum, no hall passes, talking, being kids.

There aren’t social workers, family support staff, nothing. But every district has immigration officers on staff. If children cut? Whole families are arrested and sent to detention camps.

They do random sweeps while all we do is drill for standardized tests. If you don’t pass you go to juvenile detention where you get trained to work in fast food.

They come to class. We keep the doors locked against school rules because of this, I know the day is coming. Every kid wears a parachute pack just in case we have to jump out the window. Kids know the drill. Put the chairs under both doorknobs at an angle. Pile the rest in front of them. Open the window.


We fly over the trees like we now have gliders, to this “camp” that’s in the middle of the woods where we’ve been learning how to grow food and can goods, and go fishing in the ocean. It is not in this state, not in this country. Some back woods, off the grid, remote unthought of/un remembered spot. It’s beautiful. All the flowers grow wild. I truly think it’s São Tomé y Príncipe…

Then I wake up. The last thing I remember is a kid spotting a bird and saying “freedom. No país. Bird.”

And I know he means he just wants a place that he can call home.

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