virgos lol

they really are my best friends. in real life. 3 out of my 5 closest friends are virgos. i’ve known them since i was a kid.

a virgo will step up to do the right thing. they are usually introverted, like most earth people. they don’t anger easily but once you get them mad? run. lol if they cause someone damage they will go really really far to fix it. they have integrity. very big hearts. and consciences. they are not scary. they are usually frugal. they value humans over money. and they are very good with money. you can trust them to do good things with it. it’s not something that they have to learn? it’s innate.

thank you,

from a taurus with the same birthday as ms. coretta scott king lol (with her capricorn man, who has the same birthday as king. martin luther king. lol)

p.s. cancers can be moody? but they work very hard. and they abandon no one. they are very down to earth. and very open minded. and they forgive people better than most. you will never go hungry around a cancer. guaranteed. they will ask, are you hungry? and cook you the BOMB food. my childhood best friend is a cancer. she’s a real family oriented trooper.

libras and scorpios got a lot of work to do when it comes to justice. they are constantly weighing the scales of it in their minds? because it’s not innate to them. just like scorpios are worried about who they can sting instead of heal. they are far more interested in themselves, until they get knocked on their asses, than they are in anyone else. their egos are bigger than the seven seas. they will lie, cheat, and steal to make themselves feel better. they care not who they hurt in the process. libras and scorpios are not known for loyalty. they have to get burned very badly to understand its importance. before this? expect to get cheated on if you date

the good thing about scorpio women? once they have experienced injustice/abuse committed against them? they sometimes turn into ferocious fighters for justice. like, ivanka. opposite sides of the zodiac. same struggle for the rights of women.

capricorns are loyal people. once you marry a capricorn? even flawed? they will NEVER leave your side. some people don’t like them? because they hold a lot inside. you can’t pick through a capricorn’s brain for jack shit. libras and scorpios try it? they fail. lol but they are FIERCE warriors for justice. they don’t like to be messed with. they have excellent manners. the men? treat women like empresses. they take a long time to choose a mate. they want to see you in all states and find out what you’re REALLY about. and they take care of their family’s first. if you want a loyal faithful family oriented man/woman? find a taurus, a virgo, or a capricorn. like ivanka’s husband. he’s a capricorn. lol

oh, and never mess with the money or rep of a capricorn, taurus, or virgo. you will? get slayed. lol

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