I’m tired of ya’ll bullshit. Rihanna is only 29 years old?! omg!

leave that young lady alone! and let her live her life! Damn. I thought Rihanna was like 35.

how old is Cardi B?

omg! she’s only 24!

leave her alone! she got a lot of shit to do! you nasty ass niggaz. leave her alone unless you comin correct!

thank the universe for remy ma. and queen latifah. schoolin these young ladies, on how they will be treated. and how they will treat other humans.

“Did you have sex with her son?” — dumb ass nigga on medium.

No! I have never had sex with any of my homegirl’s sons! That’s nasty!! I gave those little homies baths, and changed diapers, babysitting them and shit! Why you think I’m having such a conflict?

I ain’t never given YG no bath when he was a baby. Never changed his diaper. Nothin. And he’s a man. Fully developed. Cuz he’s over 25. And men’s brains don’t fully develop? Until 25. According to independent research.

So, I’m going to figure out a way to be more comfortable with this idea. And ya’ll can stop acting like I prey on little boys. Cuz I do not!

That’s Jessica Moore!! And Dream Hampton!! They fuckin all these little niggaz. I’ll beat these little hip hop boy’s asses! If they go near any of these hiv infecting hoes!! I ain’t playin wit ya’ll!

As a woman who works with undocumented students (which, Trudi Ann has never), I am here to say that people in the City of Boston are concerned about ALL undocumented immigrants. That did not come from me.

This statement was made 6 months ago! FACTS!

That came from the people!

That’s why we’re a sanctuary city.

Trudy in Florida. Ain’t no sanctuary for anybody. Especially if they eat those Nestle’s Toll House cookies. And put their penis in her pussy. It’s all over lmao!

(I’m sorry Nestle. I love your cookies. I used to get to use my spoon to eat anything left in the bowl, after I finished making them, with my mom’s assistance. At 7.)

YG! You better call Rihanna and give her that D! That’s what Deray is trying to say, by retweeting her 3 times.

And YG like, nah. Chris Brown my homie. I’m good.

This nigga think he the sun. Wit that yellow background. lmmfao!

and i’m here to say, no the hell he ain’t!! he is only one of de rays of the sun. i am my own sun! son! i been fightin ya’ll patriarchal ass piece of shit niggaz since deray was in diapers. and i am not letting you walk all over me anymore. so, watch yo step in that patagonia vest, before you get a steel toed timb up yo ass (that’s the only reason that nigga wear that vest. cuz he know i wear timbs a lot. and he was like, hm…how can i market myself. *side eye*i don’t wear timbs to market them. i wear them to kick a nigga in his nuts if he tries to rape me ever again! and it was no nigga from the streets. it’s was some bougie college boy. niggaz from the streets don’t go around tryna snatch women up. they be the first to say, yo! nah. leave that lady alone. got it? good!)

(niggaz from the streets don’t bother women like that, unless they sayin. “damn you fine as shit!” or unless you bougie ass trudi. then they just call you a “bitch”, and ignore you. like you enjoy. all’s good in the hood! lmao!)

deray be hatin!! lmao!

“Is there a leading expert on concussions in the NFL? I’ve read a lot but still have questions.” — deray

yes. Colin Kaepernick. Because something is wrong with that niggaz brain to be supporting Shaun King. After all the evidence that has been compiled against him. By various news outlets. From liberal to conservative.

In addition, he has no respect for Valerie Castille, Diamond Reynolds, or Philandro’s daughter. Because that’s a lot of trauma. And he doesn’t understand this? Because the only trauma he’s had with the police? Is, none. Kneeling during the national anthem (kudos!) And giving autographs after the game. While starting a million dollar foundation.

Oh, and me telling him. I don’t like him. Not like that. lol!

This is a grandmother from the streets! Wit a slave labor job that she works ALL THE FUCKIN TIME! Who will beat yo ass silly, after work.

If you come near her son.

That’s my homegirl. lmao! Wit her oldest child. And her youngest child.

And it would not be wise to call her “Granny”, cuz you’ll get yo ass beat just for that. lol She look younger than you. And she 47 years old. No silicone. lmao! (oh teen mom. college degree. and both those kids have college degrees, and jobs! that have nothing to do with “indy work” on twitter. sippin some bougie ass tea, from you “spice monger” — trudi ann. these are some serious “white” girls. ivanka is more black than them!! lmao!)


“I keep telling y’all to stop assuming that our grannies and people on the block don’t have the ILL critique of systematic racism. They know.” — Eve Ewing

“Grannies and ‘people on the block’ (this chic is not from the hood lol, you mean niggaz on the street? lmao!) are like let some bitch try and infect my grandson with HIV. She gon see super granny. Cuz I’m only 50 lol. I can throw down, after my slave labor job. I just got my second wind. To beat yo ass silly. Try me.

I think Eve was thinking of them. That’s New Kids on the Block.


“Trudi Ann is so annoying” — her own damn cousin. My cousin love me! lol! Truth? She a sociopath!! Trudi Sociopathic Ann.

“auntie: as black people we got to stop killing each other

Granny: I think white people kill each other just as much. they don’t report it” — Eve Ewing

You must be talkin about Shaun King. Fuck Wikipedia. I thought you a Harvard Graduate? lol. Go to a credible source. Because white people are killing white people, and it’s being reported on. Ya’ll just choose not to see it. Cuz ya mixed black black only. Which is crazy.

Where is your mother/father at? They must be ashamed of you.

Wow! No murders today! *keep your fingers crossed!* Amazing!

I know about this, not because of Dream Hampton, or any Black Only Women on twitter. I know because my mother was heavily invested in bringing attention to these women. As a woman who was raped, and suffered domestic violence, herself. (Not at the hands of my father. Just thought I’d clarify that. Since everyone seems to think that all Black men abuse women. Some black men, even when they’re emotionally and physically abused by women. Say: “Don’t answer, that’s where I’m going. Fuck you!!” And leave the hoe. Then make up a song about these dumb hoes, to express their frustration! lol Good home trainin.)

The Framingham 8

  • Black women represent 30% of all incarcerated women in the U.S, although they represent 13% of the female population generally
  • Hispanic women represent 16% of incarcerated women, although they make up only 11% of all women in the U.S.

Black Women shouldn’t be going to jail in record numbers. The majority of Black Women in America, haven’t done anything, to anyone. I just, personally, don’t trust the majority of Black Women anymore. Because of Black Only Women, on Twitter.

We don’t need to be taught how to interact with the police.

The police need to be taught how to interact with people.

Full online evaluation system for every police officer in this country.