healthcare — read! tweets aren’t enough lol!

we’re living in issue oriented times. and a lot of people are not issue oriented. they are totally polarized. they do not read. they are reactionary, and get on twitter, and get frenzied. cuz jack? is evil. probably a hoe moment man, like jessica care less is the biggest hoe in hip hop!! and “i don’t fuck with you” plus, “that bitch can stand outside forever like the statue of liberty” facts! lmao!

i’m a democrat!

i’m a republican!

two sides of the same fucked up coin that have a tough time working together. the whole nation is polarized. and many haven’t done the research.


what is medicare: a federal program that provides health coverage if you are 65 or older or have a severe disability, no matter your income.

what is medicade: a state and federal program that provides health coverage if you have a very low income.

there’s a lot of “twitter frenzy” surrounding the repeal of the affordable care act (which, isn’t all that affordable. and it’s not president obama’s fault. it’s not called obamacare so the haters in the GOP need to quit with that rhetoric. just like ISIS is an egyptian goddess. and ISIL is a shape shifting group of evil, oppressive men, who are not muslims. they’re patriarchal misogynists like amiri baraka and donald trump. lol *side eye to their use of language* and paul ryan should be a bigger man with that polarizing rhetoric lol.)

i’m glad susan collins, the pro choice senator from maine, is on this. and i’d like to see the GOP’s detailed approach to affordable healthcare for every american. based on individual needs.

this is what is actually happening with healthcare. read!

i’m not a big fan of socialized medicine. it has its issues. including incredibly long wait times for healthcare deemed “non essential”. so while i love michael moore’s documentary *sicko* and think that it has some valuable information to provide about universal healthcare in other countries, that we could all learn from…when my homie and i were in cuba and he lost his pain medication (paralyzed from a gunshot wound), he wasn’t able to access it as quickly as he was (pre the affordable care act) under medicare. and when he did get it, his medication was 1/2 the dosage he was taking. with less pills provided. i’m sure this had something to do with access to resources, in cuba at the time. but it also had something to do with providing socialized medicine to an entire population of people.

same in scotland. my homegirl needed surgery to repair a hole in her heart. it was not deemed “essential”, she had to wait a year. while the hole grew larger. she could have died.

as an american, i would rather have options between a variety of healthcare providers. similar to what happens in massachusetts when you do not have insurance. Massachusetts, under Mitt Romney, has one of the best “socialized” medicine approaches in the country. it’s hardly perfect, but if the GOP has gutted the affordable care act? they’d be wise to study how health insurance to the uninsured is provided in Massachusetts. And to consult with Mitt Romney. Since abortion? Is a non issue.

Paul Ryan is not trying to touch abortion. his personal ideas about it, are one thing. his understanding of a woman’s access to comprehensive healthcare? has expanded. i’m pretty sure, he’s talked to women.

his wife? is a democrat. lmao!

i think he realizes that this is a highly sensitive women’s issue. and that he needs to stay out of it, and mind his business, since he is not a woman! lol!

ps: it does not surprise me, whatsoever, that donald trump would love to control a woman’s body. *side eye* just like amiri baraka did which is why amina baraka, who wanted to have an abortion with her last child? did not. her son told me this himself. because she told him, that she almost had an abortion. lol!

and i will let donald trump know, personally, right here. right now:

fuck you! lmao!

if a woman decides to consult with her doctor, about getting an abortion. that’s her business. not yours. and women will continue to get abortions, and talk about them with their healthcare providers whether you like it or not!

some laws are meant to be broken. like, sitting at whatever damn lunch counter we want to! tough — biaaaatch! lmao!

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