what it means, to “check in”

i check in? on all the men i’ve loved. all 3 of them, who have dissed me. because, i’m


something a

libra? (all three of them)

know nothing about. lol

they already know, i ain’t comin back again. those libra men. i just wanna make sure THEY okay. and



*super duper empath*

DAD! libra!!! (i don’t ever remember calling my dad, daddy, or papi. lol! how’s it going?! not exploiting any women? EXCELLENT! keep on figuring out how to control white supremacy. and, respecting black and brown women? till you’re dead. and then? everything will be a-okay. since you can’t figure out how to face, your own — and only (libra men forget things that are “inconvenient” so quickly)— child — a daughter. YOUR ONLY DAUGHTER. strongest person in the whole family. no question.)

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