“when a white ‘boy’ will hold you down, in reality. and a black ‘man’, will post a tweet”

he’s gonna KILL ME! LOL!

he is like, anonymous dude — don’t involve me in your poetic world fantasy of whatever, just


you are a beast! the best i’ve ever read.

a jack kerouac, lowell, rambling


it’s an EVEN exchange.


supported black afrikan man who had

nothing. when i was like, those tapes belong to me! that piece of SHIT!

i invested EVERYTHING!

quietly, he said:

“give them back. he’ll get his


don’t cry.

it’s all right.”

and stayed with the cats, while they were euthanized. cuz i couldn’t

deal with watching my babies,

go to sleep.

made sure gentrification didn’t take over our block in the hood. hustling white people money in the rich part of town, for the crack house. that


wouldn’t have lived through

to keep

homes in BLACK

names. property values are

sky high! and, my block ain’t changed.

where’s BROOKLYN?!

he’s nondescript, and

works six days a week. respects my hustle, and my


german name.

a schindler’s list.

and some pieces missing from his family tree. no one knows what that really means.

full lips, but white skin,

so when his cousin’s made fun of him, cuz he’s dyslexic, and not very good with words as much as carpentry,

just cappin on him “what are you, an indian? tryna bury us up to our necks, and war dance

around us”

i just told him,

“keep on movin. and doing the RIGHT thing”

i will always have your back. white man.

like you’ve

had me.

he is my FRIEND

for life.

and if you touch him with your filthy words?


will die.

(disclaimer: we don’t fuck. we debate. like friends do. he’s an anarchist, cash only, libertarian. and i’m all green party hippie. friends? know what that is?! yes, white men can be friends, stead of always tryna get in your pants. ho. giddy up! on your horse-by-rent for a day. when my great grandma was cleaning stables, and owning them. lol)

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