Um, your wife is calling you a BITCH ASS NIGGA!! TALIB KWELI!!


(Talib Kweli gotta be the dumbest, well read no common sense, man in hip hop! That nigga own a bookstore ya’ll. And all those books, did not help him. It’s almost unbelievable. That all those facts! Just don’t permeate his brain at all. I really know, kids in first grade, who don’t have to be told what to do, as much as Talib Kweli. You can tell them one time only! And they listen! It’s like, a miracle! I don’t know the terrible two’s and three’s. That have this hard a time, listening!)

Personally, I like her! She speaks very highly of you. I don’t know what she sees in your dumb ass!! That woman is incredibly beautiful and multi talented. She could have any man she wants to. And she chose you? *Shrug*

I would never fuck with no Jessica Moore, if I had a wife like her. I mean, she in shape and everything!

You’re fuckin blind Talib Kweli!! Blind!!

And if she wants me to? Next time instead of having to whoop your ass by herself? I will join her!

The Shaun King!* ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!


Okay, I just left a message for your stalker, Feminista Jones! He must not know that you are about to get married to a man! And, that you have a son!

Now! Back to Jessica “Care” Moore!! The HIV spreading whore!! I want to see her take her stolen idea. Black Women Rock! And go have a “rock” concert in Newark! With her crew of HIV spreading hoes!! So, I can be in the crowd. Along with a whole bunch of diverse women like, what the fuck is this bitch doing? Half fuckin dressed in a damn tutu and garter belt with some hooker heels on!!

Like who are these pigeons!! Get that hoe erica!!!!!!!

Drag her off that stage by her dirty dreads!! (No police will stop me cuz the mayor will be right there! lol!) And beat every tooth out her hoe moment head!! With that microphone she’s constantly running her multiple dick suckin mouth in!!

I can’t stand that bitch!!

“This beautiful bilingual graduation has me in tears. — attending western international high school graduation at.. “— Jessica “Care” Moore. The sociopathic hiv spreading hip hop whore!!

And, I’m glad she’s in tears. Can you feel it you feeeeeeel it now! HOE!! You better not touch not one of those little black boys in Detroit! In high school!

Look that hoe up on Twitter. Facebook. And Instagram.

Tu no hablas espanol. Tu hablas ingles — solamente. Tu no eres una maestra. Tu no tienes experiencia en nada pero abertando sus piernas y su boca muy grande para un pene muy grande en su garganta. Sientate puta! Tu hablas tan mucho. Tu boca necesita estar cerrado! YA DUMB HIV SPREADING WHORE!! JESSICA HOE MOMENT MOORE!!

(Dream Hampton is dying!! Hopefully, soon!)

FJ, who is this dude again? So I can go on youtube and report his dumb ass!! They be tryna shut down schizophrenic women and shit, who drop knowledge! But let a predator stay online?? Back to that wack ass patriarchal bullshit!!

I’m so glad medium let’s me “speak”! Must be a lot of women! On that team!

Thank you ladies!

there is no “next one” for you, Jessica hoe moment Moore!! there is only one person you need to answer to. in Newark! with your “fam”.

or sunlight, through a machete. you’re not funny. you’re not blue. that’s beyoncé. you red as fuck!! bloody murder red. you and Dream Hampton!!

and your little potential hiv spreading kid. your devil offspring will not be helped, if i can help him, until his father is called. and a reunion takes place.

because father’s. their lives matter. just like mom’s.

isn’t that right Talib. doesn’t your life, matter?

(and i’m not oprah! love her! but i ain’t afraid of no niggaz on the street! [oprah don’t even like that word lmmfao!] nobody even street harasses me! lol niggaz doin 17 years for — killing — their abusive ass mother. and like, thank you so much for the food! nice feet! and keep it movin. lol!)

(no means no! if it’s possible for me to help? i will never help Jessica Moore!! Or Dream Hampton!! Who’s on her way out anyway. That’s cuz she don’t take care of her body. *shrug*. Or, anyone who does help them. Without them both performing restorative justice. And that’s all they’re getting of my life. Except, what I write. Which they can no longer steal and say it’s theirs. Now that the entire world knows what they’ve been doing. Facts!)

Have a great day Talib!! Protect your daughter! Like an excellent — father! There are predators out here!! As, you know, intimately!!

dedicated to talib kweli. from my somali x! who was stopped. before he could begin. i may have saved his life from hiv. but i’m not sure what he did, after me.

i know this much? he don’t want to be with any human being, who has spread hiv to thousands of men, intentionally. we worked too hard, collecting pennies, to help kids infected with hiv in sub saharan africa.

open the border to refugees! and — righteous — muslims only!

HIV free with me. And if he fucked a hoe who gave birth to children who are HIV positive? If I can, I will help him. but, i doubt it. i’m pretty sure his wife is part of the collective of good women who have shielded him.

the loneliest woman in the world. is a woman who got fucked over because she is — bipolar — by the men she loved, unconditionally. when they had absolutely nothing.

i have close women friends. and i didn’t find them online. i’ve known them the vast majority of my life.

face — to — face!

since we were kids. i just need to call them. once I'm done, working! they understand. they the kind of peeps you don’t talk to for years. totally silent. you pick up the phone? and you just never shut up! lmmfao! thanks for the love mo! you don’t know me that well. but you should, as a taurus. i don’t have a lot of fake friends. i can count my friends? on the two hands i’m typing with. i find the less friends you have? the less chance to get stabbed in the back by them. being a social butterfly is not all it’s cracked up to be. there’s a lot to be said about being extremely introverted. and silent. the quietest people with strangers (which i am not, if you know me. really. my friends are like, erica? not talk? you have to be kidding me! that chic will talk your ear off!), have the loudest mouths and minds — with their friends.

it’s okay, horn of afrika. i won’t be committing suicide over the horrible pain, from actual REAL abuse. the kids need me. really.

Unlike Talib Kweli, Ben Shapiro knows when he’s made a mistake. And listens. To his one wife only! Mor. Not Jessica “Care” Moore (who is Talib Kweli’s whore!!)

His wife! Mor! One wife only!

peace and harmony to them both!

(And, he’s excellent at ignoring Talib. He let’s a bipolar brazy woman! Who’s much more intelligent than Talib’s bipolar ass. The retweet king!! Over and over and over and over and over again. Furious!! Cuz he’s been caught — in my web!)

I was bitten by one of these. Doing that camping shit. Horrible pain. The Dr. told me that if I hadn’t gone to the hospital when I did? I might have died. Good thing I didn’t. I still have the scar.

My nana told me never to kill spiders. I’m a little afraid of them. But, I don’t kill them. Bad luck. Big Problem. And I don’t want any dues to pay. No thanks!

Now back to doing your work! Maxine Waters. Climate change in Paris. Cuz guess who cares more about this planet and all human and animal life on it (I don’t eat animals). Me! And Ivanka! Not you!! And Dream Hampton!!

(it looks like people of color are fighting back to me. I’m on their team as well. I’m a person of color. A mixed black woman. Who has always supported black women rockin! The REAL ones! Millions of them! Not that small little hoe moment crew!! Who when I said, you gonna invite her to rock on stage? Ignored her. Like her life doesn’t matter. And her life matters to me! I am loyal, to her! For reasons that have nothing to do, with Ahi. They have to do with being, born!)

*the raaaaaaage*

Eargasms. Really!

And your pregnancy shit is not phasing us. It’s not that hard to get pregnant. That I know. Experience. It’s hard to be a good mother. Who isn’t always in the bar, drinking her pain away.

Better than sniffing coke, and shooting heroin in the jazz club!! *trash!!*

And I know they are. Squad! They put on an excellent show! Survivors, of heroin!! Grow poppies. You’re better off with — flowers! And, besides, bees? love them. They can’t get enough, of poppies! Which I know from — experience — as well. When you can’t sleep. Cuz you manic from REAL abuse!! Poppies, the flower, are excellent in your organic black tea.)

Then again, when you have a good man? You can drink with him. But mostly? That high grade purple haze!

Even if I can help? Beyond the truth! I will never help Talib Kweli. Unless his — mother! — personally asks me to.

And, no one wants slavery back. I just will never help 2 whores. For their abuse of me, or anybody in hip hop. Or, anyone who supports them. I’m sorry you don’t understand restorative justice FJ.

You have loyalty to Dream Hampton!! And Jessica Moore!! In your DM’s.

I don’t.

And I don’t play both sides of the field. Or fake friends.

I won’t, if it’s possible. help thomas moore either. not until his father is called. let’s see if that hoe!! cares moore about her own son!

evidence of their reunion. on twitter.

oh yeah. slave labor job.

(virgo’s are my best friends. LT. Slayman. Neshamah. Really.)

yeah, the police need to stop abusing people. again, something i know all about. you’ve never been punched by a cop. or tied in a straight jacket for screaming!


or a glock 9, put to your head!

and people thinking your — crazy!! and talk about some dumb shit like fuckin up commas! cuz you are writing passionately! and don’t give a fuck about spelling or commas!

i’m telling the TRUTH!

that very few of you writing and running your mouths about police brutality? actually have any experience with.

that’s me! and YG! (and no, we didn’t run to ferguson to run our mouths, perform on stage, promote our “art” on a murdered black child’s body!

*the raaaaaaage!*

and then get a photo op taken of us on camera. so we could show it to the public. like, look! we’re being brutalized by the police!! and we’re celebrities!! and one hoe moment rock star!! how could they do this? to us!!)


HONEST ART! (and yes. I'm coming, love! hold tight! i don’t plan on it being one time. i don’t do hoe moments!! lol!)

I love science FJ! But I’m not a very good teacher of it. I rely, very heavily, on reading about science in words, listening to information about science, and videos. I really want to go back to ESL, English, and — Special Needs! Those are my favorite subjects. Where you don’t have to follow step by step directions. And the scientific method.

And my favorite kids! The ADHD! Schizophrenic! Bipolar Brazy! Autistic! I mean, they really — are — the most intelligent! Beat a sociopaths!! hoe moment ass!! Quickly! *The Shaun King* (who will never write the full truth. cuz he’s not a very good journalist. he just gets a lot of tips. from other people. with no work to do the research!)

“Kunts” to some people. But, I love them!

(oh, but it does make sense. all of it makes sense. and people that ya’ll don’t understand? are tired of being disrespected by you!! lied on, cheated out of, and stolen from!! got it? good!)

(which is extremely painful, btw. coming from hip hop. I mean, the best lyricists in hip hop — are bipolar! — so you would think they would understand a bipolar woman. but, woman. *sigh* and, i don’t run my mouth. i just write a lot. and, abuse. you know. the abuse of good women? bye pigeon brained men and they hoes!! yeah. that.)

DIE!! Dream Hampton!! — which is starting to happen! the woman who started this shit? is beginning to die her slow death. And Jessica Moore!! DIE!! cuz i will never help her!! nor, will i help anyone who does help her. that bitch!! needs to make restorative justice! i did nothing to that hoe!! didn’t even know her sociopathic ass existed!! and for 5 years, practically. i have had to fight back. just to live through the horrible amounts of pain she caused me. every day, driving to the bridge. wanting to die. like, why would anyone abuse me like this? everything i’ve ever loved, they are trying to steal and rub it in my face. my — ex’s — who believed my life was worthless. more interested in a name, some fame, and some money. smh.

no one, but me, knows what LOVE! is. smh.)

You’re right Talib!! All twins matter!


It’s not a slogan. It’s how I feeeeeeel!

Unfortunately for you? My cousins? Are dead. Meaning, unavailable. I’m the only one who’s left. And even if I wasn’t? I’m the only one that’s — BLACK! And could possibly, maybe, no promises. Be a match. They Nazis anyway. So they wouldn’t help no one but white folks. And me! Because they love me! And don’t like no one spreading no HIV, to white people! Like you!! Jessica Moore!! And Dreamy Hampton!! (who, I hope — is dying!! a horrible, painful, death!!)

Only black people are matches for other black people. Usually. Unless you MIXED BLACK! 🤒 (that’s you. With your patriarchal misogynist pigeon brained azz!! Lying on me, cheating me out of my money, straight stealing!! While thinking your BLACK ONLY WHORE!! was going to intentionally infect my Somali ex. But he had a very good teacher. Who, he has learned to — respect!)

This nigga and I are on the same team! You tell those people what it is Birdman! No dead pigeons allowed!! You “gon’ r.e.s.p.e. Me!” Lol!

I love those niggaz! For real! I be playin this shit every time I work delivery!

Like, you better give me my cash money! And for some odd reason? When I wear my hair out, and rock a dope tee, and put on lipstick only…it’s GAY MEN WITH MONEY! Who be tippin the hell out my ass! Like, what a beautiful woman to deliver our pizza! Honey! Come look at her! And their husbands come! Wow! Work it girl! And they little kids wit 2 daddies! Cuz contrary to popular belief? Not all gay people and LESBIANS! are whores!! They be — MONOGAMOUSLY! — married! hahahahahahaha! They all runnin up like Pizza! The kids! Impeccably dressed! Like little emperors! and empresses! Their houses are so nice! Not tacky!! Like, arts and crafts style! With numbers on the door! Lit up! Cuz they are very smart! So I don’t have to fuckin backtrack in my tiny, fuel efficient, energy conserving ride! Like, this! MODEST AND ON THE FUCKIN GROUND! LOL!

YG! is too poor for that house! He got less money than Talib Kweli!! I need to make him some money! That’s what I did with the house I’m in! I’m very good at making money! Off my own original ideas! It was like — hell!! — tryna get my housemate to throw down his excellent credit for the deal! With my — cash money! — downpayment! (Cuz, like a stupid ass — liberal!! — I fucked up my credit in college. With that Howard Credit Card. I’m much better now!) He did not want to listen! Cuz he’s a man!! But, he did! And now the house that was purchased for 95,000? Is paid off! And worth? *Drumroll* almost 500,000! And, it needs a lot of work! Cuz, I ain’t investing no more labor in this bitch! I signed it over to him! For helping me! When I got sick! From the abuse of some pigeon brained hoes!!

Plants everywhere! I mean, totally pristine and manicured! OMG! lmao!)

(The man who made that trailor is so funny! And I personally, like Charlamagne “The God”! *side eye*, I love *The Breakfast Club* Mixed black Angie Yee! SHE! Is very smart! And DJ Envy!)

Still pretending like you don’t know who I am, Talib? You my student! Got it? Good!

(that’s you. Hoe!! Who Beyoncé is talking to. And next time a woman tells you to stop running your mouth and one wife only! Listen! The! — first! — time!

😈 — that’s me! And you can get a — bat! — to your face!!)

Sorry Donald. I don’t want to take that baby blue air force one, anywhere. I’m not into gold houses in the sky, or, white ones built for free by my enslaved ancestors, nor do I enjoy first class flights. I only like the blankets, pillows, free drinks, and extra food choices. My Dominican ex boyfriend called his homie at American to get me an upgrade to fly home on my birthday. Which was nice. But another nigga who lies, cheats, and steals. So, no go!

I like being with the regular people.

1) you’re not regular people, you’re a celebrity. Like Talib Kweli!! And his rockstar whore!! I’m sure you heard all about her, from — kid rock! 😍

They make songs about her!! And other women in that industry. Listen!

More than 650 million! People — worldwide — agree! A ‘uuuuuuuge diversity! That’s like, 6 times the size of twitter! For ONE! song! Wow! 😍

And I don’t want my picture taken with you.

Only ivanka! Plus,

1) you’re a married man! One wife only! 😊

That’s a good looking lady! How you ever landed a woman that pretty who speaks five languages? Is anyone’s guess. 🤔 I can’t figure it out ya’ll. *shrug*

Ya better start doing what the fuck she says! Cuz she — is smarter! — than you!! Facts!

I’ll remind you of who she! is. (Jessica Moore will fuck you. She’s the hip hop hoe!! Really. But I don’t think you want that washed up pussy!! No one does. Anymoore? Only men who don’t know what she’s done. No one in hip hop but — Talib the non scholar — is stickin it in that whore!! And I will never help her. Or Dream Hampton. Do a damn thing. I’m Enraged by what they’ve done to innocent humans beings. As is — ISIS! Lol!)

  1. even if you weren’t? Married that is. You don’t listen when good women speak! The first time! You couldn’t go to the beach, find an excellent ROCK!, get it cut — appropriately !— set it in the most high end platinum on the planet. I mean I want the BEST! (Gold and plastic earrings are highly tacky to me) — you’re not that creative. You’re a bipolar man!!

I’m a bipolar — WOMAN! Men who listen to their wives! The first time! Are so seeeeeeexy!

But thank you for the offer. I’m not a harem pigeon brained hoe!! I told both Ahi and my Somali ex? I do one man and — monogamy! — only! With an — excellent! — super creative imagination! Just for — him!

You said you wanted the people right? I’m trying to help you. You want the people? Fly that plane to Paris. Dream Hampton’s 2 sick. Not ill. It’s AIDS related. And she’s not that smart. She speaks? English only. Last I heard she was trying to learn Italian. Out a book. 🙃🙃 Lmmfao! So I wouldn’t trust her in the cock — pit. Get a real pilot!

We don’t want that plane to — crash.

Thank you! For all you’re doing for good !— women! Keep up the excellent job! On behalf of — US!

Virtual kisses! In cyber space!

(Oh, nobody on my team is dying. We will live! Come hell!! Or high water! Whether I can help beyond writing the truth! Or not. If you on talib’s? Good 🍀! I’m ballin! Like a real Celtic! And lil Bilal! Who love those niggaz! Lol!)


I’m following Jared Kushner’s activities. Don’t worry.

I will remind him of his history. Which is…if you are establishing back channels with Russia. It is for nuclear disarmament. We are not doing nuclear war. That’s a much bigger human holocaust that even his family won’t survive. This time.

I will though. I have real skills. Practical skills. That have nothing to do with “art”. 😊

It was all boys. And none of them got any pussy. Ever. And when I said “no!” They listened — the first! time! I want to learn! All the things ya’ll know about how to survive in the wilderness! And, I have all my gear, to do just that! And got schooled! Legs — closed!


Boston! Lol!

Those are my DIVERSE! peeps. They all carry guns. Libertarians. Except for me and CT3.

No makeup needed.

Jared answers to his parents — his children — and his wife. One wife only! Ivanka! 😡

So you can forget about that shit.

When Paul Ryan says a “raw deal for America”, the Paris Climate talks. What does he mean? That I personally got a raw deal from hoes!! and they pigeon brained HIV spreading hoes!! Yes. True. Dream Hampton and her HIV infecting hoe Moment crew!! But we taking care of those hoes!! Through — art! — Honest art!

But I don’t have those problems. Those are hoes problems. And they can clean up that trash!!

i’m not a hoe. And I have other — work! — to do.

What was being asked of us, as the greatest polluters on the planet?

Cuz you can’t speak for “America” Paul Ryan. You must answer to the people.

And America, disagrees.

Maxine Waters needs to get a delegation together and go to Paris. Feminista Jones? Lol! Work it!

Hey Janna! What’s good girl! Cut him off until he listens to what you tell him. Time to put that Wellesley education. Your law degree! And your excellent brain to work! Women who work! There are no barbies in this house! Lol!


Hey love! Spread the word! Wrap it up! We Savin the kids! Okay! It’s gonna take kids — to win! Be a Kunt! A real KUNT about it! Feel free to model yourself after the teacher. “You gon r.e.s.p.e. Respect me!”



Talib Kweli thinks he’s a celebrity with special social status. He is. He is now known for his unshielded penis!! More than his music! Numbers don’t lie! Lol! And “facts don’t have feelings”— Ben Shapiro!

You will NEVER catch me taking a picture with Talib Kweli and one of his cd’s. All his whore, Jessikkka. She cares way more about that nigga, his penis, and his money than I do.

I never had sex with Darryl. (And besides, that nigga uses condoms. And has one girlfriend only. I’m an excellent teacher.)

(Um, Dream Hampton lied to that nigga lol. Darryl was fuckin her. Rollin around on a bed full of unread books. I can’t stand Barbie. The doll. I used to chop off all their hair. And break their limbs. My cousin’s. My mother didn’t buy me barbies. She didn’t like them either. Lol I liked cabbage patch kids. Because I liked the whole, adopt a baby theme. Lol! Bad body image for girls. I crush Barbies. Under my feet. And I’ve never sniffed cocaine. I think I smoked an oolie once. By accident. These evil dudes rolled some crack in my erb. Never touched that again. But, excellent high! Don’t do it!

Megabone. Is Jessica Moore. I’m crushing that Nazi Barbie whore!! She the one who sniffs coke in the jazz club. High as fuck!! I don’t even like jazz that much. I don’t go to jazz clubs. Most of my rap shows?


This is the hoe that goes to jazz clubs and runs her dick suckin mouth on stage!! All niggaz in hip hop who got this whore!! On tape? Keep them! Her son gonna need money for his college tuition. With his penis? Wrapped! Lol

Ahi. He’s one of 3 men I’ve had sex with in the last TWENTY YEARS! In fact, i’ve only ever had sex? With? Hm…10 people. Including my high school boyfriend. I can’t remember lol. I had a pretty “fun” time at Howard. I got in like, 5 or 6 dudes there. I was going through my “be a hoe with condoms” phase. Cuz that was right after the AIDS seminar in high school. And naughty by nature was on constant rotation and since we changed the lyrics? “You down with HIV? Hell no not me!” It was an excellent reminder. My football playing boyfriend from northeastern. Talk about a big dick and knowing how to use it! Kaepernick? Lol! And, he knows what’s happening. So, you can’t infect him !— or kaepernick! — either! Hahahaha! And, Ricky. Ricky Feinstein! Who is now deceased. But not because of me. Besides, ahi’s nowhere near as filthy as Talib Kweli. That’s 22 or 23 heads. [And now he has one girlfriend only as well. Like I said, i’m an excellent teacher.])

Between Talib and Jessica hoe moment Moore? We are talking? At least 22 or 23 or — 24 — thousand. Really. 😳 That hoe fuck fathers, sons, and grandsons. Really.

(Those hoes don’t listen. True ironheads!! And loose bodies!! I mean, that nigga got a leaky little penis. To go with that black endless hole of her’s. And they can’t win. Even if they continue to spread HIV, along with dreamy, until they’re dead. Cuz I will never help them, even if I could. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. They are losing this war. Because no one else is doing that. Not anymore.)

I only care about one niggas penis. And I have my own money. Cuz I have a job! And I work it so much? I’m using all my sick time. To get my head together from all of this psychological abuse, rape of my body, and abuse of my creativity. Which is not for Jessica hoe moment Moore’s money. Or Dream Hampton’s. Or Talib the non scholar Kweli’s.

One man! On the entire planet. Ya’ll can keep the rest of those niggaz. I’m very picky and selective. I have — standards — for myself. Excellent parenting. On behalf of my dad. 😊

If my Somali ex had ever known…

“Bless di offsprings of my body. In this land of the living.” I bet he’s gettin it in! With his one wife only. And their diverse family. Just poppin off all over the place. For shielding him (no pun intended) from the horror.

Praise ISIS! And Caraweelo! That “evil” woman. Who all women love! And, a few excellent men! Who listen! When an — good! woman! “speaks”!

I told ya’ll black boys read! Lol!

When life hands you lemons, you put them in your tea. Lemons are very important ya’ll. They are an excellent antioxidant. They help you to maintain proper ph levels in your body. I use them, pretty much daily. Excellent cancer fighting agents. Honey is also necessary. It’s an anti bacterial.

Make sure you have both in your diet consistently. Everything’s gon’ be alright ya’ll.

(Talib mad cuz this is a blog. Where I really don’t give a fuck about misspelled words or fuckin up commas. Lol! He’s also mad cuz he got a filthy soul. You never collude with *the wire headed heathen* [which really is an excellent collection]. He should worry bout that. And not everyone else. Since that nigga keeps his tiny unshielded penis in his bipolar pants .1 percent of the time. But got the nerve to cuss out other humans for being “nazis”.

I’m the underground resistance nigga — resistance against your penis. Lol!

Humans he doesn’t even know. Has never met and can get ZERO pussy from. He’s oversexed and overloved. I’m just undersexed. Lol it’s quite a refreshing feeling to get nothing. It allows you to really get in touch with your own mind and body. “If pussy was a stock, it would be plummeting. Ya’ll givin it away too easy.” Dave Chapelle.

Truer words have never been spoken. Lot of ya’ll just be fuckin. I’m trying to figure out what’s so satisfying about that. As a woman, you have to teach a man — for a long time — how to satisfy you. What’s so great about a hoe moment? That’s a lot of wasted pussy. And everyone’s been it. I’m starting to think polyamory is another word for I’m just a whore. Iwayne had that correct. Some women are not satisfied with one man. “They need Moore wood for the fire. Flames gettin higher. More money she require. So from the prostitution — she won’t retire.” Pretty much. Some of these chics enjoy being hoes. Ya’ll found a niche market huh? Talib certainly has. That nigga has ZERO mind control. He’s a man. I blindfold his ass, put his penis in some warm jelly. And squirt! There it is.

Can someone please buy Talib one of these? That nigga needs to learn how to love one woman who is not constantly running her mouth. Lmao! I was gonna get one. A male version. With a BIG penis. 7 — 8 inches! Lol! Simply because I have no super creative man to invest my bipolar creativity in. Who is emotionally supportive. And doesn’t lie to me, cheat on me, or steal from me. Which is all I’ve ever needed. Emotional support. And excellent hugs. Ya’ll the ones fuckin everyone.)

Looks like I’m not alone in the undersexed dept. that’s about 156 million people. Again, ya’ll poly hoes are a very tiny minority.

This is the real love Talib Kweli needs.

Since he has no clue what real love is. Jessica hoe moment Moore doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Ask her 5 abused and abandoned ex husbands. If Talib was not a famous rapper who pays her bills. She wouldn’t care about him either.

He just mad cuz he can’t believe there’s a woman on the planet who does not do hip hop hoeing.

Real love only!

(Oh, don’t pay any attention to the fact that this doll is white. Talib and his hoe moment crew may talk that black only shit. But their dicks and pussies don’t discriminate against anybody.

I on the other hand, have never had sex with a white man.

At least David Duke would approve, ✊🏻